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Sewilla Hiszpania, Andaluzja

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Sewilla – to miejsce zostało wysoko ocenione przez 40 Gości z Polski w kategorii zwiedzanie!

Jak cieszyć się zwiedzaniem miasta Sewilla, jednocześnie unikając tłumów?

Anonimowy, Nieznana lokalizacja

23 dni temu Zgłoś

Groups of tourists crowd near the cathedral and the plaza nearby, but otherwise overcrowding is not a problem. Even in these areas, if you avoid mid-morning visits, a time when most bus tours arrived for the beginning of their visits, you can enjoy a tour of Seville Cathedral in relative peace. Evenings are busy in the shopping districts but this all part of Spanish life, even in Winter.

Które pomniki w mieście Sewilla warto zobaczyć?

Krzysztof, Polska

10 dni temu Zgłoś

Katedra z wieżą
Pałac z ogrodami
Złota wieża
Arena byków

Co sprawia, że miasto Sewilla emanuje historią?

Anonimowy, Nieznana lokalizacja

27 dni temu Zgłoś

It is a vibrant city with a lot of young people in evidence. People of Seville very helpful and courteous. Plenty to see and do for those who are interested in culture. If you enjoy Spanish guitar and Flamenco this is the place for you. Prices seemed to be little lower than a lot of other places in Europe.

Dlaczego polecasz miasto Sewilla w kategorii „kuchnia”?

Reshma, Wielka Brytania

29 dni temu Zgłoś

Vegetarians beware - veg tapas options are limited but other than that food is excellent. Must try Al Medina restaurant for Moroccan food, Almiranta do excellent vegetarian options but expensive, Al Solito Posto do excellent pizzas and pastas and very cheap too

Jak dać się porwać kulturze w mieście Sewilla?

Gordon, Wielka Brytania

2 dni temu Zgłoś

Everything available, walk to all the places of interest or use the bus. Open top tourist
buses are great, Restaurants and Bars everywhere, Taxi service very good and the
food top rate,all with a friendly smile however busy.

Co zrobić, by nacieszyć się flamenco w mieście Sewilla?

Kim, Australia

3 dni temu Zgłoś

Casa de la Guitarra. We had front row tickets for this performance which involved a visiting guitarist, an amazing singer and an energetic flamenco dancer. The performance was so energetic that it left my Peruvian husband feeling breathless and moved to tears by watching it. A small intimate venue. Excellent entertainment.

Co sprawia, że miasto Sewilla jest popularnym celem tradycyjnych wycieczek turystycznych?

Claire, Portugalia

13 dni temu Zgłoś

The architecture is outstandingly beautiful - my children (13 and 10) we're equally impressed. The food and atmosphere made for a perfect couple of days. The parks and cycles for 4 people were fun too!

Opisz najciekawsze starożytne zabytki, które warto zobaczyć podczas wizyty w mieście Sewilla.

Ron, Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki

7 dni temu Zgłoś

We enjoyed the Alcazar, but really found the Roman ruins under the Metropol parasol interesting and not crowded. In General Seville is great for all the stuff we wander to see - people, places & "things"!

Dlaczego miasto Sewilla najlepiej zwiedzać pieszo?

Robert, Kanada

5 dni temu Zgłoś

Because there us much architecture. The winding streets, balconies and former monasteries turned into museums are worth admiring at a leisurely pace with many stops for refreshments on the way!

Co najbardziej podobało Ci się w maratonie po pubach w mieście Sewilla?

Francisco, Filipiny

27 dni temu Zgłoś

Excellent tapas, with so much variety. Top-quality meats and seafood. Good wine. Friendly atmosphere. Great weather.

Czym zachwyciły Cię katedry w mieście Sewilla?

Liad, Kanada

17 dni temu Zgłoś

The breadth of things to see, one visit will not be enough to fully absorb all there is to experience.

Gdzie warto spacerować w mieście Sewilla?

Wendy, Wielka Brytania

22 dni temu Zgłoś

Get a map, then another, and yet another. Compare them and then you will see they are all different, not very accurate, streets are straightened out, or left off, and then you can understand that is why you are not going nuts ever trying to find where you are. Eventually you get the hang of it. Taxis are easily available for tired feet and not badly priced.

Opowiedz nam o najbardziej relaksujących chwilach pobytu w mieście Sewilla.

Reshma, Wielka Brytania

29 dni temu Zgłoś

Must get icecream and sit in Plaza Nuevo or Plaza de Espana. Great for people watching. Take a horse cart ride - approx 45 euros for 45-50mins seeing most the city

Powiedz nam, dlaczego zakupy w mieście Sewilla spodobają się ludziom takim jak Ty.

Elmy, Irlandia

9 dni temu Zgłoś

Great mix of corporate/international logos such as Zara and Desigual, along with my favourite local retail shops, with their old world charm. Calle Sierpes is more attractive than it's parallel sister, Calle Tetuan.

Co sprawia, że mieszkańcy miasta Sewilla są tak sympatyczni? Opowiedz nam o tym.

Bonnie, Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki

10 dni temu Zgłoś

I went to a Flamenco lesson, which was fabulous and gave great insight into the history of the dance. People were totally friendly and available to help with directions. I found a small jewelry store near the palace and the people there were just adorable. This is one of my very fav places in Europe. Delightful.

Jakie miejsca w mieście Sewilla polecasz na spacery po Starówce?

Heather, Francja

15 dni temu Zgłoś

The cathedral was the focus.The gardens were cool and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle. The winding back lanes were fun to explore with all their little touristy shops and cafes.

Jak przygotować się na słońce w mieście Sewilla?

Robert, Kanada

5 dni temu Zgłoś

Dress light and casual. There is a lot of shade created by the buildings. And of course bring sin glasses

Czy oprócz najpopularniejszych sklepów są w mieście Sewilla miejsca, dokąd warto się wybrać na zakupy?

Edward, Irlandia

15 dni temu Zgłoś

Yes, lots of little shops and boutiques, as well as the big name Spanish stores.

Dokąd warto się wybrać, aby nie wpaść w gastronomiczną pułapkę dla turystów?

Heather, Francja

15 dni temu Zgłoś

Go over the Triani bridge to the covered market and tapas bars. Dozens of late night cafes and bars on the main street, serenaded by amateur Flamenco musicians, all very good humuoredly!Great for people watching.

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