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Alaska Trail


If rocky formations and a steep climb are your biking bag, this challenging trail is definitely for you. Winding above Salt Valley, this popular route overlooks canyons and crimson landscapes. The descent is just as scenic and a little bumpy with loops and rough terrain, but the view that accompanies you the whole way down makes it all worthwhile.

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Amasa Back Trail


Making its way upward from Kane Creek, this well-trodden trail has ledges and rocky obstacles to manoeuvre with plenty of smoother sandstone to balance it all out. Jurassic-era peaks make for a unique landscape to look out on, as the trail finds its way over a ridge to a cliff edge 1000 feet above the Colorado River.

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Bull Run Trail


Part of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ collection of trails and along the rocky rims of Bull Canyon, most bikers take a downhill route on the Bull Run between April and November. Red dirt tracks wind their way past bushes and boulders, while braver bikers can take on the odd rock ramp and cliff edge against the dramatic backdrop of La Sal Mountains.

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Canyonlands National Park


A true desert wilderness, Canyonlands gives adventurers a chance to immerse themselves in the distinct colours, smells and textures of this dramatic part of the world. There’s no better way to experience the park’s unique spirit than a backpacking trip through the russet cliffs, camping along the silty green Colorado River. For a faster-paced activity, there’s also biking, 4x4, and rafting to keep you busy!

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Arches National Park


Arches is famous for its Martian terrain, and there’s no better way to appreciate its bizarre beauty than a hiking trip. For adrenaline-seekers, the biking, rafting, and four-wheeling tours bring the thrills, while a climb up the sheer red cliffs offers unparalleled views over the park. Whatever adventure you choose, you’re in for some of the most wild and wonderful landscape you’ve ever seen.

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Dead Horse Point State Park


Whether you’re a serious hiker or just love a wander with your camera in-hand, Dead Horse Point State Park offers incredible scenery for trekking. Mountain bikers will love the variety of tracks available for both first-timers and experienced riders, especially the famous Big Chief loop. After a day of adventuring, you can set up camp on the dramatic cliffs overlooking the canyon.

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Canyonlands Overlook


As you race from Delicate Arch to Devil’s Garden, you’ll discover that the hype’s all true: Arches National Park really is a photographer’s paradise. In every direction, there is a fantastic shot waiting to be captured. The best times of the day are during sunset and sunrise, when you can get breathtaking pictures of the sun peeking out from behind the red rocks.

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Dead Horse Point


This dramatic desert landscape is as bizarre as it is beautiful. Not coincidentally, it’s also a fantastic place to take photos. Set up shop in the early morning or late evening for the best shots – from the top of the sandstone cliffs, you can watch the sun light up the craters and buttes beneath you.

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Mesa Arch


Take a trip to Dead Horse Point for a chance to capture the silty-green Colorado River cutting dramatically through red rocks. The best time of day is probably the early morning: there’s nothing like catching a shot of the fiery sunrise lighting up the rich colours of the canyon.

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Viesnīcas un citas naktsmītnes pilsētā Moab

Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa

8,3 Ļoti labi

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€ 357

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  • Mile 17 Highway 128, Moab
Aarchway Inn

8,7 Brīnišķīgi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 2163 atsauksmēm

€ 92

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  • 1551 North Highway 191, Moab
Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn

8,8 Brīnišķīgi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 309 atsauksmēm

€ 85

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  • 16 South Main Street, Pašā vietas Moab centrā, Moab
La Quinta Inn & Suites Moab

8,4 Ļoti labi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 300 atsauksmēm

€ 77

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  • 815 South Main Street, Moab
Hotel Moab Downtown

8,2 Ļoti labi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 834 atsauksmēm

€ 54

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  • 182 South Main Street, Pašā vietas Moab centrā, Moab
Quality Suites Moab

8,1 Ļoti labi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 261 atsauksmēm

€ 58

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  • 800 South Main Street, Moab
Comfort Suites Moab

8,9 Brīnišķīgi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 424 atsauksmēm

€ 87

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  • 400 North Main Street, Pašā vietas Moab centrā, Moab
Days Inn Moab

6,7 Novērtējums

Vērtējums balstīts uz 450 atsauksmēm

€ 45

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  • 426 North Main Street, Pašā vietas Moab centrā, Moab
Best Western PLUS Greenwell Inn

8,1 Ļoti labi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 472 atsauksmēm

€ 59

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  • 105 South Main Street, Pašā vietas Moab centrā, Moab
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Ask locals about the various restaurants to choose from. Even though one restaurant may be terrific, be sure to try others as everywhere we ate had great things to offer.

Check with the local bike shops for trail recommendations and be honest about your experience... dehyration and exhaustion are real concerns.

Arches and Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point beautifully unique. Found peace and serene settings. Easy to drive to.

Don't go in peak season, much better when you have plenty of space

Get up early in the morning & head out to the Parks vaicāja ceļotājiem...

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Deadhorse Point at Sunset is spectacular

be sure and carry plenty of water

Go to Arches after nightfall.

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