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Stirling United Kingdom, Central Scotland

Top reasons to visit:

  • History (354)
  • Castles (310)
  • Shopping (158)
  • Sightseeing (139)
  • Monuments (137)
  • Scenery (69)
  • Culture (40)
  • Relaxation (35)
  • Old Town (30)
  • Food (30)

Stirling was highly rated for history by 253 guests from the United Kingdom!

What is it in Stirling that makes history come alive?

John, United Kingdom

18 days ago Report

Stirling is the crossroads, battlefield and interface of Scotland and England. The history soaked into this are is overwhelming and I found it quite emotional to visit during this present time of the runup to the devolution vote.

How well restored were the castles in Stirling?

Lesley, Australia

18 days ago Report

You can stay at Broomhall Castle at Menstries
Stirling Castle was awesome but take the time to see it all. Has been restored beautifully and sympathetically. Smaller but good alternative (also slightly cheaper and more accessible) than Edinburgh Castle. MUST SEE: Tapestry workshop.
Loads of castles within short driving distance including Doune (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Anne, United Kingdom

8 days ago Report

Lots of variety and types of eating places

Why would you recommend Stirling for food?

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

We have eaten in most establishments and are excellent food and value and again staff so helpful !!! The only thing feel the large weaterspoon will hurt the smaller eating areas which will be a real shame as these we places are what makes stirling unique!!!

What effect did the scenery in Stirling have on you?

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Just beautiful.. Have fell in love with stirling

How can you enjoy the sights in Stirling while avoiding the crowds?

Erin, United Kingdom

15 days ago Report

Buy tickets to the castle, monument, etc online prior to going to avoid lines.

Describe the nature in Stirling.

David, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

A good stopover place - for us on this particular journey.

What makes the people from Stirling so friendly? Tell us your story.

Sandra, United Kingdom

2 hours ago Report

We had difficulty getting to the hotel,as our directions brought us in at the wrong end of King Street - No entry,as it is now a one-way street!! As we were going round in circles,we stopped to ask a" lollipop-man"for advice on how we could reach the hotel,which we could see but couldn't get to.The THIRD time we spoke to him he suggested we ignore the NO ENTRY sign -well we maybe could have done that,but police car was at bottom of road!!! Finally we asked a chap standing outside a pub how to get to the hotel car park,he and his pal were both extremely helpful with their directions and finally we made it to our destination!!

Where were the best places to wander in the old town of Stirling?

H., Netherlands

23 days ago Report

Everywhere it is a great old town. Special places are the church and the cemetery neir the castle and the castle is self and the Wallace monument.

How is tourism changing Stirling?

Illyana, Israel

18 days ago Report

There is no tourism in Stirling because so it seems, the city does not provide any attractions but the castle for which there is no need to stay an overnight in Stirling. Pitty. A few years ago we had a wonderful Old Jail tour (closed), wonderful restaurant - in fact the best I ever eaten (Olivia - also closed), and a walk thru old town window shopping and buying the next day.
Today, you have a huge shopping mall instead, and lots of foreign shops downtown (from Kebab to China-Sh*t) - for this, you do not need Stirling.
  • Walking 19 endorsements

Why do people say Stirling is best seen on foot?

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

As everything near each orher ideally situated
  • Relaxation 35 endorsements

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Stirling.

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

In leisure facilities and staff are lovely.. Rooms have black out curtains and so quiet at hotel..
  • Shopping 158 endorsements

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Stirling.

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

The space in all the shos and easiness to get to them..
  • Culture 40 endorsements

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Stirling?

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Not sure about question
  • Mountain Walks 3 endorsements

What's your best advice for mountain walks in Stirling?

H., Netherlands

23 days ago Report

Walk down to the Wallace monument lovely wooded Mountain to walk with lovely views
  • Countryside 27 endorsements

What is the countryside in Stirling best for?

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Not really experienced that yet
  • Shopping for clothes 14 endorsements

Is there more to shopping in Stirling than main street stores?

Rosaleen, Ireland

17 days ago Report

Brilliant little Celtic shop in the Arcade and the bear- making shop is fantastic for children & adults!
  • Monuments 137 endorsements

Why are the monuments in Stirling noteworthy?

isabel, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Have not seen them all yet

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