Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (201)
  • Scenery (198)
  • Relaxation (154)
  • Beach (119)
  • Surfing (111)
  • Food (81)
  • Nightlife (80)
  • Sightseeing (80)
  • Live Music (54)
  • Friendly People (52)

Sligo was highly rated for shopping by 74 guests from the United Kingdom!

What effect did the scenery in Sligo have on you?

caroline, Ireland

14 days ago Report

Its wild coastal landscape washes away your fears, hunger , & tiredness and injects fire in your belly & powers life back into your soul
  • Shopping for clothes 49 endorsements
  • 4 answers

Is there more to shopping in Sligo than main street stores?

Eamonn, Ireland

16 days ago Report

yes Sligo has much to offer incl. restaurants ,pubs , scenery,scenic drives etc.

How could the beaches in Sligo be more accommodating to walking?

Anonymous, Location unknown

11 days ago Report

Locals clean up after your dogs,a really clean town Sligo but watch the poo on the walk path at Strandhill

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Sligo.

caroline, Ireland

14 days ago Report

Has to be heading of with Auriel from Seatrails on her guided walks full of knowledge and history delivered in a fun way and out in the beautiful landscapes of Sligo.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Sligo.

Terry, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

There is a wide variation of shops and small cafe's. Easy parking and near shops also not expensive.

What made the beach in Sligo unforgettable?

Lee, Ireland

19 days ago Report

There are 3 beaches near Sligo one of which is a blue flag beach
  • Food 81 endorsements

Why would you recommend Sligo for food?

Lee, Ireland

19 days ago Report

There are loads of places to eat in Sligo. Everything from budget food to gourmet. It even has an Italian Quarter
  • Walking 50 endorsements

Why do people say Sligo is best seen on foot?

Janet, United Kingdom

27 days ago Report

Country and sea walks and town small enough to cover on foot.
  • Gourmet Food 9 endorsements

Is Sligo the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

Mairead, Ireland

28 days ago Report

Donaghy's restaurant is fabulous
  • Beach 119 endorsements

The beach means different things to different people. What did the beach in Sligo mean to you?

Dympna, Ireland

7 days ago Report

beach walks are fab and also swimming
  • Fine Dining 7 endorsements

What makes fine dining in Sligo different?

Anonymous, Location unknown

11 days ago Report

Montmartre in Sligo is a fine restaurant,great food & taste & presentation.
Shells in Strandhill lovely coffee, nice breakfast well worth a visit,
  • History 29 endorsements

What is it in Sligo that makes history come alive?

Thomas, Ireland

2 days ago Report

Lissadel house, Yeats day trip, Model art gallery
  • Surfing 111 endorsements

What was your best surf session in Sligo like?

Anonymous, Location unknown

16 days ago Report

strandhill and Bundoran has greate beaches for surfing.
  • Entertainment 11 endorsements

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Sligo?

Miriam, Ireland

4 days ago Report

Good variety of music in pubs and good variety of restaurants
  • Archaeology 2 endorsements

What should an amateur archeologist discover first in Sligo?

Anonymous, Location unknown

18 days ago Report

Carrowmoor, Maeve's Cairn

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