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Village Lodge

8.4 Sangat baik

Skor dari 119 reviu

MYR 396

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Ruidoso River Resort & Inn

9.3 Hebat

Skor dari 102 reviu

MYR 552

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Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino

9 Hebat

Skor dari 730 reviu

MYR 356

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  • “pemandangan yang mengagumkan”
    130 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    79 reviu berkaitan
  • “bangunan cantik”
    59 reviu berkaitan
Travelodge Ruidoso

7.2 Baik

Skor dari 264 reviu

MYR 200

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  • “katil yang selesa”
    22 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    18 reviu berkaitan
  • “sangat bersih dan kemas”
    14 reviu berkaitan
Hotel Ruidoso

8.6 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 420 reviu

MYR 396

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  • “lokasi hebat”
    47 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    39 reviu berkaitan
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    21 reviu berkaitan
Comfort Inn Midtown

8.8 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 151 reviu

MYR 276

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Best Western Plus Ruidoso Inn

8.3 Sangat baik

Skor dari 473 reviu

MYR 300

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  • “kakitangan baik”
    73 reviu berkaitan
  • “sangat bersih dan kemas”
    65 reviu berkaitan
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    25 reviu berkaitan
Motel 6 Ruidoso

6.4 Skor reviu

Skor dari 335 reviu

MYR 182

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  • “kakitangan baik”
    44 reviu berkaitan
  • “lokasi hebat”
    24 reviu berkaitan
  • “katil yang selesa”
    12 reviu berkaitan
Quality Inn & Suites Ruidoso

8.8 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 305 reviu

MYR 196

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If it's in the dry season, the coolest down hill is Perk Canyon. Gradual slope up 2 miles thru beautiful single track meadows and trees and then turn around and fly back downhill to the car. Totally worth it! 2nd favorite, Ski Apache gondola up then fast mountain edge ride all the way back. Beautiful vistas! Wish I had time to go to the Rim trail in cloud croft. Every biker said it was beautiful single track, rootsy, flowy an as long as u want to make it. Not worth it is spaghetti loop. It's a steep graded uphill to the water tower and the ride down is just too short for the work up (yes, I live at sea level). Have fun!

You can rent little cabins and walk around. There are places to hike. You can go to lookout points and visit Sierra Blanca. If you can't get to Colorado or the Alps, Ruidoso is a great alternative to feel like you're "getting away." I'm really glad it's here.

Farley's has some really good food. Casa Blanca is a nice place for Mexican food. I live in a town with limited food options, so anywhere that has different offerings, even if they are few, is golden in my book.

You can pretty much walk the length of Ruidoso's shopping district. A lot of great little shops, some more touristy than others. They have an impressive kitchen store.

The people were out visiting antique shops enjoying the cuisine it has to offer. The ambience was electrifying

everyone says hello as they pass by and they all wanna talk about there experiences

No outside smoking, so you never had to pass a smoker on the streets bertanya pelancong...

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