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John Hancock Tower


This is New England's tallest building and was designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei. It towers high above Copley Square and away from Boston's downtown high-rise area. The outside of the building is covered by mirror-like glass and the historic buildings are often reflected with subtle distortions of color and shape. This image of old and new side by side, together with the reflections, is often a popular subject for photographers. When it was first built, many of the 10,000 windows actually fell out because of changing heat and wind conditions. Thankfully this problem was soon resolved. After terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the popular 60th floor observatory was permanently closed due to security concerns.

John Hancock Tower 근처 숙소
  • 200 Clarendon Street, St. James Avenue and Trinity Place
Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum


Learn about one of the most significant events of pre-revolutionary America through exhibits, films and memorabilia, when visiting this full-size replica of one of the original Boston Tea Party ships, boarded by the colonists in 1773. You can even participate in a re-enactment of the famous revolt protesting 'taxation without representation'. Visitors may walk the decks, explore the galley, crew's quarters, cargo hold and may even take part in throwing a bale of tea. The Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum offers a wide range of exhibits, films and memorabilia.

Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum 근처 숙소
  • 330 Dorchester Ave.
Bunker Hill Monument


This 67 meter / 220 feet granite tower commemorates the Patriots' undaunted bravery in defeat at the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill, one of the Revolutionary War's earliest confrontations. British troops incurred heavy losses here on Breed's Hill and the monument was built and dedicated to this battle in 1843. It contains a 294-step spiral staircase, leading to the very top, with superb panoramic views of Boston. Exhibits and memorabilia explain how the British won the battle, while confirming America's hopes of winning the war.

Bunker Hill Monument 근처 숙소
  • Monument Square
Copley Square

인기 지역

This great little square is right in the center of some of Boston’s most significant architectural works, including, Old South Church, Trinity Church, the Prudential and the Boston Public Library. Loved by locals, this square is also where triumphant runners from the Boston Marathon cross the finish line every year — a feat celebrated by Hare and Tortoise statues in the square.

Copley Square 근처 숙소
  • Boylston Street
Newbury Street

쇼핑 지역

Calling all shopaholics and fashionistas! Welcome to Newbury street—Boston’s most fabulous boulevard. Flanked by stunning 19th century brownstones, this tree-lined avenue has something for everyone. Go upscale at Chanel or Cartier, keep it modest at H&M or American Apparel or get funky at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Whatever your flavor, you’ll find it on Newbury.

Newbury Street 근처 숙소
Boston Public Garden


Perfect for romantic hikes, picnics with friends or tramps with energetic kids, this park is a tranquil urban oasis. Discover it in style in a swan boat tour around the pond. Or, go on a quest to find the bronze sculptures of 8-feathered heroes from the locally adored children’s book, ‘Make Way for Ducklings’, about a family of geese living in the Garden’s lagoon.

Boston Public Garden 근처 숙소
  • Charles Street
Old State House


This building was the center of Boston’s civic life in the 18th century and the scene of some of the most dramatic chapters in the lead-up to the American Revolution.

Old State House 근처 숙소
  • 206 Washington St
Old North Church


The Old North Church is officially known as Christ Church in the City of Boston. It was built in 1723, and is the oldest standing church building in Boston.

Old North Church 근처 숙소
  • 193 Salem Street
The Shops at Prudential Center

쇼핑 지역

A shopping center and tourist attraction in the Back Bay district, in central Boston

The Shops at Prudential Center 근처 숙소
  • 800 Boylston St
Quincy Market

쇼핑 지역

A popular and busy lunchtime spot for downtown workers.

