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Sedona United States of America, Arizona

Top reasons to visit:

  • Hiking (900)
  • Scenery (442)
  • Relaxation (244)
  • Shopping (225)
  • Nature (165)
  • Sightseeing (165)
  • Stargazing (163)
  • Food (99)
  • Photography (69)
  • Mountains (57)

Sedona was highly rated for hiking by 735 guests from the United States!

What's your best piece of advice for a first-time hiker in Sedona?

Melissa, United States of America

10 days ago Report

There are a lot of places along the road with "tourist info". Don't go to them. They are owned by companies and only have information on the events that that company offers. Go to the Chamber of Commerce. They have the nicest people working there and they will give you unbiased information on everything to do in Sedona. They also have information on other AZ cities too, so if you're doing a multi-city trip, they can help with that too.

How did you find the best spot for stargazing in Sedona?

Brian, United States of America

7 days ago Report

The whole city is great for stargazing. They have a light ordinance at night, so you can really see the stars.

What effect did the scenery in Sedona have on you?

KeriAnn, United States of America

29 days ago Report

The red rocks and the scenery are breathtaking. Also, the drive up Oak Creek Canyon was amazing -- you can actually see the point at which the red rocks stop and the Ponderosa Pines start.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Sedona.

Ender, United States of America

11 hours ago Report

Yes! hiking was good - just got back on my both legs after surgery and am considering moving to Sedona.

What's your advice for a first-time mountain biker in Sedona?

Ralph, United States of America

29 days ago Report

Absolute Bikes were very knowledgeable with the area. They have all the gear you need to rent I I

Describe the nature in Sedona.

Anonymous, Unknown location

18 days ago Report

Breathtaking as how I would describe the beauty of the mountains. Oak Creek is so nice, peaceful and relaxing. Lots of hiking options.

Why do you recommend Sedona for food?

Michelle, United States of America

17 days ago Report

Most restaurants in Sedona have great food. Almost all of them have been recommended by locals. In Sedona, they don't have a list of good restaurants, they have a list of bad restaurants because there are so few.
  • Sightseeing 165 endorsements

How can you enjoy the sights in Sedona while avoiding the crowds?

Candace, United States of America

27 days ago Report

Don't go during Sedona events or when the temps are in the 80's. But Sedona is always a busy place.
  • Gourmet Food 16 endorsements

Is Sedona the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

George, United States of America

17 days ago Report

We were supposed to go to El atole restaurant, but we ended at the cowboy's club... We order the ribs and we also tried buffalo to my surprise it was really good. They also serve the best corn bread ever
  • Shopping 225 endorsements

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Sedona.

Anonymous, Unknown location

18 days ago Report

If you are into metaphysics, crystals, psychic readings, native american jewelry and arts. Very artsy, fartsy.
  • Mountains 57 endorsements

What's your best advice for enjoying the mountains in Sedona?

Joyce, United States of America

25 days ago Report

You are surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges wherever you go. There are also jeep tours to take you to some of the more rugged areas.
  • Golf 18 endorsements

What can you do to get the most out of a golfing vacation in Sedona?

tom, United States of America

11 days ago Report

Sedona golf Resort
  • Atmosphere 11 endorsements

Why is the atmosphere in Sedona something people rave about?

Mark, Canada

13 days ago Report

Beautiful desert space with amazing stone formations in the various valleys. Dry and warm in May.
  • Mountain Walks 14 endorsements

What's your best advice for mountain walks in Sedona?

Mark, Canada

13 days ago Report

Great views. Miles of great hikes.
  • Photography 69 endorsements

Which spot is best for taking photos in Sedona?

STEPHEN, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

Red Rock Crossing
  • Countryside 5 endorsements

What's the countryside best for in Sedona?

Anonymous, Unknown location

22 days ago Report

This is not in Sedona but about 10 miles south.
  • Alternative Culture 7 endorsements

What aspect of the culture in Sedona was so different than back home?

Lisa, United States of America

7 days ago Report

I was fortunate enough to stumble onto a tribe of American Indians at the top of 89A with some absolutely beautiful crafts. It was so high up in the mountains that I was literally standing in the clouds. Definitely consider stepping off the beaten track.

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