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25天前 举报

white sand on Coronado beach


Michael, 美国

24天前 举报

Lots of sunscreen and a light jacket or sweater for mornings and evenings!


Sai, 中国

1天前 举报

在La Jolla的海滩上看到野生的海豹,特别可爱。感觉这里的自然生态环境很好


Milton, 美国

7天前 举报

For us part of sightseeing includes checking out the crowds and the local people and how they interact among themselves and visitors. Sightseeing is more than just looking at the prairies in Kansas or beautiful Black Hill of South Dakota, the Yellowstone River running through Wyoming and Montana, or the forest and coastline in Oregon and California or even the Cactus Forest that we saw in Arizona. It also about checking out the people in crowded streets of downtown Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and San Francisco or the people who are at the other table at restaurants in Vancouver Canada, Newport Oregon or San Diego California or the waiters and waitresses who served us in Oklahoma City, Seattle, Vancouver, Oakland, San Diego and El Paso. There is a lot to see on this wonderful continent and my wife and I try to take in all the sights. San Diego's Balboa Park is a cross between the natural environment and the man-made structures at the park which includes many interesting museums, statues, and works of art. We would also encourage you to check out Old Town San Diego which has a very history and many shops and restaurants to visits. Two of the hidden treasures we found in San Diego were two restaurants; we had one of our best breakfasts during our three week vacation at the Hob Nob Restaurant which is near Little Italy area and dinner at the Kansas City BBQ restaurant where one of the scenes from the Tom Cruise Movie "Top Gun" was shot. The food was good to and dining experience was interesting at this restaurant which sits next to the railroad tracks where trains would pass by. If you're sitting outside for your meal you might have the good fortune to see Diesel Engines pulling it cars right by your table. No matter where we visited during our last trips (Rapid City where a Piano player entertained at breakfast or in Nebraska where a car dealership was selling an Army Truck, or maybe at the restaurant in Newport Oregon which sits on the Pacific coastline where you can see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean or even is Seattle Washington where we saw an Eagle protecting it bird's nest in one of the Red Oaks of the Northwest) we saw and enjoyed many interesting sights.
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Alexi, 美国

5天前 举报

Enjoyed Mission Bay with the family. It's a park right next to the beach. Less waves that knock your kids down. Less sand that ends up in your picnic. Water is warmer than the actual beaches because its a bay.


Paul, 美国

18天前 举报

The dog beach is amazing. People keep it clean and there were no aggressive dogs there. AWESOME!


Neville, 新西兰

13天前 举报

Animals are very well taken care of but definitely go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park if you only have time for one zoo rather than the more famous San Diego Zoo. Much better to see animals in settings closer to their natural habitat rather than regular enclosures. Can get expensive if you opt for the extras but we utilised the african safari bus thats part of the ticket price and got a special on the balloon ride. If you love animals and zoos then you will conside tired legs from wandering around this vast place a small price to pay. The Cheetah run demo is worth it for the small glimpse you get to see one in full flight, just hang around after everyone leaves and watch over the fence as the keepers give info about the cheetahs and photo ops to those that paid $100ea extra. Free unless you want the photo.


Laura, 美国

8天前 举报

Sitting on the balcony of the hotel, looking at the marina with a nice glass of wine, as the sun set. Sitting on the balcony watching the sun rise with a nice warm cup of coffee. It's never really too hot nor too cold, to enjoy the sights of San Diego.
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14天前 举报

Add more room for walkers and cyclists. I felt as though I was going to get run over by a cyclist every 30 seconds!


Holly, 美国

1天前 举报

San Diego has fun clothing and accessories that you find no where else. The stores are always fashion forward more so than in Washington State.
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Lois, 加拿大

11天前 举报

first day - we were trying to negotiate our way to Point Loma for the sunset, a passing motorist saw us with the map and stopped to see if we were lost. When we told him we were just trying to find the Point, he said "follow me, I'll show you", as we approached the turn, he pointed us in the right direction and waved good-bye. Great introduction for our holiday.


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6天前 举报

The Alamo Restaurant - Congress Avenue, Old Town San Diego! A++ Tacos and Breakfast!


Linda, 美国

16天前 举报

Mitch's. A restaurant on Scott St. We were there for Taco Tuesday. Fresh fish tacos. The boats tie up at the marina. Pet friendly patio overlooking the marina.


Diana, 美国

5小时前 举报

Perfect weather coupled with a myriad of activities, arts, entertainment, culture and history !


Phil__H, 英国

12天前 举报

If you buy a day ticket (at any trolley station) it makes getting around San Diego very easy. There are lots of bus routes so it is easy to get off a bus, walk through an area and then catch another bus to get back to your hotel. Do not waste time taking the car into town and wasting time getting back to it. Use their public transport. The trolleys will get you around very quickly.
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Carl, 英国

12天前 举报

There's everything from fancy haute cuisine to great tasting simple Mexican food at Alfonso's



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Ryan, 美国

14天前 举报

Make sure you check to see if there are Padres games - driving downtown was nuts!


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14天前 举报

Lessons from San Diego Surf School were excellent! Very friendly and professional instructors.