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Lake Taupo Hole in One Challenge


Competition on the lake edge, participants pay money to attempt hit a golf ball in to a golf hole, which is set up out on the lake.

Lake Taupo Hole in One Challenge – majutus selle lähedal
  • 61 Lake Terrace
Lake Taupo


The stunning Lake Taupo is no ordinary lake. It’s actually a caldera, a flooded volcanic crater that was formed 25,000 years ago. These days, you can reap the benefits of such seismic activity with a dip in one of the dozens of geothermal hot pools that dot the shore around Tapuaeharuru Bay. If you’d rather stay active, the lake’s renowned for world-class trout fishing.

Lake Taupo – majutus selle lähedal
Taupo Volcano


Named after the flooded volcano that lies under Lake Taupo, the Taupo Volcanic Zone boasts a number of active peaks. If you want to get close to the action, take the one-day hike across the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. You’ll take in emerald-green glacial lakes, steaming vents, and if you’re lucky, the smoke-billowing top of the Te Maari Crater.

Taupo Volcano – majutus selle lähedal
Māori rock carvings


They may look rather old, but these rock carvings were actually made by local artists in the 1970s. Still, they depict an ancient and defining tale – the great Māori migration to Aotearoa (present-day New Zealand) during the 13th century. You can paddle across Lake Taupo on a kayak tour to get a close look at the ten-metre-tall visage of Ngātoro, the chief navigator of the legendary Te Arawa canoe.

Māori rock carvings – majutus selle lähedal

Majutus ja hotellid sihtkohas Taupo

Millennium Hotel & Resort Manuels Taupo

8,6 Ülihea

Keskmine hinne: 507 arvustust

€ 132

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 243 Lake Terrace, Taupo
Wairakei Resort Taupo

8,5 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 899 arvustust

€ 95

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 640 Wairakei Drive, Taupo
Huka Falls Resort

8,4 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 357 arvustust

€ 59

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 56 Huka Falls Road, Taupo
Hilton Lake Taupo

8,6 Ülihea

Keskmine hinne: 969 arvustust

€ 141

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 80-100 Napier Road, Taupo
Suncourt Hotel & Conference Centre

8,5 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 924 arvustust

€ 93

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 14 Northcroft Street, Taupo: otse südames, Taupo
Wellesley on the Lake Taupo

7,7 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 1468 arvustust

€ 65

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 100 Lake Terrace, Taupo: otse südames, Taupo
Lakeland Resort Taupo

8,2 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 1065 arvustust

€ 70

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 282 Lake Terrace, Taupo
Falls Chateau

7,9 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 361 arvustust

€ 70

Keskmine hind öö kohta
  • 12 Chateau Crescent, Taupo
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Soovitused, mida teha sihtkohas Taupo

Go to the local Supermarket and make up a picnic of your tastes and eat on the beach front. Simple yet beautiful.!!

Its an easy place to wander around although finding a car park was a little difficult.

Amazing view of the sunset, as I sat on the balcony having a glass of wine:)

lots of boat cruise options, helicopter rides and even paragliding

Definitely ride the tracks at craters of the moon.

Great inspiration for my artworks

Hot pools by De Bretts Hotel

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