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22 hostů z České republiky velmi doporučuje destinaci Orlando pro nakupování!

Poraďte ostatním, jak si nejlépe užít návštěvu zábavních parků v destinaci Orlando.

Simon, Rakousko

před 20 dny Nahlásit

As well as doing the parks we also got out of Orlando and travelled around. I highly recommend westgate River ranch which is only 1 hour and 20 minutes south of Orlando for an authentic Dude Ranch Experience. Daytona Beach is great if you want some time by the ocean. And for goodness sake get yourself to Kennedy Space Center, if you are even slightly interested in science and space. It is absolutely awe inspiring. Meeting an Astronaut and actually talking to an engineer who built the shuttles who let me hold one of the tiles from the Atlantis shuttle were two of my childhood fantasies. Standing on the floor of Launch control room 4 was pretty special too.

Co Vás nejvíce zaujalo v destinaci Orlando?

Denise, Austrálie

před 3 dny Nahlásit

Having one on one time with the dolphin at Discovery Cove. The Sea World performances were also good.

Čím to je, že se Vaše rodina v destinaci Orlando cítí jako doma?

Simon, Rakousko

před 20 dny Nahlásit

Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, especially the Waiting staff in the restaurants, they made us feel like old friends rather than just customers. The UK could do well to emulate this behavior which is infinately better than the usual surly attitude.

Které jiné obchody, vedle těch patřících známým značkám, stojí za návštěvu v destinaci Orlando?

Nadine, USA

před 8 dny Nahlásit

Out Let Gifts, some of the stores like Burlington Coat factory had more things than Philadelphia. I found odd but unquie gifts to take home.

Díky čemu je výlet do Disneylandu v destinaci Orlando nezapomenutelný?

Bung, Velká Británie

před 23 dny Nahlásit

Stay at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista. As well as the usual perks of a Disney Park Hotel, there's a laundrette on site, which will save you money compared to using the hotel laundry service. Avoid visiting in the summer to avoid the heat and crowds. If you have to visit in the summer, visit late Aug when US kids have gone back to school. The Frozen fireworks at Disney Hollywood are amazing. If you think you will use a stroller for at least 2 or more days, think about bringing one over or buying one from wallmart as may work out cheaper than renting (the disney ones cost ~$31 per day, although offer a discount for additional days use).

Jaké nákupní možnosti by podle vás mohly zajímat návštěvníky destinace Orlando.

Anonym, Lokalita neuvedena

před 25 dny Nahlásit

The malls are excellent!! We love shopping, they have everything you could ask for. All the designer shop, very good discounts and it is fun to walk around their huge malls.

Povězte nám, jak si nejlépe odpočinout v destinaci Orlando.

Anonym, Lokalita neuvedena

před 21 dny Nahlásit

Many luxury resorts and Spas in Orlando can be relaxing if you don't try to do too much....read that.....much of anything. We got a massage, hung out by the pool and swam, played golf, had a great meal, watched the sunset, sat by a fire pit and chatted with other guests over a cocktail, and later watched Fireworks. No phones, TV's, video games, texts, housework or business demands.

Kam se vydat na jídlo a vyhnout se příliš turistickým místům?

Jayant, Kanada

před 17 dny Nahlásit

Lost of places to dine in to name few are Applebees, Royal Indian Punjabi restaurant, Chipotle Mexican food restaurant, Red Oven Pizza place and some places in Universal Studios

Proč byste destinaci Orlando doporučil/a milovníkům dobrého jídla?

Aisling, Irsko

před 13 dny Nahlásit

Lots of variety of restaurants and fab food and service to all that we visited.. Don Pablos Mexican kitchen was my favourate.

Jak se podle Vás mění turismus v destinaci Orlando?

Jayant, Kanada

před 17 dny Nahlásit

Tourism in always changing in places like Orlando, the biggest experience is Disney and Universal
The rides the weather and everything along with all these comes with different ethnic those visit Orlando
Orlando city should organize more tours and inspect the hotel more periodically to check the amenities offered to the tourist in Orlando

Povězte nám více o svých zážitcích...

Rosalind, USA

před 28 dny Nahlásit

The adventure started at check in, had a issue with payment and policy. next thing was the food had bugs and hair and was not compensated and it was handled as if I put the bugs and hair in the food. Was not offered any type of compensation or additional days for the horrible experience I had

Jak si v destinaci Orlando pohodlně prohlédnout zajímavá místa a zároveň se vyhnout davům?

Monika, Švýcarsko

před 8 hodinami Nahlásit

Don't go in the main holiday season. We where there in the first 2 weeks of oktober and had nowhere to wait more than 10 mins! (Except of the harry potter part in universal studios but that was new..)

Pobyt na pláži si každý představuje jinak. Jak se Vám líbila pláž v destinaci Orlando?

Gary, USA

před 21 dny Nahlásit

there were lots to choose from. Daytona(okay just a beach), Coco(sucked) and my favorite Fort de Soto(totally awesome for birding and shade available) were the three that we visited.

Je něco, co se Vám nelíbilo na rybaření v destinaci Orlando?

Caroline, Velká Británie

před 22 dny Nahlásit

We had a two park ticket for Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. We went more for Harry Potter as our last visit to Universal in 2009 it was being built. It was fantastic even though the waiting times were long. We also did Fright Night which was really amazing. We did get through the first 4 houses pretty quick the queues for some were really long, over an hour but the fast passes were too expensive 99 dollars and there were three of us after paying over 90 dollars each for the ticket to attend the night, so that was the only let down.

Jak si nenechat uniknout žádné z různých specialit, které je možné v destinaci Orlando ochutnat?

Jayant, Kanada

před 17 dny Nahlásit

Orlando has variety of restaurants with different ethnic background
Just enjoy food in these restaurant if you are a food lover with change in taste

Proč lidé často doporučují destinaci Orlando pro krásné parky?

Candy, Kanada

před 12 dny Nahlásit

Because there is so many different parks the variety is amazing and they take it to a whole new level!!!

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