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Honolulu Statele Unite ale Americii, Hawaii

Motive principale pentru a vizita:

  • Plajă (1824)
  • Cumpărături (1640)
  • Relaxare (698)
  • Surfing (553)
  • Gastronomie (387)
  • Plaje cu nisip (346)
  • Snorkeling (327)
  • Vizitare (261)
  • Magazine de îmbrăcăminte (242)
  • Plimbare pe plajă (182)

Honolulu a fost foarte apreciat pentru plajă de 2 clienţi din România!

Sunteți curios să aflați ce sfaturi interesante și amuzante oferă cei care au călătorit în Honolulu?

Plaja înseamnă altceva pentru diferiţi oameni. Ce a însemnat plaja din Honolulu pentru dumneavoastră?

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 27 zile Raportaţi

It is a concern for many tourists lot see the homeless peopleoccupying and overnighting in the picnic table areas by the beaches. The do not beg food, or money, but their
Personal cleanliness discourages others from u sing the facilities. Short of legislation, I have no idea how this can be solved.

Există alte opțiuni ideale pentru cumpărături în Honolulu decât magazinele de marcă?

Adam, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 23 zile Raportaţi

Lots of good food, specifically the famous Duke's and Jimmy Buffet's, and one of my personal favorites Tiki's Bar and Grill.

Povestiți-ne care au fost momentele cele mai relaxante petrecute în Honolulu.

Colleen, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 5 zile Raportaţi

Driving around the Island and stopping at every beach to feel the sand beneath our feat. Watching the waves roll in and out and the color of the water.

Descrieţi ce experienţă de cumpărături ar avea alte persoane ca dumneavoastră în Honolulu.

Anne, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 17 zile Raportaţi

The ABC stores thoughout Waikiki make it so easy to pick up gifts and those things you may have forgotten to bring with you. The stores at the Marriott Waikiki were fun too - great place to pick up Hawaiian shirts and tropical dresses.

Cum se poate vizita oraşul Honolulu evitând în acelaşi timp aglomeraţia?

Lydia, Olanda

Acum 23 zile Raportaţi

Book a daytrip with Oahu Spot Tours. You get to pick all the locations you want to see at reasonable rates. The owner/driver knows a lot about the island and can take you to some unique places. Also he has a good idea of the itinerary of packaged tours, which enables him to avoid the big crowds.

Ce locuri recomandaţi celor care doresc să evite să mănânce într-un local pentru turişti?

Mrs, Noua Zeelandă

Acum 4 zile Raportaţi

Diners are fun for breakfast, steakhouses (tony romas or the outback) are good for ribs or lamb dinner, The Beach House at the Westin for superior special occasions, we found a neat little Italian restaurant on a beach corner just down from the Hyatt First Place.

Cum v-ați acomodat cel mai bine cu vremea caldă din Honolulu?

Lisa, Australia

Acum 11 zile Raportaţi

For people that don't like the hot sun or travelling with young kids, enjoy the sun/outdoor activities in the morning or after 4-5pm when the sun isn't that strong. Indoor activities or shopping during the hotter times of the day.

De ce aţi recomanda oraşul Honolulu pentru mâncare?

Richard, Noua Zeelandă

Acum 18 ore Raportaţi

One of the best beaches in the world. Not too busy, close to shops and food refreshments, clear water, safe for all ages and warm water. Love it.

Locuitorii din Honolulu sunt prietenoși? Spuneți-ne povestea dumneavoastră.

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 4 zile Raportaţi

You never seem to meet a stranger. Good entertainment, and Golf. Good Churches. Nice weather and good beaches.

De ce plaja din Honolulu este de neuitat?

Lynden, Australia

Acum 14 zile Raportaţi

People watching ,boogie boarding, warm water, lovely setting, tropical

Care a fost cea mai bună sesiune de surfing în Honolulu?

Nithin, Spania

Acum 26 zile Raportaţi

Queens bay has great selection of Surf lessons and the prices were just right and people were friendly and welcoming.

Ce îi face pe oamenii din Honolulu să fie aşa de atrăgători?

Alvaro, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 17 zile Raportaţi

Japanese people feel at home so you see all their styles. White folks from mainland are in a casual and relaxed modesty. Beach bodies and styles are terrific. Lots of Europeans and Asian mixes. Terrific Hawaiian relaxed smiling people. Even the random homeless folks fit in to the picture with a grungy picturesqueness shared with surfers and laced styles. Every one seems to fit in great.

Care sunt cele mai bune atracţii din Honolulu?

Gillian, Noua Zeelandă

Acum 5 zile Raportaţi

Chiefs Luau, Circle Island Pearl Harbour Tour, Legends Buffet and show

Ce efect are peisajul din Honolulu asupra dumneavoastră?

Carol, Noua Zeelandă

Acum 22 zile Raportaţi

The palm trees, sea and mountainous areas are beautiful and just on your doorstep

Cum vă puteți bucura cel mai mult de apusul soarelui în Honolulu?

Christine, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 5 zile Raportaţi

Sitting at a table at Duke's with Jess as your waitress!

Spuneţi-ne mai multe despre o aventură pe care aţi avut-o...

Jessica, Canada

Acum 14 zile Raportaţi

We also went on a yoga hike in the jungle with Laura from Sunset Beach Yoga. It was so cool! She showed us some very cool areas and was very knowledgeable about the flora/fauna of Hawaii. And she led us through yoga in a valley and meditation & yoga in a bamboo forest. So very cool!

Cum este să faci scufundări cu rechini în Honolulu?

Nithin, Spania

Acum 26 zile Raportaţi

you will be protected by the cage and just deep breathe and relax to have an amazing view of several kinds of sharks.. Most of them are harmless, although there aren't any great whites and aggressive blue sharks but the collection of sharks were impressive and definitely recommended for novice and mid-level swimmers and absolutely safe.

Descrieți natura din Honolulu.

Winnie, Canada

Acum 25 zile Raportaţi

Beautiful scenery only if you drive to appreciate the mountains, North Shore just more than a beach scenery.

Este oraşul Honolulu locul pentru o masă memorabilă? Spuneţi-ne de ce.

Anne, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 17 zile Raportaţi

Food was great - Dukes is an awesome place to have breakfast or dinner - outstanding fish, well prepared, amazing location. The Beachcomber at the Moana Surfrider was also outstanding - really great food and amazing location on the beach.

Cum ar putea fi îmbunătățite condițiile de mers pe jos pe plajele din Honolulu?

onietoz, Columbia

Acum 18 zile Raportaţi

Taking care of the high number of homeless

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