Quincy Market 근처 숙소

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2016년 6월 13일

보스톤의 다운타운... 부둣가 야경은 일품이었습니다. 그리고 주변 바닷가 대서양을 바라보는 풍경도 정말 멋졌습니다. Rockport, Nahant, Pleasure Bay 등등,... 그리고 하버드 대학교, 찰스 강등
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2016년 7월 18일

MIT 공대, 하버드 대학교를 보러 갔는데 아이들이 도전이 되었으면 하는 바램이네요.
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2016년 7월 17일

지인의 추천으로 다녀오게 된 보스턴. 세계일류대학 하버드,MIT 및 보스턴트레일을 걸으며 역사적인 장소를 쉽게 길을 따라 걸어서 볼 수 있게 잘 꾸며졌다.
Sunghun YOun
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2016년 7월 9일

사우스마켓 옆쪽에 강이 있는데 밤에 사람들이 모여 악기연주도 하고 노천에서 랍스터와 함께 맥주도 마시며 정말 낭만적인 시간을 보냈다. 회전목마도 있으니 아이들도 즐거운 시간을 만들수있을것이다.
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2016년 7월 11일

펜웨이파크, 사무엘 아담스 양조장, 뉴버리가 좋았어요
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2016년 6월 5일

the city was clean and adequately small to take a walk around the downtown
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2016년 3월 14일

생각보다 날씨가 덜 추어서 걷기에 적당 했습니다.. 생각 보다 큰 볼거리는 없지만 그래도 유명한 대학들이 있어서 들러보는 게 좋았습니다.
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2016년 6월 21일

보스톤 미술관과 이사벨라 정원미술관 정말 행복했어요.
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2016년 1월 23일

바로옆 차이나타운 식당도 다 맛나구 주위 커피와인바에 커피마티니 강추해요
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로우스 보스턴 호텔

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1박 평균 가격
  • 154 Berkeley Street, 백 배이, 보스톤
아메스 보스턴 호텔

8.6 우수함

평점 기준: 1884 이용 후기


1박 평균 가격
  • 1 Court Street, 다운타운 보스턴, 보스톤
리베르 호텔 보스턴 코먼

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1박 평균 가격
  • 200 Stuart Street, 시어터 디스트릭트, 보스톤
더 콜로네이드 호텔

8.6 우수함

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1박 평균 가격
  • 120 Huntington Avenue, 백 배이, 보스톤
Battery Wharf Hotel, Boston Waterfront

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1박 평균 가격
  • 3 Battery Wharf, 워터프론트, 보스톤
호텔 커먼웰스

9.2 최고

평점 기준: 1217 이용 후기


1박 평균 가격
  • 500 Commonwealth Avenue, 펜웨이 켄모어, 보스톤
쉐라톤 보스턴 호텔

8.3 매우 좋음

평점 기준: 1831 이용 후기


1박 평균 가격
  • 39 Dalton Street, 백 배이, 보스톤
호텔 140

8.1 매우 좋음

평점 기준: 1750 이용 후기


1박 평균 가격
  • 140 Clarendon Street, 백 배이, 보스톤
더 웨스틴 코플리 플레이스, 보스턴

8.5 매우 좋음

평점 기준: 870 이용 후기


1박 평균 가격
  • 10 Huntington Avenue, 백 배이, 보스톤
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Quincy Market offers a long avenue of food stalls. Amongst them you can find several selling lobster tail roll. I went for the daily special at the Boston Chowda Co. - a lobster tail roll with a side of soup or chowda. I can definitely recommend their New England Clam Chowda. I went back on my last day for seconds it was that good. Further afield in the North End you can find a host of Italian restaurants serving up seafood. I took the guide book's recommendation and tried Giacomo's on Hanover Street: busy, tightly packed tables, yet incredibly friendly and offering generous portions (albeit standard by America measures) of some lovely pasta with your choice of seafood and sauce. Expect to queue, but its worth it. Decent price too.

We went to Lolitas Cocina and Tequila Bar for tapas on Darmouth near Newbury. This place is dark and moody and romantic. Come early, the place is really busy with locals. The appetizers were really filling, drinks were great.

We have seen Blue Man Group several times, with different grandchildren, and are never disappointed. Entertainment experiences are generally good, with shows featured at the Opera House consistently very good.

Boston Common, Old State House, Boston Tea Party Museum,etc. for American Revolutionary History. Fenway Park for the history of MLB and passion on baseball.

Everything is accessibe and lost if you pay to do a tour.I do recommend the fab duck tour to get your bearings and have fun

Get a map from boston common info and do the freedom trail and a good way to get your bearings

Take public transportation and walk.

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