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Perpignan France, Languedoc-Roussillon

Top reasons to visit:

  • Old Town (61)
  • History (59)
  • Shopping (57)
  • Food (52)
  • Beach (46)
  • City Trip (43)
  • Culture (36)
  • Restaurants (34)
  • Monuments (29)
  • Mountains (29)

Perpignan was highly rated for food by 25 guests from the United Kingdom!

What is it in Perpignan that makes history come alive?

Carolynn, U.S.A.

28 days ago Report

Catalan history of the area and the struggle between Spain and France for possession of the area is explained well through visits to the Palais des Rois de Majorque and Le Castillet. The Catalan culture which remains today is much clearer once you understand better this city's 14th and 15th century history.
  • Food 52 endorsements

Why would you recommend Perpignan for food?

David, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Plenty restaurants and generally good quality, though can be pricey
  • Fine Dining 5 endorsements

What makes fine dining in Perpignan different?

Robert, United Kingdom

1 hour ago Report

They have a wealth of fish restaurants
  • City Trip 43 endorsements

What makes Perpignan one of those classic city trip experiences?

Anonymous, Location unknown

28 days ago Report

Close to many beaches as well as having city interests.
  • Seafood 2 endorsements

What seafood experience in Perpignan lingers in your mind?

Nicola, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

Oysters at Leucate and Seafood platter at La Franqui
  • Shopping for clothes 2 endorsements

Is there more to shopping in Perpignan than main street stores?

Leslie, Spain

13 days ago Report

many varied shops

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