Sharm El Sheikh Egypt, South Sinai

Top reasons to visit:

  • Diving (1208)
  • Snorkeling (877)
  • Relaxation (620)
  • Reef Diving (407)
  • Beach (366)
  • Nightlife (224)
  • Safari (224)
  • Water Sports (152)
  • Sunny (149)
  • Sunbathing (134)

How do you get the most out of diving in Sharm El Sheikh?

Orla, Ireland

10 days ago Report

Take a day trip by boat to tian island. Diving and snorkelling is amazing!

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Sharm El Sheikh.

Amgad, Egypt

4 days ago Report

Sea view with silence allover the place , looking at mountains on the other side.

What can people expect to see when scuba diving around Sharm El Sheikh?

Matt, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

Excellent reefs loads of fish and one main shipwreck

The beach means different things to different people. What did the beach in Sharm El Sheikh mean to you?

mohamed, Egypt

1 day ago Report

although not sandy beach, its great for having tan and walk

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh?

Ahmed, Egypt

8 days ago Report

involving with local and bazar guys

What did your kids enjoy the most at the beaches in Sharm El Sheikh?

Yan, India

15 days ago Report

marine life

What's your best tip for water-sport novices in Sharm El Sheikh?

Ahmed, Egypt

8 days ago Report

selecting a expert good water sports center for activities

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Sharm El Sheikh?

Ashraf, Egypt

16 days ago Report

Alf lila we lila show

What was it in particular that made sunbathing so nice in Sharm El Sheikh?

Kay, United Kingdom

22 days ago Report

All year round sunshine, NO RAIN!

How do you best handle (or escape) the heat in Sharm El Sheikh?

Donna, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

Use the Sun shades provided in the hottest part of the day.
Use a high factor sun cream.
Drink lots of water
wear a hat and cover children whilst in the pools UVA suits or a t shirt
  • Family Friendly 45 endorsements
  • 1 answer

How does Sharm El Sheikh go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

Randa, Egypt

12 days ago Report

People are helpful whenever your are asking for special kind of restaurant or mobile faclities, taxi

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Moustafa, Egypt

9 days ago Report

Nemaa Bay .. Specially (El Masreen Restaurant)
Also in (Hadaba) , a great Cafe called "Sadiki"

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Sharm El Sheikh.

Ahmed, Egypt

8 days ago Report

gifts, fruits, water sports stuff

What did you enjoy most about bar hopping in Sharm El Sheikh?

Marwan, Egypt

13 days ago Report

The Tavren Bar in Naama Bay is amazing !! Great food , Great atmosphere

What sights did you see on your favorite excursion in Sharm El Sheikh?

Anonymous, Unknown location

23 days ago Report

Thestelgorm,Teran,Rass Mohamad,blue Hall.

Sheer cliffs or soft sand? What makes the coast perfect for walks in Sharm El Sheikh?

Maged, Egypt

15 days ago Report

It is really will allow us to feel the nature & beauty of original sharm shaikh red sea ... Also telefrek is nice idea to allow visitors to enjoy over view on the city including the desert & sea

Ahmed, Egypt

28 days ago Report


Tell us a bit more about an adventure you experienced...

ayman, Egypt

28 days ago Report

  • Wild Swimming 73 endorsements
  • 1 answer

How do you find a secret beach in Sharm El Sheikh?

Ahmed, Egypt

18 days ago Report

shark bay and om said hill
  • Swimming Pools 78 endorsements
  • 1 answer

Where's the best place to go swimming in Sharm El Sheikh?

Anonymous, Unknown location

11 days ago Report

Fanara beach

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