Rim Italija, Lazio

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Rim: Kako se može razgledavati ovaj grad pritom izbjegavajući velike gužve?

Olivia, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 16 dana Prijavi

The Omnia card was very good as it provides you with two cards - one which allows you to use all of the transport, entrance to two historical monuments (from a selected list) and money off any selected places of interest. This we used mainly for the transport. The secind allowed you access to all of the Vatican museums and travel on the Christian sightseeing bus company (the yellow bus) - I would say the only downside to the bus was it was not always very reliable as it did not always turn up every 20 minutes and on our last day it missed out our stop.

Zbog čega Rim odiše poviješću?

Daniel, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

The Colisseum and the Vatican are probably the main attractions, but there are dozens of monuments, museums, gallaries, fountains and churches that all offer a piece of ancient or modern history. Even the roads and walls and buildings seem to tell a story about one of the most preserved ancient cities in the world.

Zašto biste preporučili ovaj grad za uživanje u hrani: Rim?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 12 dana Prijavi

There is alot to say about the food culture in Italy. We have stayed in wonderful location just by the side of Vatican city. in this area of the town I could suggest the cozy family restaurant called "Osteria dei Pontefici". Charming place with delicious food.

Opišite najzanimljivije drevne znamenitosti koje nudi Rim.

Caoimhe, Irska

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

Absolutely worth taking a tour of the Colosseum, very impressive inside as well as out. The was an interesting exhibit upstairs as well about ancient libraries, ancient scrolls and reading in Roman times. Absolutely fascinating tour! We heard stories of ancient Rome and the history of the Colosseum throughout the ages. Would absolutely recommend it!

Kako možete u potpunosti doživjeti kulturni život u gradu 'Rim'?

Daniel, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

By heading to a restaurant, café or bar. The Romans love to eat and they have plenty to offer. Just sitting outside in the shade of a local café with a pint or a coffee and let the world go by around you. Pick up the lingo by listening on how the locals greet each other with passion and charm. Otherwise sit by a fountain or on a bench somewhere and just watch life in Rome unfold in front of you. Just watch for the beggers and pickpockets.

Koji je najbolji način obilaska grada 'Rim' pješice?

Joško, Hrvatska

Prije 15 sati Prijavi

turističkim autobusom iz kojeg možeš izaći na svakoj stanici i ponovo se ukrcati nakon šetnje i tako cijeli dan

Recite nam što stvarno mislite o umjetnosti u gradu 'Rim'?

Elisa, Italija

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

Non si può non rimanere affascinati da questa città. Ce n'è per tutti i gusti: storia antica, arte moderna, forme contemporanee, fare due passi senza incontrare qualcosa da visitare è praticamente impossibile. Peccato soltanto manchi qualche esposizione o museo adeguato riguardo la storia del cinema (Cinecittà è da evitare, decadente e povero di contenuti mostrati se si pensa a quanto si è fatto lì)

Opišite najljepšu crkvu koju ste posjetili u gradu 'Rim'.

Merel, Nizozemska

Prije 9 dana Prijavi

Difficult choice, there are so many beautiful churches in rome and they all have their own secret. Here's one favorite of mine: The S. Giovanni in Laterano. Enjoy the beauty of the church and then walk to the back of the church. On the left there are four pillars. If two people stand across each other and one whispers into the pillar, the other person across can hear it in the other pillar. Look it up, its astonishing! And like this other churches bare secrets too.

Postoji li još mogućnosti za shopping u gradu 'Rim'?

Delea, Kanada

Prije 29 dana Prijavi

wonderful city to visit everything from St. Peters square - Vatican - colosseum as well as some great shopping both brand names and funky little out of the way shops and restaurants near the Spanish Steps

Koje bi muzeje svatko trebao posjetiti u gradu 'Rim'?

Emilia, Malta

Prije 15 dana Prijavi

I think it should be the Galleria Borghese. It is not enormous so one can visit for the maximum time allowed( two hours) without getting tired.

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Matthew, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

It takes a little extra work in central Rome to find genuine Italian cooking, but when you find it, it'll have you smiling from ear to ear, especially if you find excellent service to match a new and exciting food experience. We stumbled across Il Ciambella just 2 streets from The Pantheon. This was what eating in Rome is all about, new flavours and creative dishes, with amazingly passionate staff, it was awesome, we'll be back next time!

Opišite nam zašto je Rim odličan grad za shopping.

Alexandra, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 21 dan Prijavi

'Making a find' in one of the myriad of independent shops, and return with new shoes / bags / home accessories / jewellery / etc that have not been mass produced on behalf of a brand you could find back home.

Kamo bi ljudi trebali ići kako bi mogli jesti daleko od turističke vreve?

Elisa, Italija

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

Trastevere è molto caratteristico, ma mangiare bene è difficile. Provare piuttosto il Testaccio, più "popolare" e meno turistico, ma con osterie e posticini davvero sfiziosi. Si può mangiare anche dentro il Mercato Comunale Coperto

Zašto je najbolje istražiti pješice grad 'Rim'?

Cheryl, Sjedinjene Američke Države

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

There is something new and beautiful around every corner. For Americans, the age of these architectural delights is astounding. I would never drive in Rome-- the locals say the traffic lights and signs are mere "suggestions' and that is very true. It is worse than NYC. Do yourself a favor and just grab a cab if it is too far to walk.

Što ste saznali o muzejima u gradu 'Rim', a nije bilo u vašim vodičima?

Ilnar, Rusija

Prije 12 dana Prijavi

Tickets to some museums must be pre-booked or bought in advance. Be ready for annoying ticket and excursion salesmen. Trade!

Zbog čega vam Rim nudi iskustvo klasičnog posjeta gradu?

Daniel, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

Rome is the classic city break destination filled with all you can eat art, culture, history and great food. They say Rome wasn't built in a day and I would recommend more than one day to explore it all. Even if you just want to do the basics you would need a couple of days, but if you want to get your teeth stuck in to what Rome is about I would recommend at least five.

Neki kažu da je nestala romantika, zašto Rim dokazuje da su u krivu?

Leigh, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 23 dana Prijavi

Rome has lots of lovely romantic spots such as the Trevi Fountain which is stunning for a romantic stroll at night time. There are lots of romantic restaurants dotted around too and if you really want to take romantic to a new level then I recommend visiting the Mirabelle restaurant - a rooftop restaurant with a terrace overlooking Rome. It is very pricey but it is stunning.

Što ljude u gradu 'Rim' čini toliko zanimljivima?

Lindsey, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 4 dana Prijavi

so many different nationalities
locals very helpfull...even when i dont speak their language

Što bi arheolog-amater svakako trebao posjetiti u gradu 'Rim'?

Sally, Austrija

Prije 27 dana Prijavi

take a tour with a local guide, they are passionate and knowledgable and professional!!!

Po čemu se iskustvo kušanja vina razlikovalo od onog kod kuće?

Hensen, Nizozemska

Prije 18 dana Prijavi

First of all the climate makes it possible to sit outside in the evening to drink some good wine accompanied by very tasty local cheese and meat

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