Top reasons to visit:

  • Old Town (2086)
  • Architecture (1065)
  • Shopping (563)
  • Sightseeing (486)
  • City Trip (476)
  • Food (451)
  • Culture (430)
  • Nightlife (364)
  • History (341)
  • Monuments (313)

What is it in Rīga that makes history come to life?

Philip, United Kingdom

26 days ago Report

Lots of history of region at town museum war museum. Travel out to Sigulda

What makes Rīga one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Margaret, Germany

4 days ago Report

Riga is the biggest of the Baltic capitals, and it is the only one that really feels like a big city. Just walking the streets there is a lot to see, as the city has a beautiful mix of architectural styles. Especially impressive is the art nouveau architecture that accompanied the city's expansion at the turn of the 20th century.

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Rīga?

Anonymous, Unknown location

26 days ago Report

Research entry and drink prices and dress code as they are very strict, pre book taxi and confirm the return price

Why do you recommend Rīga for food?

Philip, United Kingdom

26 days ago Report

A lot off choice. Double Coffee is a great chain and very cheap. Use that then dine at night in local Latvian places. Beware they get full and if busy don't say they will find a space their attitude is go away. Book if you do want a particular place.

What's the best way to make the most of Rīga by foot?

Andrejs, United States of America

26 days ago Report

We book a food tour of Riga which was excellent! It provided history as well as an urban picnic.Superb!

How can you enjoy the sights in Rīga while avoiding the crowds?

George, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

We travelled early September and the city was quiet with enough atmosphere to be enjoyable. The spell of good weather made this memorable.

What were the best places for wandering in Rīga's old town?

Philip, United Kingdom

26 days ago Report

Town square, blackheads square, dome church, powder tower,moat park.

Is there more to shopping in Rīga than just brand-name stores?

Tyler, Latvia

3 days ago Report

A variety of local and boutique shopping centers with international and native brands.

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Anonymous, Unknown location

8 days ago Report

Alpenrose" - Restaurant. Jauniela 16 > Vecriga (Old Riga), 1 minute away from the hotel!

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Rīga?

Frank, Netherlands

27 days ago Report

Go the the central market and explore not only downtown then you see the not touristic areas
  • Vegetarian cuisine 31 endorsements
  • 2 answers

What will make vegetarians' mouths water when they head to Rīga?

Sudchai, United Kingdom

9 days ago Report

On our last day we were taken to a Huge eatery place call Lido(they have a smaller branch in town as well)the varieties of dishes that offer was staggering not to mention the beer cellar(basement)I thinks the salads bar was impressive not to mention the choice of dessert on offer.

What's the best way to spend the day at a cafe in Rīga?

Ian, United Kingdom

19 days ago Report

people watching and good food and beer
  • Romantic 155 endorsements

Some say romance is dead; how does Rīga prove them wrong?

Jelle, Netherlands

16 days ago Report

Walks through old cobblestone streets, sweeping views of the river and romantic restaurants.
  • Family Friendly 46 endorsements

How does Rīga go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

Kazim, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

Lots of choice for food and not expensive
  • Shopping 563 endorsements

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Rīga.

Hannu, Finland

10 days ago Report

Visit those central market halls.
  • Friendly People 156 endorsements

What makes the people from Rīga so friendly? Tell us your story.

Trond, Norway

2 days ago Report

Serviceminded, helpful - both young and old. I felt secure walking around, even late at night. The inhabitants are taking care of you.
  • Castles 11 endorsements

How well restored were the castles in Rīga?

Philip, United Kingdom

26 days ago Report

Town castle under wraps. Sigulda great. Most of area a pile of rubble in 1949. Well restored now
  • Bars 96 endorsements

What did you enjoy most about bar hopping in Rīga?

Meir, Israel

11 days ago Report

night life is good
  • Photography 21 endorsements

Which spot is best for taking photos in Rīga?

Tyler, Latvia

3 days ago Report

Old Riga, Jurmala
  • Parks 139 endorsements

Why do people recommend Rīga for the parks?

Kazim, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

V green and good for walks

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