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5 gæster fra Danmark har givet Ljubljana rigtig gode vurderinger for cafeer!

Er du nysgerrig efter sjove, unikke tips fra rejsende, som kender Ljubljana?

  • Restauranter 240 anbefalinger
  • 7 svar

Hvor skal man spise, hvis man vil undgå at ende i en turistfælde?

Tracy, Canada

12 dage siden Rapporter

We did not think that any of the little restaurants were tourist traps! The prices were reasonable, the food good and they were frequented by locals as well. We liked the Cha Tee house best with its amazing variety of teas and its great fresh salads.
  • Slotte 583 anbefalinger
  • 7 svar

Hvor godt var slottene i Ljubljana restaureret?

Helen, Australien

10 dage siden Rapporter

The castle has been turned into a set of museums, restaurants and cafes and there is a viewing tower. You can access the castle by walking up or taking the funicular.
  • Historie 278 anbefalinger
  • 6 svar

Hvad er det der gør, at man føler historiens vingesus i Ljubljana?

Louis, USA

1 dag siden Rapporter

The preservation of historic buildings and neighborhoods in conjunction with wonderful museums and a central University is something to experience; this in the midst of an active, contemporary city filled with groups of school children, college students and a variety of older adults. Does not feel overrun by tourists.....yet.
  • Sightseeing 383 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Har du et tip til, hvordan man kan se seværdighederne i Ljubljana og samtidig undgå alle de andre turister?

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

6 dage siden Rapporter

We usually left our hotel early in the morning to avoid the throngs of tourists at the touristy spots. Its a great way to get great pictures as the morning sun lights up the sky. Perfect lighting. Plus, there are no crowds of people at the background!

We'd have lunch at about 11'ish, then return to our hotel for siesta until about 4pm. We would then simply go for walks around the city, away from the touristy spots.
  • Byferie 397 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Hvad er det, der gør Ljubljana til en klassiker indenfor storbyferie?

Halil, Tyrkiet

21 dage siden Rapporter

Ljubliana is a very cute city and it is fun to walk through it. We will strongly suggest travellers to include Lake Bled in their route; it is magnificient! One of the most peaceful and beautiful places we have ever been.
  • Gåture i byen 381 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Hvordan får man mest ud af Ljubljana til fods?

KerrySwordMaiden, Storbritannien

27 dage siden Rapporter

Tourist Information audio guide available for 5 hours is a good starting point if you like doing things under your own steam. A detailed city map is available for free plus a VisitLjubljana card is good value
  • Natur 182 anbefalinger
  • 3 svar

Beskriv naturen i Ljubljana.

Stevan, Australien

11 dage siden Rapporter

Two steps outside of town center is completely green, full of trees and birds. Short car trips at any direction takes you to perfect postcard picture of unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery.
  • Venlige mennesker 385 anbefalinger
  • 3 svar

Hvad er det der gør, at folk fra Ljubljana er så venlige? Lad os høre din historie.

Ruth, Slovenien

24 dage siden Rapporter

The people at the City Hotel were awesome. From the kitchen staff to the front desk staff: from figuring out the espresso machine to booking me on day trips on a day that I was not even staying at their hotel (because they were booked). Great service and always with a smile. Most of the shops I visited the people were also welcoming and friendly. The bus station and train station people were maybe less comfortable with their english so came across as not so friendly but they did their best to help me out.
  • Kultur 336 anbefalinger
  • 3 svar

Hvordan får du den mest autentiske, kulturelle oplevelse i Ljubljana?

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

9 dage siden Rapporter

It's best to ask Slovene folks what they think are authentic cultural experiences. People in Ljubljana are very nice and helpful when you are trying to decide what to do or how to find what you are looking for.
  • Romantik 307 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvor oplevede du det mest romantiske øjeblik i Ljubljana?

Melpo, Cypern

4 dage siden Rapporter

I would definitely recommend Ljubljana to couples, it has beautiful alleys, qute small restaurants, romantic architecture, squares and lighting..
  • Gammel bydel 669 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvor var de bedste steder at gå tur i den gamle bydel i Ljubljana?

Helen, Australien

10 dage siden Rapporter

A walk along the river is fantastic. It takes you to some of the most famous sights but also the promenade has been well maintain and is elegantly designed.
  • Atmosfære 128 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvorfor synes mange at stemningen i Ljubljana er så speciel?

Stevan, Australien

11 dage siden Rapporter

Atmosphere in center of Ljubljana was very relaxed, full of cafes , restaurants, museums and not crowed at all.
  • Rent 114 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvad gør de for at holde Ljubljana så ren?

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

10 dage siden Rapporter

very clean city, everybody so friendly and happy to help
  • Shoppe tøj 23 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Er der andre shoppemuligheder i Ljubljana end de sædvanlige high street butikker?

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

22 dage siden Rapporter

Galeria Emporio, excellent prices for famous brands.
  • Alternativ kultur 49 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvilke kulturelle forskelle er der på Ljubljana og din hjemby?

novicov, Rumænien

7 dage siden Rapporter

A picturesque urban regeneration, a respect for the past, almost for the amazing architect Joze Plecnik. Educated and cultivated people. A very intelligent and spectacular exhibition in open space, named Matema. A very good desigh concept everywhere.
  • Landskab 191 anbefalinger

Hvordan påvirkede landskabet i Ljubljana dig?

Stephanie, Sydafrika

17 dage siden Rapporter

It is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. It is not very big, but it is a lovely place and very clean. There is a wonderful atmosphere wandering along the river. Going up to the castle for the view at sunset was so beautiful, I couldnt drag myself away even though it was raining. I also felt very safe wandering around at night.
  • Vandring 189 anbefalinger

Hvad synes du, man får ud af at se Ljubljana til fods?

James, USA

1 dag siden Rapporter

City center is perfectly laid off with pedestrian streets along river with many bridges and amazing restaurants, shops, and cafes.
  • Shopping 273 anbefalinger

Beskriv hvad andre som dig, ville synes om at shoppe i Ljubljana.

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

9 dage siden Rapporter

Some people might be disappointed in the relative scarcity of "typical" souvenirs offered in Ljubljana. However, this is one of the things I like about Slovenia in general. Go there and find things you will love and that offer far more satisfaction than cheap baubles. For example, find Slovene wines and honey....try pumpkinseed oil on ice something written in Slovene and learn a few words....purchase handicrafts made by local artisans, such as the "Idrian" lace, etc. There is so much richness to Slovenia that you can bring home without resorting to all of the predictable types of souvenirs.

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