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Orlando Ameerika Ühendriigid, Florida

Head põhjused külastamiseks:

  • Teemapargid (9054)
  • Ostlemine (5844)
  • Disneyland (3265)
  • Pargid (2384)
  • Universal Studios (2093)
  • Peresõbralik (1990)
  • Meelelahutus (1280)
  • Väljamüügid (1117)
  • Lõõgastus (700)
  • Toit (692)

Orlando ja teemapargid said 8 külastajalt Eestist häid hinnanguid!

Olete huvitatud nende reisijate unikaalsetest soovitustest, kelle jaoks Orlando juba tuttav on?

Jagage meiega oma soovitusi sihtkoha Orlando teemaparkides lõbutsemise kohta.

Simon, Austria

10 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

As well as doing the parks we also got out of Orlando and travelled around. I highly recommend westgate River ranch which is only 1 hour and 20 minutes south of Orlando for an authentic Dude Ranch Experience. Daytona Beach is great if you want some time by the ocean. And for goodness sake get yourself to Kennedy Space Center, if you are even slightly interested in science and space. It is absolutely awe inspiring. Meeting an Astronaut and actually talking to an engineer who built the shuttles who let me hold one of the tiles from the Atlantis shuttle were two of my childhood fantasies. Standing on the floor of Launch control room 4 was pretty special too.

Mis oli kõige meelt lahutavam asi, mida sihtkohas Orlando nägite?

Wendy, Kanada

5 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

We went to Universal Studios. Everyone in our family was entertained and kept busy for a full day of rides, shows and viewing the sets.

Kuidas muuta oma reis sihtkoha Orlando Disneylandi unustamatuks?

Bung, Suurbritannia

13 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Stay at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista. As well as the usual perks of a Disney Park Hotel, there's a laundrette on site, which will save you money compared to using the hotel laundry service. Avoid visiting in the summer to avoid the heat and crowds. If you have to visit in the summer, visit late Aug when US kids have gone back to school. The Frozen fireworks at Disney Hollywood are amazing. If you think you will use a stroller for at least 2 or more days, think about bringing one over or buying one from wallmart as may work out cheaper than renting (the disney ones cost ~$31 per day, although offer a discount for additional days use).

Kas Orlando pakub lisaks brändikauplustele veel šoppamisvõimalusi?

Nadine, Ameerika Ühendriigid

29 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Out Let Gifts, some of the stores like Burlington Coat factory had more things than Philadelphia. I found odd but unquie gifts to take home.

Kirjeldage, mis teiesarnastele inimestele sihtkohas Orlando šoppamise juures eriti meeldiks.

Arnaldo, Brasiilia

10 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

The outlet give you good price but arrive as early as possible as you will find the stores fully of options ( that will sold during the day and restocked only next day ) and because there are less people shopping. They are very crowed. Also always ask for extra discounts.

Kuhu peaksid inimesed minema, kui nad ei soovi sattuda sööma turistilõksu?

Jayant, Kanada

7 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Lost of places to dine in to name few are Applebees, Royal Indian Punjabi restaurant, Chipotle Mexican food restaurant, Red Oven Pizza place and some places in Universal Studios

Jagage oma lemmikhetki lõõgastumiseks sihtkohas Orlando ka teistega.

Anonüümne, Asukoht teadmata

11 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Many luxury resorts and Spas in Orlando can be relaxing if you don't try to do too much....read that.....much of anything. We got a massage, hung out by the pool and swam, played golf, had a great meal, watched the sunset, sat by a fire pit and chatted with other guests over a cocktail, and later watched Fireworks. No phones, TV's, video games, texts, housework or business demands.

Miks soovitate sihtkohta Orlando toidu nautimiseks?

Aisling, Iirimaa

3 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Lots of variety of restaurants and fab food and service to all that we visited.. Don Pablos Mexican kitchen was my favourate.

Rääkige meile oma kogetud seiklustest veidi lähemalt...

Rosalind, Ameerika Ühendriigid

18 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

The adventure started at check in, had a issue with payment and policy. next thing was the food had bugs and hair and was not compensated and it was handled as if I put the bugs and hair in the food. Was not offered any type of compensation or additional days for the horrible experience I had

Rand seostub erinevatele inimestele erinevate asjadega. Mida tähendavad Orlando ja selle rand teie jaoks?

Gary, Ameerika Ühendriigid

11 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

there were lots to choose from. Daytona(okay just a beach), Coco(sucked) and my favorite Fort de Soto(totally awesome for birding and shade available) were the three that we visited.

Orlando on turismi tõttu muutumas. Kuidas?

Jayant, Kanada

7 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Tourism in always changing in places like Orlando, the biggest experience is Disney and Universal
The rides the weather and everything along with all these comes with different ethnic those visit Orlando
Orlando city should organize more tours and inspect the hotel more periodically to check the amenities offered to the tourist in Orlando
  • Vaatamisväärsused 207 korral kiidetud
  • 4 vastust

Kuidas kõige paremini nautida sihtkoha Orlando vaatamisväärsusi ning vältida rahvamasse?

Monika, Šveits

21 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Don't go in the main holiday season. We where there in the first 2 weeks of oktober and had nowhere to wait more than 10 mins! (Except of the harry potter part in universal studios but that was new..)
  • Sõbralikud inimesed 139 korral kiidetud
  • 4 vastust

Mis teeb sihtkoha Orlando inimesed nii sõbralikuks? Rääkige meile oma lugu.

Katherine, Ameerika Ühendriigid

17 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

From the moment we got into the cab at the (really well-thought out) airport, at the hotels and Universal Studios, people could not have been nicer or more helpful. I was really impressed.
  • Mugav ühistransport 35 korral kiidetud
  • 4 vastust

Kas see oli odav, kiire ja lihtne? Mis tegi sihtkohas Orlando ringiliikumise lihtsaks?

ian, Iirimaa

17 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

I trollery 14 day ticket €18.only goes up and down international drive but at the end of either journey is an outlet. Lynx bus 42 drops you to Florida mall only €2 and this bus goes to the airport also €2 from I drive
  • Erinevad rahvustoidud 101 korral kiidetud
  • 4 vastust

Orlando pakub nii palju erinevaid rahvustoite. Milline on parim viis nende kõikide proovimiseks?

iammrperkins, Ameerika Ühendriigid

12 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Traveling to universal boulevard, and international drive will expose you to many different restaurants. Some you know, and some you should get to know..

Miks ülistavad nimesed sihtkoha Orlando erilist atmosfääri?

Jessica, Ameerika Ühendriigid

19 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Because it always feels like a happy-adventurous time!

Kas sihtkohas Orlando kalastamise juures oli ka midagi ebameeldivat?

Caroline, Suurbritannia

12 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

We had a two park ticket for Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. We went more for Harry Potter as our last visit to Universal in 2009 it was being built. It was fantastic even though the waiting times were long. We also did Fright Night which was really amazing. We did get through the first 4 houses pretty quick the queues for some were really long, over an hour but the fast passes were too expensive 99 dollars and there were three of us after paying over 90 dollars each for the ticket to attend the night, so that was the only let down.

Miks seostub Orlando inimestele parkidega?

Candy, Kanada

2 päeva tagasi Teata ebasobivast

Because there is so many different parks the variety is amazing and they take it to a whole new level!!!

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