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Praia de Patong recebeu ótimas recomendações para vida noturna de 11 hóspedes do Brasil!

Quer receber dicas divertidas e autênticas dos viajantes que conhecem Praia de Patong?

O que você deve evitar em Praia de Patong para ter uma vida noturna perfeita?

Waddah, Arábia Saudita

Há 19 dias Denunciar

Stay away from people ask you for massage in the street, go to well known massage centers.
Don't carry big cash or credit card, few thousands baht will be enough.
Be careful from "Ladyboy" to touch your pockets.
Don't drink and get hammered if you are alone.

Por que você recomenda Praia de Patong para gastronomia?

Alexander, Rússia

Há 3 dias Denunciar

I've never recommended Patong beach for food. But in Patong there are many good restaurants with excellent cuisine. Just two recommendations, if you like good, proper steaks i`d like to recommend for you: Karlsson`s Restaurant & Steakhouse and Churrasco — The South American Steakhouse, they are both perfect

Além de lojas de marca, que outras opções de compras existem em Praia de Patong?

BAO, Estados Unidos

Há 26 dias Denunciar

Coming to the hotel. If you have heavy luggage and take the minibus from the airport make sure to ask the driver take you to the door of the hotel, don't let him "abandon" you on the street like he did to us. Rent the motorbike ,you 'll be free and the fun will be endless, and you'll save big on taxi.

Por que você acha que outros viajantes adorariam ir às compras em Praia de Patong?

Martin, Dinamarca

Há 18 dias Denunciar

before you go buy to much on the street, go to jungceylon, it is a big shopping center where things a some times cheaper and there is big C where you can buy groceries so you can save money on breakfast and other things if it not is a part of your stay.

Conte-nos sobre os momentos relaxantes que teve em Praia de Patong.

Suhail, Omã

Há 9 dias Denunciar

The hotel is in excellence location and the room was also very good to relax. I had very good time and relaxed during my stay.

Como as praias de Praia de Patong poderiam ser mais acessíveis para caminhadas?

Alistair, Tailândia

Há 11 dias Denunciar

Its better now without all the deck chairs and umbrellas but next step is to clear the rubbish and regulate the noisy jet skis.
We don't understand why they let the rubbish build up. A small crew to clean up in the morning would make a difference.....and put more bins around.
Maybe issue fines if people cant obey littering signs (that would help fund the clean up crew).
Disappointing to see endangered wildlife (reptiles and primates) being paraded along the beach for mindless photo shoots with tourists.
Otherwise its nice.

O que você mais curtiu durante os tours pelos pubs de Praia de Patong?

Alexander, Rússia

Há 3 dias Denunciar

every bar in patong has the own special atmosphere..and there is no recommendation from me about the bars...its your way...and you`ll find your bar

O que mais chamou sua atenção em Praia de Patong?

dari, Paquistão

Há 5 dias Denunciar

You can do many things: there is the Tiger Kingdom in which you stay and you touch the tigers, there are shows like Simon Cabaret, there are go karts, bungee jump,the stadium of thai boxe

Que prato de frutos do mar você experimentou em Praia de Patong que ainda te dá água na boca?

Alexander, Rússia

Há 3 dias Denunciar

i dont know how to explain the place where i've tried the meal. but you wont regret if you will try local seafood restraunts near your hotel. Keep in mind: if its small place and they are cooking in open kitchen it should be very good. Some time you'll find your place and after that they will cook even better especially for you

Qual é sua dica para novatos em esportes aquáticos indo para Praia de Patong?

Alexander, Rússia

Há 3 dias Denunciar

keep calm.....don't go to the water-entertainment attractions...just swim by yourself on the beautiful beaches

Por que as pessoas adoram tomar sol em Praia de Patong?

Alexander, Rússia

Há 3 dias Denunciar

climate, climate, climate, climate, climate, climate, climate, climate, climate, climate,climate, climate

Qual o melhor lugar para dançar em Praia de Patong?

Anônimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 21 dias Denunciar

Hollywood Club, Tiger Club

Os que os restaurantes de Praia de Patong têm de especial?

Anônimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 23 dias Denunciar

NEW Roof top restaurant Higher at Bangla road.
  • Pessoas Hospitaleiras 123 recomendações
  • 4 respostas

O que faz das pessoas de Praia de Patong tão amigáveis? Conte sua estória.

Evgenia, Emirados Árabes Unidos

Há 14 dias Denunciar

The day we arrived there, the taxi driver by mistake dropped us to the wrong hotel. The people around saw that we were lost and everyone tried to help us find the hotel! They called the hotel number, they called friends, they asked other people, they did everything to help us find it!
In general anywhere we went people were smiling and were willing to help us! Gave us directions, advised us on what to do and where to go.
I didn't feel unsafe at no time whenever I walked around Patong beach.

Alguns restaurantes são verdadeiras armadilhas para turistas. Aonde as pessoas deveriam ir para comer?

Anônimo, Localização desconhecida

Há 9 dias Denunciar

Look for eating places away from the centre of Patong. eg on Nanai road. And where you see Thai customers at these places, go inside. But it also means you need to learn a few Thai phrases for ordering various food and asking for the price.

Qual spa ou tratamento todos merecem fazer em Praia de Patong?

Hong, Singapura

Há 12 horas Denunciar

Let's relax is simply the best massage in town!

Por que as pessoas falam com tanto entusiasmo da atmosfera de Praia de Patong?

Dianne, Austrália

Há 26 dias Denunciar

Loved being there it was actually quite relaxing and the water was so warm and inviting.
  • Praias com uma Faixa de Areia Grande 703 recomendações
  • 2 respostas

Por que as praias de Praia de Patong são inesquecíveis?

Alexander, Rússia

Há 3 dias Denunciar

people...climate...nature... sense of freedom and unity with nature... and saturated nigth life.....

Do que seus filhos mais gostaram nas praias de Praia de Patong?

Premila, Malásia

Há 18 dias Denunciar

the water was not too deep so the kids could play safely without worry

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