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Playa d'en Bossa Sepanyol, Kepulauan Balearic

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  • Hiburan Malam (913)
  • Pantai (517)
  • Parti (396)
  • Rehat (108)
  • Hiburan (105)
  • Bar (71)
  • Muzik Live (63)
  • Makanan (50)
  • Pantai Pasir (43)
  • Berjalan tepi pantai (43)

Playa d'en Bossa telah dinilai tinggi untuk hiburan malam oleh 2 tetamu dari Malaysia!

Di manakah tempat yang terbaik untuk berjoget di Playa d'en Bossa?

Avery, Kanada

12 hari yang lalu Lapor

Space was my most favourite club in Playa d'en Bossa! Had a great time all three times I was there! Ushuïua was a must see too but the party stops early as it's located in a hotel, so plan another party to attend after if you want a late night.

Pantai memberikan kesan yang berbeza-beza kepada setiap individu. Apakah yang anda rasa tentang pantai di Playa d'en Bossa?

Avery, Kanada

12 hari yang lalu Lapor

Beaches packed with young people from all over he world. Great for groups of friends an couples who like to party. Very loud music can be heard on the beach from all the beach clubs, so not the best spot to read a book and relax but great for having a few drinks in the sun. Water was swimmable but not clear since it was a sand beach. I'd take swim shoes next time because lots of rocks you can't see. Not the best spot in Ibiza for a family although I noticed some kids were there. If I had a family I would choose the north beaches rather than Playa d'en Bossa.

Mengapakah anda cadangkan Playa d'en Bossa kerana makanannya?

Keith, United Kingdom

16 hari yang lalu Lapor

Lots of places to eat to suit every budget. Moorea is restaurant for BBQ meats and fish, Nassau Beach Club for a cut above the rest

Apakah yang harus anda elakkan untuk menikmati kehidupan malam sepenuhnya di Playa d'en Bossa?

Keelin, United Kingdom

4 hari yang lalu Lapor

Sankeys is not far from hotel but not a great nightclub. It is around 8 euro in a taxi from Tivoli to Ushiaia and Space. Ushiaia is amazing and definitely the best place to head in Playa d'en Bossa.

Apakah jenis muzik yang kami dapat jangkakan di Playa d'en Bossa?

Avery, Kanada

12 hari yang lalu Lapor

All the electronic music you could ever ask for. Always a huge party happening every day of the week. Some of the biggest clubs in the world are located here and just a short taxi ride to many others.
  • Orang-orang Mesra 14 saranan

Apakah yang membuat orang-orang di Playa d'en Bossa sungguh ramah? Kongsi dengan kami.

James, United Kingdom

19 hari yang lalu Lapor

Happy staff mean happy environment .
  • Bandar Lama 5 saranan

Di manakah tempat terbaik untuk bersiar-siar di bandar lama Playa d'en Bossa?

Jody, United Kingdom

4 hari yang lalu Lapor

The Dalt Vila castle was beautiful and worth the trip up to the top for the views and all the restaurants/shops on the way up.
  • Bar 71 saranan

Apakah yang paling anda suka tentang bar-bar di Playa d'en Bossa?

Tushar, United Kingdom

24 hari yang lalu Lapor

Different mix of people, all buzzing and busy.

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