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5 clientes de Portugal recomendaram Oxford para arquitectura!

O que faz com que Oxford consiga manter vivo o seu passado histórico?

Peter, Estados Unidos da América

Há 4 dias Denunciar

I am prejudiced as I studied there many years ago, and returned for a celebration of my college's 750th anniversary. However, I think most people can feel the history while walking along the cobbled streets and learn about all the famous people who studied there.

Qual é a melhor maneira de admirar as atracções de Oxford evitando as multidões?

Anónimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 10 dias Denunciar

Don't bother going to Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant - 40 minute wait for a table and you'll get better food at home. The food is bland and tasteless

Como conseguir viver uma experiência cultural autêntica em Oxford?

Jason, Reino Unido

Há 19 dias Denunciar

Meet the students or academics; get them to show you their colleges and libraries

Porque é que as pessoas dizem que a melhor maneira de conhecer Oxford é a pé?

Mariusz, Reino Unido

Há 1 dia Denunciar

Most of the interesting places like colleges museums etc. is in the city centre and all sights are close to each other. No need of driving to see things and besides you can't see most of the colleges' quads and gardens from the road - you really need to get inside and off the road in order to see the best of Oxford

Ajude outros viajantes a evitarem restaurantes que são armadilhas para os turistas - recomende os melhores locais para comer e beber!

Jason, Reino Unido

Há 19 dias Denunciar

Old parsonage hotel has a nice cosy restaurant that does good cooking, at the more expensive end. (~£20 for 2-3 course set lunch; ~£40 for 3 course seasonal menu)

Turl street kitchen did nice Sunday roast and pork shoulders when I visited. Around £13 each

Gees was average. There were some dishes that looked interesting on the menu but didn't excite. Cooking was good but it fell a bit flat.

Avoid the seafood restaurant. Called fisheries or something. Went because I felt like some fish but left very disappointed. Went late so it could've been that their chef went home early..

O que é que descobriu sobre os museus de Oxford que não estava nos guias turísticos?

Elizabeth, Reino Unido

Há 22 dias Denunciar

As world travellers we loved revisiting our travels especially with the Tutankaman exhibition at the Ashmolean. The rooftop dining was a great experience

O que é que os monumentos de Oxford têm de tão notável e especial?

Vincent, Reino Unido

Há 18 dias Denunciar

Every Brick in Oxford has a story to tell. The home of Culture & Learning.

O que há de melhor para comer em Oxford?

Anónimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 16 dias Denunciar

There seems to be such a choice of different styles for all budgets. We went to the Turl kitchen before a concert in Exeter College and the staff were obliging and quick and the food was deelish!

Conte-nos como foram os seus momentos mais relaxantes em Oxford.

Anton, Rússia

Há 5 dias Denunciar

The most relaxing is to walk about Oxford streets, drink and eat in pubs or read books sitting in some good sunny places.

Partilhe a sua experiência de compras em Oxford com outras pessoas de gostos semelhantes.

Virginia, Reino Unido

Há 19 dias Denunciar

In Oxford there is plenty for everyone to enjoy, the market, a variety of shops, places of interest - museums, churches and university buildings dating back to the 13th century, and parks.

Por que é que Oxford é um destino clássico para aproveitar uma pausa na cidade?

Robert, Reino Unido

Há 2 dias Denunciar

Beautiful architecture, great shopping, loads of restaurants, theatres, bars, museums. A wonderful romantic weekend away not far from where we live, as we left our two children with our mum and dad

Qual é a melhor maneira de explorar Oxford a pé?

Anónimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 7 dias Denunciar

As long as you have Google Maps you should be fine, the city centre is quite compact so easy to walk around and see everything.

Os espectáculos teatrais em Oxford correspondem à reputação que têm?

Deborah, Estados Unidos da América

Há 29 dias Denunciar

Went to see "Another Country" at Bath Arts Theatre. It was EXCELLENT!

Quais são as melhores atracções para visitar durante uma excursão em Oxford?

Gary, Estados Unidos da América

Há 13 dias Denunciar

Many things. We found the tour of C. S. Lewis' home, and the freedom to hike his 9 acre nature park, well worth going "out of the way" to get to it; equally, we liked the tour of the Divinity Library at the Bodleian. Very cool. Third, we liked just walking around the various colleges and gardens. Finally, we enjoyed "Addisons' Walk" at Magdalen College--walked it twice and enjoyed the many deer. And then, of course, the Sheldonian, Blackwells, and other colleges.

Qual é a melhor maneira de aproveitar a paisagem campestre de Oxford?


Há 22 minutos Denunciar

A really nice town, small and with a great university, on the middle of the countryside, extremely pleasant.
  • Romântico 19 recomendações

Há quem diga que o romance já não existe. Como é que Oxford prova o contrário?

Anónimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 27 dias Denunciar

You could walk through the old parts of town (which is nearly all pedestrian only), ending with a picknick on the Christ Church meadow, and go for a very nice dinner in town (a number of nice restaurants can be found). Anyone would fall for that!
  • Paisagens 46 recomendações

Qual foi o efeito que o cenário de Oxford causou em si?

Anton, Rússia

Há 5 dias Denunciar

Soothing, recharging all inner batteries of my body
  • Castelos 25 recomendações

Os castelos de Oxford estão bem conservados? Conte-nos mais!

Maria, Grécia

Há 5 dias Denunciar

The castles were very well restored.
  • Atmosfera 92 recomendações

Por que é que a atmosfera de Oxford impressiona tanto os visitantes?

Orathai, Tailândia

Há 6 dias Denunciar

clean and quiet, town of university

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