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Anaheim rekommenderas varmt för disneyland av 17 gäster från Sverige!

Är du intresserad av roliga och unika tips från resenärer som känner till Anaheim?

  • Disneyland 5796 rekommendationer
  • 93 svar

Hur får man den perfekta besöket på Disneyland i Anaheim?

Christian, USA

9 dagar sedan Rapportera

Stay at a hotel within ten minutes of the park. Leave your hotel at least an hour before the park opens; you will avoid the huge lazy crowd coming in to the parking garage 1-2 hours after opening. It can take 45-60 minutes just to get into the parking garage during that time, so come early if you'd rather spend that time in the park. Weekdays are always better than weekends for getting on more rides, but the time of year is important, too. Try to avoid major holidays or vacation times such as Spring Break. Do the most popular rides as soon as the park opens when crowds are thinner; you won't have to wait as long. Try waiting 1-2 hours after the stereotypical "lunch" and "dinner" times to eat your meals in order to avoid a long line for food. Bring your own lunch and keep it in a locker to avoid such lines completely and save a few bucks. Snacks, food, and water are all allowed in the parks. Always wear comfy (not brand-new) tennis shoes for maximum walk-abilty. When you arrive, check the times for the daily parades and if you don't care about them, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, avoid Main Street and Fantasyland during that time!! If you are entering Disneyland during that time, you will not be able to get anywhere, the crowds take up the entire sidewalk and you will feel like a salmon trying to fight your way up against the current of people. Stay in California Adventure during that time if you have park hopper passes, or get some Main Street shopping done, because you will not get anywhere at all otherwise.
  • nöjesparker 683 rekommendationer
  • 12 svar

Berätta dina tips för att hinna med så mycket som möjligt av nöjesfälten i Anaheim?

Anonym, Okänd ort

3 dagar sedan Rapportera

Take a special someone to Disneyland before you make little special-someone children. If you are both in decent shape and willing to power-walk around strollers, you'll be faster than most of the seemingly intimidating crowds. It's like a 16-hour hike but with air-conditioned pacing breaks for ghost pirates and talking cars. Maybe that's not your ideal date, but my special someone and I never tire of it. And our calves look fantastic.
  • familjevänligt 423 rekommendationer
  • 11 svar

Vad var det som gjorde att du och din familj kände er som hemma i Anaheim?

Anonym, Okänd ort

22 dagar sedan Rapportera

Well I'm pretty much a Solo traveler so can't say much, but they do offer stuff for family to enjoy and hotels even offer family suites. So they are a pretty good area.
  • god mat 99 rekommendationer
  • 3 svar

Varför tycker du att Anaheim är ett bra matresmål?

Anonym, Okänd ort

22 dagar sedan Rapportera

Well they have the Anaheim gardens which has some best restaurants, and of course they do got fast food chains as well too.
  • restauranger 83 rekommendationer
  • 2 svar

Vart ska folk gå för att äta om de vill undvika alla turistfällor?

Karla, Kanada

7 dagar sedan Rapportera

Bubba Gumps is excellent food with a moderate price tag. when going to Disney and other attractions we were able to bring drinks (no glass), snacks etc to avoid the pricey fast foods on site. Disney had a "farmers market" of sorts and the $2 banana was a bit shocking but delicious.
  • shopping 272 rekommendationer
  • 2 svar

Beskriv det speciella med shoppingen i Anaheim.

Anonym, Okänd ort

22 dagar sedan Rapportera

They got a bunch of stores and including a shopping center not far from the area.
  • strand 126 rekommendationer

En strand innebär olika saker för människor. Vad betyder stranden i Anaheim för dig?

Anonym, Okänd ort

22 dagar sedan Rapportera

Beach is too far from area so nothing to say about that.
  • avkoppling 75 rekommendationer

Berätta om dina skönaste stunder i Anaheim.

Fredswife, USA

6 dagar sedan Rapportera

Waking up and being able to have breakfast in our fully furnished kitchen, and not having to go out, was the best part of our vacation.
  • mycket sol 15 rekommendationer

Hur förbereder man sig för solen i Anaheim?

Jesse, USA

11 timmar sedan Rapportera

Hydrate, use sunscreen, wear a hat & enjoy!
  • dykning rekommendationer

Hur får man ut det mesta av dykningen i Anaheim?

Maelynn, USA

23 dagar sedan Rapportera

  • sol och värme 18 rekommendationer

Hur tacklar du värmen bäst i Anaheim?

Richard, USA

5 dagar sedan Rapportera

wear appropriate clothing
  • caféer 3 rekommendationer

Hur gör du om du vill koppla av på bästa sätt på nåt kafé i Anaheim?

Maelynn, USA

23 dagar sedan Rapportera

Go to Rianforest Cafe.
  • livemusik 15 rekommendationer

Hur är musikutbudet i Anaheim?

Jesse, USA

11 timmar sedan Rapportera

Visit Downtown Disney for musical options.
  • hajdykning 5 rekommendationer

Hur är det att dyka med hajar i Anaheim?

Glaiza, USA

30 dagar sedan Rapportera

Nice place to relax and enjoy
  • titta på folk 8 rekommendationer

Varför är det så kul att titta på folk i Anaheim?

Angela, USA

22 dagar sedan Rapportera

There Are Allot Of Tourists
  • lokala rätter 5 rekommendationer

Varför tror du att maten i Anaheim får så goda recensioner?

Anonym, Okänd ort

29 dagar sedan Rapportera

Try Pizza Man near Lincoln and Beach for great value pizzas.

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