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Phi Phi Island rekommenderas varmt för strand av 21 gäster från Sverige!

  • avkoppling 458 rekommendationer
  • 4 svar

Berätta om dina skönaste stunder i Phi Phi Island.

Steffi, Belgien

16 dagar sedan Rapportera

It wasn't what I had expected, partly because of a bad case of food poisoning, but also because Phi Phi has a huge party scene. Keep that in mind and stay in one of the resorts if that's not what you're looking for.
  • god mat 111 rekommendationer
  • 3 svar

Varför tycker du att Phi Phi Island är ett bra matresmål?

Adam, Nya Zeeland

30 dagar sedan Rapportera

Island is awesome, night life is epic, beaches are lovely, definately place to visit
  • strandpromenader 48 rekommendationer
  • 2 svar

Vad behöver göras för att stränderna i Phi Phi Island skulle vara bättre anpassade för promenader?

Kyle, Storbritannien

9 dagar sedan Rapportera

The beaches are remarkably amazing as they are, locals have good responsibility over keeping the beaches clean. Sometimes you may spot an odd item of litter.
  • mycket sol och värme 12 rekommendationer
  • 2 svar

Hur njuter du av (eller undgår) värmen på bästa sätt i Phi Phi Island?

Joseph, Storbritannien

1 dag sedan Rapportera

Swimming. Head from the beach to the pool. Then repeat.
  • titta på stjärnorna 37 rekommendationer

Hur hittade du den bästa platsen för att titta på stjärnorna i Phi Phi Island?

Kyle, Storbritannien

9 dagar sedan Rapportera

A short walk along either beach and you'll find a dark spot, look up and you will see many stars. Phi Phi Don is very small, there are not many properties, or street lights to pollute the sky with light.
  • gourmetmat 48 rekommendationer

Kan man äta riktigt gott i Phi Phi Island? Berätta hur!

Steffi, Belgien

16 dagar sedan Rapportera

It certainly can be. You have some restaurants offering tables right next to the beach or even on it with views to die for.
  • sandstränder 324 rekommendationer

Varför är stranden i Phi Phi Island helt underbar?

Jennifer, Spanien

23 dagar sedan Rapportera

We went on a half day snorkeling trip that stopped at Maya Beach. It was stunning! But the number of tourists there was shocking! That definitely takes away from the beauty.
  • fisk- och skaldjur 58 rekommendationer

Vad har du för speciella minnen av fisk- och skaldjursrätter i Phi Phi Island?

Bridget, Sydafrika

11 dagar sedan Rapportera

Viking Nature Resort offers a daily dinner BBQ of fresh prawns, whole fish and squid - exceptionally prepared and reasonably priced.
  • uteliv 600 rekommendationer

Vad skulle du undvika på kvällarna i Phi Phi Island?

Tracie, Storbritannien

11 dagar sedan Rapportera

Lots of night life. Its a party island
  • vattensport 23 rekommendationer

Har du några tips till nybörjare i vattensporter i Phi Phi Island?

Jordan, Storbritannien

10 dagar sedan Rapportera

Book daytrips and activities in the village situated just outside of the resort to save some money. Snorkling is possible on the private beach depending on the tide however the day trip snorkling and diving is out of this world.
  • båtliv 73 rekommendationer

Vilken typ av båtfärder kan man åka på i Phi Phi Island?

Kyle, Storbritannien

9 dagar sedan Rapportera

Longtail boats are available all and will take you to more remote parts of the island, a trip to Koh Phi Phi Le (where maya bay is) will cost you 1500THB including national park fee. Some long-tail boats will include snorkelling to see the shallow but diverse marine life.
  • snorkling 979 rekommendationer

Anonym, Okänd ort

9 dagar sedan Rapportera

When travelling in Phi Phi remember it is a small island with limited infrastructure, it is also full of young back packers out for a good time. Don't count on relaxation, be prepared to pay a bit more for a luxury experience than you would elsewhere in Thailand. That said it really is a must visit place, be sure to take the walk up to the view point for great pictures and do it in the morning before it gets too hot
  • shoppa kläder 7 rekommendationer

Finns det annan rolig shopping i Phi Phi Island förutom i de stora varuhusen?

Steven, Australien

8 dagar sedan Rapportera

yes lots of nick knacks to buy
  • dykning 748 rekommendationer

Berätta vad man kan få se under en dyktur i Phi Phi Island?

Anonym, Okänd ort

11 dagar sedan Rapportera

Turtles, sharks and beautiful coral reef

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