Top reasons to visit:

  • Great for Wine (3029)
  • Food (1725)
  • Architecture (1185)
  • Gourmet Food (1122)
  • Culture (1003)
  • Old Town (1002)
  • Monuments (976)
  • History (874)
  • City Trip (869)
  • Sightseeing (839)

Porto was highly rated for great for wine by 114 guests from the United States!

How was the wine culture different than what you'd experience at home?

Anonymous, Unknown location

13 days ago Report

Porto is just a fantastic destination for port wine and wine from the Douro valley. You can easily have a great day just visiting the storage houses on the other side over the river. Make sure to try a 40 year old port.

Why do you recommend Porto for food?

Anonymous, Unknown location

27 days ago Report

Eating in Porto is easy and cheap, usually great food for absolutely reasonable prices. In particular in Matosinhos (coastal area) there are several fish restaurants that serve great fresh fish.

How can you enjoy the sights in Porto while avoiding the crowds?

Kirah, Spain

18 days ago Report

Tour buses were good to see stuff and get around Porto, as the red ones were hop on and hop off (not sure about the other buses).

What makes Porto one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Adrian, United Kingdom

23 days ago Report

Compact city with several attractions including old baroque architecture, port tasting and tours, cafes by the river, walks, river cruises, old tram rides to the coast.

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Porto?

Joseph R
Joseph R, Malta

5 days ago Report

By taking upon arrival a free walking tour led by a local guide who knows all
about the city and who can give you first hand information. You can than continue
your visit on your own as it is a friendly city and not difficult to manage. Public transport is efficient, so one can make use of it or you can explore the city on foot. Always take good walking shoes.The yellow tour bus is really good and takes you to different areas of the city.

What's the best way to make the most of Porto by foot?

Anonymous, Unknown location

29 days ago Report

Many of the main sights are close-by each other and the city is compact and well-suited to walking.

What is it in Porto that makes history come to life?

Ian, Cyprus

26 days ago Report

a huge number of historic buildings. A great setting. Several buildings have been restored, several are being restored but the is an atmostphere of an older city finding new life and vibrancy.

What were the best places for wandering in Porto's old town?

Mario, Portugal

23 days ago Report

There is always something going on If you´re wandering in the Bulhão area. There´s plenty of places to visit and you should do this walking in Porto´s old town. You should visit the Lello´s library as well. If you enjoy modern art you must visit Serralves museum free on sunday mornings.

What effect did the scenery in Porto have on you?

Kirsty, Portugal

1 day ago Report

This is an incredibly picturesque city. The river, it's bridges and the ocean are a beautiful backdrop to Porto, with it's rich heritage of architecture and culture. It's a living city that's managed to incorporate it's extensive history with it's contemporary vitality. Porto is easily my most favourite city in the world.

Why do people say Porto can be seen best by foot?

Anita, Spain

5 days ago Report

There are so many hidden treasures to see, even in the less touristy parts. Also, if you eat so much lovely Portuguese food, you need to walk it off. Actually, I would recommend Porto on foot and by boat.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Porto.

Cristy, United States of America

25 days ago Report

To sit at the outdoor cafe on the river with a craft of sangria watching the street performers is such a relaxing lovely experience.

What makes the people from Porto so friendly? Tell us your story.

Kirah, Spain

18 days ago Report

They just are friendly. It's a tourist spot. They know at least 5 languages and speak very well. IT's nice that they cater for so many different cultures.

What seafood experience in Porto is still on your mind?

Michael, United Kingdom

15 hours ago Report

Freshly cooked grilled fish by river front

Why is the atmosphere in Porto something people rave about?

Kirsty, Portugal

1 day ago Report

Ocean breezes, river views, hills and winding streets that are just right for pleasant strolling. Every corner has a beautiful view in central area. The air is fresh in Porto.

Which spot is best for taking photos in Porto?

Yoshihiko, United States of America

27 days ago Report

Go to the other side of Ribeira
called Vila Nova de Gaia 30 minutes before sunset and stay there for 60 minutes.
  • Ancient Landmarks 126 endorsements
  • 2 answers

Describe the best ancient landmarks to visit in Porto.

Paul, Belgium

1 day ago Report

het uitzicht op de stad vanaf de kant van de douro aan de wijnkelders ( Unesco werelderfgoed ) en het uitzicht over de douro ( de bruggen )
  • Restaurants 265 endorsements

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Rosli, Portugal

29 days ago Report

I do not want to recommend something because secret tips should stay secret ;)
  • Shopping 740 endorsements

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Porto.

Anonymous, Unknown location

27 days ago Report

Prices are generally lower than in other countries and in the central part of the city there are several shops of all sorts, clothing, design, fancy, easy, etc. More or less for all tastes.
  • Bars 116 endorsements

What did you enjoy most about bar hopping in Porto?

Rosli, Portugal

29 days ago Report

The prices, the people, the different locations
  • Traditional Food 218 endorsements

What did you eat in Porto that made you smile?

Paul, Ireland

8 days ago Report

Local cuisine and lots of tapas dishes - plenty of fish.

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