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  • Shopping (2061)
  • Food (629)
  • Business (593)
  • Sightseeing (583)
  • City Trip (457)
  • Nightlife (370)
  • Architecture (250)
  • Gourmet Food (242)
  • Culture (238)
  • Clothes Shopping (191)

Shanghai was highly rated for shopping by 90 guests from the United States!

How can you enjoy the sights in Shanghai while avoiding the crowds?

Bruce, Australia

15 days ago Report

We were in Shanghai during the October National Holiday period. The crowds were impossible to escape. However.... we did find the IFC mall a lot quieter than the Brand Mall.... we used the subway early (between 8:30-10am) and and while there was plenty of people about, it was not overcrowded and we had a stroller as well.!! If you like parks, we found Century Park a beautiful uncrowded spot. The Science and Technology Markets the easiest to get around, and the prices definitely the best out of all the markets we visited. And only 3 subway stops on line 2 from the Hotel.

Is there more to shopping in Shanghai than just brand-name stores?

Robin, Hong Kong

21 days ago Report

lots of boutique style clothe shops, where the finishes are second to none. Shanghai is not a place for cheap stuff, if you are looking for bargains, stay away. However if you are after quality clothing at a reasonable price, then it is a place to go.

Why do you recommend Shanghai for food?

Carmen, Spain

14 days ago Report

We ate very well, had a taste of Chinese cuisine, specially typical Shanghainese dishes, as well as Japanese cuisine. All dishes were delicious, distinct and memorable.

Where's the best place to view the skyline in Shanghai?

Walikhan, Hungary

7 days ago Report

The Bund is the part of river bank looking directly at the Pudong New Area, from the famous Pearl tower to the almost-finished Shanghai Tower mega-tower.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Shanghai.

Tim, Canada

10 days ago Report

Lots of interesting shops to buy Chinese or Shanghai unique products.

How do you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Shanghai on business?

Andrejs, Latvia

19 days ago Report

If you're just in shanghai for a few days its not a problem. Leave 1,5 hours to get souvenirs near the yu garden, an hour for the garden itself, and the rest is perfect for the free evenings. Go dowm Nanjing Road to the Bund, make pictures, go up have a cocktail at bar rouge, take more pictures, then head to the light tunnel, cross tje river climb to tje bar on the top of the world financial center. Then hit one of the bar streets for more drinks and finish it off before 5 am with the best sttret seafood om earth near the fraser residince. Or you can start from the other side of the river with the bar at the financial center if you're there first.

What's the best way to make the most of Shanghai by foot?

David, United States of America

18 days ago Report

Many sights were close by this hotel. It was easy to get most places by foot and if not, a short inexpensive cab ride will get you where you want to go.

Where could you've used an extra hour (or ten) shopping in Shanghai?

Katie, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Science Technology Museum was amazing for handbags and accessories, but bargain hard!

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Anonymous, Unknown location

26 days ago Report

Favourite restaurants: El Willy (great views of on the Bund) & ElEfante (both fantastic tapas restaurants). Jade on 54 (Shangi La) for upmarket innovative French.

What were the best places for wandering in Shanghai's old town?

Joseph, Singapore

23 days ago Report

Generally, we like all esp Shanghai has all types of different
restaurants with the BEST food in town & everyone is very efficient!

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Shanghai?

Richard, Australia

28 days ago Report

Many tourist traps and scams - obviously tolerated by the authorities. Dont take anything at face value
  • Fine Dining 61 endorsements

What makes fine dining in Shanghai stand out?

Ivan, Slovakia

19 days ago Report

  • Friendly People 41 endorsements

What makes the people from Shanghai so friendly? Tell us your story.

ming yeow
ming yeow, Singapore

24 days ago Report

Branded goods are easily found in shopping centres
  • History 89 endorsements

What is it in Shanghai that makes history come to life?

Dinh, Vietnam

4 days ago Report

Shanghai bund, jade budda temple
  • City Trip 457 endorsements

What makes Shanghai one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Shyam, Qatar

25 days ago Report

its business capital of china.
  • Seafood 19 endorsements

What seafood experience in Shanghai is still on your mind?

Saskia, South Africa

20 days ago Report

The street food in Shanghai is seafood and just amazing!!
  • Markets 49 endorsements

What's your best bargaining strategy for the market in Shanghai?

Bruce, Australia

15 days ago Report

If you want a good look around, enter a stall/shop while the owners are busy serving someone else. It gives you a good chance to look around first without being hassled...
There are dozens of shops selling the same thing, so definitely be prepared to bargain low and walk away..... If they don't call you back, you know your price is unreasonable.... So go to the next shop and raise your bottom asking price a little.
  • Boating 2 endorsements

What kind of boating is Shanghai best for?

Delphine, South Africa

5 days ago Report

Boat cruising on the Bund
  • Photography 21 endorsements

Which spot is best for taking photos in Shanghai?

Christabel, Singapore

5 days ago Report

The Bund, Yuyuan Gardens, Tianzifang, 1933 Old Millfun
  • Wellness 1 endorsement

Still feeling the benefits? Why are the spas so great in Shanghai?

Andrija, Serbia

18 days ago Report

Because you can get sexy massage for poor money :)

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