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Seattle United States of America, Washington State

Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (712)
  • Food (563)
  • Seafood (478)
  • Sightseeing (445)
  • Markets (420)
  • Coffee (225)
  • Restaurants (194)
  • Scenery (171)
  • Museums (158)
  • Live Music (138)

Seattle was highly rated for shopping by 376 guests from the United States!

How can you enjoy the sights in Seattle while avoiding the crowds?

Milton, United States of America

15 days ago Report

For me part of sightseeing includes checking out the crowds and the local people and how they interact among themselves and visitors. Sightseeing is more than just looking at the prairies in Kansas or beautiful Black Hill of South Dakota, Yellowstone River running through Wyoming and Montana, or the forest and coastline in Oregon or even the Cactus Forest we saw in Arizona. It also about checking out the people in crowded streets of downtown Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and San Francisco or the people who or at the other table is restaurants in Newport, Oregon or San Diego California or the waiters and waitresses who served us in Oklahoma City, Seattle, Vancouver, Oakland and El Paso. There is a lot to see on the wonderful continent and my wife and I take try to take in all the sights; the natural environment, the man-made structures such as the Space Needle in Seattle, the monuments and museums and even the people.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Seattle.

Susan, United States of America

13 days ago Report

Pike's Public Market is a wonderful shopping experience. Whether you're looking to buy the freshest seafood, fruit, vegetables or flowers, you will find it there! If you're shopping for souvenirs, that's the place. If you enjoy antiques or unique & interesting trinkets, you'll find them there too! The possibilities are endless!

What seafood experience in Seattle is still on your mind?

Christopher, United States of America

21 days ago Report

There are some great local sushi places in Seattle. Many of them pride themselves on using unique and local ingredients. I'm a traditional sushi snob and there were a couple that really stand out as excellent.

Why do you recommend Seattle for food?

Gulten, Australia

3 days ago Report

Sorry my stay of 4 days was too short to recommend food outlets. I had a bad experience at a Cafe called "Biscuit Bitch". So called biscuit was overpowered with soda and tasted bitter! Unfortunately it was recommended by Mayflower Park Hotel's Concierge!

What makes the people from Seattle so friendly? Tell us your story.

Kim, United States of America

9 days ago Report

We went to the Seattle Seahawks game and everyone was so friendly at the event. The security folks were very helpful, the fans were so nice and even the fans from the other team. I was amazed and everywhere we went folks were so helpful if we had a question. I would recommend this city to anyone.

Why do people say Seattle can be seen best by foot?

Susan, United States of America

13 days ago Report

Getting around by car can be tough because of construction detours & lots of tourists! They do have a good transit system, but we preferred to walk more to appease our exploring side. It is possible to walk the majority of Seattle's sites in one day!

What is it in Seattle that makes history come to life?

Louise, United States of America

2 days ago Report

This area is rich in history from the gold fever/mining days to today. This area has seen much change and undergone some incredible events such as major earthquakes and rebuilt to what it is today. This is also where the history of flight begins with the first Boeing Planes to the major manufacturing plants found in Everett and Renton. Starbucks and Microsoft also were founded here to become the giants they are today. The area is rich in talent that is found in the history of this area.
  • Culturally Diverse Food 92 endorsements
  • 4 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Seattle has to offer?

Jennifer, United States of America

27 days ago Report

Ask locals where they like to eat. Also, ask for "iconic Seattle restaurants."

What makes Seattle one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Anonymous, Unknown location

23 days ago Report

Cool, laid-back city with plenty to see and do for all ages.

Why is the atmosphere in Seattle something people rave about?

Milton, United States of America

15 days ago Report

Seattle's downtown area and the Queen Ann area of Seattle which is where we stayed are really neat area to visits. There's the Space Needle, Pike's Place Market, Olympic Park, Safeco Baseball Park and so many other things to check out in Seattle. It is great place to visit.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Seattle.

Beatrice, United States of America

1 day ago Report

The view from the Space Needle

What did you discover about the museums in Seattle that wasn't in the guidebooks?

Lorenz, United States of America

28 days ago Report

Seattle has some very unique museums, such as the EMP museum which teaches you how to play various instruments
  • Convenient Public Transportation 28 endorsements
  • 2 answers

Was it cheap, fast, or easy to use? What made it so simple to get around in Seattle?

Anonymous, Unknown location

16 days ago Report

The room was a good value for the money. Because of the good public transportation, I did not need to rent a car. There is no parking in the University District.
  • Vegetarian cuisine 24 endorsements
  • 2 answers

What will make vegetarians' mouths water when they head to Seattle?

Owen, United States of America

26 days ago Report

Sutra, all vegan, in Wallingford is to die for

What's the best way to spend the day at a cafe in Seattle?

Ron, New Zealand

25 days ago Report

I'd start down by the Pike Place Market, grab a coffee from one of the many vendors and a Pirosky from the Russian Bakery (Pirosky Pirosky) and do some people watching

What is it about the people in Seattle that makes them so watchable?

Summer, United States of America

26 days ago Report

The variety. While walking around you will see every race and mix of races, listen and you will also hear many different accents and languages.

Which fine art museums should a first-time visitor to Seattle start with?

Lynette, Australia

17 days ago Report

Chihuly exhibition near the Space Needle

Which foodie haven did you discover on your recent trip to Seattle?

Colleen, United States of America

6 days ago Report

Pikes Place Market for fresh fruits & veggies, fish. A variety of crafts & imports, arts & music abound.
  • Romantic 24 endorsements

Some say romance is dead; how does Seattle prove them wrong?

Cathy, United States of America

11 hours ago Report

Enjoy the city with you partner. Doing things you enjoy together. Spending quality time & romance your partner!!

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