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San Francisco United States of America, California

Top reasons to visit:

  • Sightseeing (4008)
  • Shopping (3701)
  • Food (3433)
  • City Trip (1111)
  • Restaurants (1090)
  • Scenery (1067)
  • Seafood (1000)
  • Walking (922)
  • Culture (898)
  • Architecture (862)

San Francisco was highly rated for food by 1,588 guests from the United States!

Looking for fun and unique tips from travelers who know San Francisco?

How can you enjoy the sights in San Francisco while avoiding the crowds?

Megan, United States of America

3 days ago Report

Venture outside the most touristy areas like Pier 39 and Union Square - go to Hayes Valley, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Cow Hollow, the Marina. It's much less crowded and you can even forget you're in the city

Why do you recommend San Francisco for food?

Juin-lun, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

Over rated, and fairly pricey! I would almost say the cost of food in San Francisco is on par with New York, without the same level of quality.
The seafood in the area is also overpriced, with a certain crab shop charging upwards of $30 per crab which does not include tips or tax i.e. look to be paying upwards of +25% per meal (approx 10% tax + approx 15% tip).
For some reason, all seafood shops were selling New England (East Cost) Clam Chowder in a bread bowl; I am not too sure why the west coast does not have its own soup dish, and that they have to use an east coast soup. East coast soups like this are heavy and stodgy designed for a cooler region should not be sold in a region where the average temperature is 20C and balmy! What made the New England Clam Chowder San Franciscan, was the sour dough bread that is made in the area. To be honest, the bread is not that good either, just tasted like bog standard sour dough, nothing to get excited about.
What I would have which is half decent is the local vietnamese (pho was good, but nothing to write home about), chinese (decent also nothing to write home about, unless you have not had decent chinese before) and mexican (burritos are average).

Is there more to shopping in San Francisco than just brand-name stores?

Suzan, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

Macy's was brilliant. Lots of discounts as well as extra 10% off as a traveller. All you do is say you are travelling and you get that. I hate the 8% tax added at the end of the bill though!! But that's all the states. The American brands are less than half the UK price, literally. The assistants are brilliant, they not only help you with sizes but bring you other beautiful items that you would not have seen. They are never ever pushy which is great

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Anonymous, Unknown location

2 days ago Report

Financial district alleyway restaurants, Tiramisu and Claude were very good. As well as the Ferry Building restaurants

What seafood experience in San Francisco is still on your mind?

Calvin, United States of America

3 days ago Report

Lazy man's Cioppino is still as excellent as it has been for over 45 years. It may even be better today. I've spoken so often about this place my granddaughter wanted to try it. So we took a road trip and traveled over a 1,000 miles for her to experience it. The sightseeing is also great except that it is now so crowded it's not the same. Traffic and road conditions have deteriorated so badly I would not recommend driving in the city. We drove a one way street up a hill. When we got up to a stop sign we found that to continue straight was going the wrong way. The cross street was one way to the the left but the road was blocked with a sign that said no left turn. It was a narrow street but we managed to make a U-turn and found our way out.
  • Culturally Diverse Food 762 endorsements
  • 18 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food San Francisco has to offer?

Kassandra, United States of America

12 days ago Report

The secret for me to sampling the diverse foods would be, going to the farmers market and seeking out restaurants that are not chains and that serve something that you could never find at home. For some people that might mean an easy find like say Clam Chowder in a bread bowl at Boudin Bakery on Fishermans Wharf or something like a Vietnamese restaurant near China Town. For others it might be something really different like The Stinking Rose (a garlic restaurant) in Little Italy. Think of something you've always wanted to try and can't really get wherever it is that you live.

Why do people say San Francisco can be seen best by foot?

Anonymous, Unknown location

8 days ago Report

San Francisco is only 7 by 7 miles. It's a very small city, but feels like a big one, since it's very dense. It's a fantastic experience to walk around the city, climbing up hills to reach stunning views, finding yourself moving from Chinatown, where hardly anyone is speaking English and dim sum is available at every step, to North Beach with delicious Italian restaurants, to Pier 39 and tourist attractions to the Marina with hip boutiques and bars, through the Presidio, etc. Those aren't even half of San Francisco's neighborhoods, but every part of the city has so much food, shopping, art and life to offer, and you can't see it quite right from a car. There are so many little gems to discover, and it's realistic to get from neighborhood to neighborhood on foot.

What is it about the people in San Francisco that makes them so watchable?

Shaun, United States of America

24 days ago Report

There are just so many people from all over the World there.

What's the best way to make the most of San Francisco by foot?

Karen, Canada

23 days ago Report

Wear smart walking shoes and dress in layers. It's chilly early in the day, then it's warms up in the afternoon, but the wind can pick up and by evening you need a light jacket and long pants. Use the cable cars (get a day pass for $15 and you can use it on all Muni transit) use to take you to your attractions ie. Fishermans wharf or Union Square for shopping and you can explore for hours. Don't bother trying to walk from Union square to City hall/Asian Art Museum, it gets really sketchy along there. Use the BART or invest in a 24 hour Hop on Hop off pass, and the Civic Center is a designated stop.
We also did the Architectural Walking tour the first time, it was really interesting if your interested in the history behind some of the buildings.
  • Convenient Public Transportation 336 endorsements
  • 12 answers

Was it cheap, fast, or easy to use? What made it so simple to get around in San Francisco?

Bob, United States of America

7 days ago Report

We got the "elder-weekend" tickets from the SFO tourist desk, made it easy and cheap to hop-on hop-off anywhere, get to most of the sights, ride the cable cars, without transfers! BART is fast, but the buses/street-cars can only go at "traffic speed", except where they have dedicated lanes.

Which fine art museums should a first-time visitor to San Francisco start with?

Candace, United States of America

9 days ago Report

California Palace of Legion of Honor for both its traditional collection, but also for
its spectacular overlook of entrance to Golden Gate! DeYoung in Golden Gate Park,
ASIAN Museum in Civic Center and when SF MOMA re-opens will be spectacular
down-town place to visit!

What effect did the scenery in San Francisco have on you?

Carolyn, United States of America

16 days ago Report

I took 16G's worth of pictures in San Francisco and I still could not capture everything I saw. Not one picture I took of the view did it justice. There were flowers everywhere, it just made you feel good. The architecture was spectacular. We had a really great time.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in San Francisco.

Michael, Australia

8 days ago Report

All types of shopping are available in San Francisco, many designer shops in the central union square district and some great second hand finds in the Mission and Haight-Ashbury districts.

What makes fine dining in San Francisco stand out?

Laraine, United States of America

27 days ago Report

The combination of food and views. Places like the Water Bar are located on the Embarcadero and give you magnificent views while you enjoy award winning food.

What makes the people from San Francisco so friendly? Tell us your story.

Valeria, New Zealand

14 days ago Report

We got chatting to a lot of locals, Americans are just so friendly (we spent time in California and Arizona) that they strike up a conversation anywhere: coffee machine, park, shops, restaurants etc. If you are from NZ or England it can be hard to be comfortable speaking to strangers but I just got into the swing of it. I'm sure they will leave you alone if you act like you don't want to participate.

What makes San Francisco one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Pamela, United Kingdom

19 days ago Report

You could not ask for more, it has history, it has beauty, it has a buzz of excitement about it.
Love it

Why is the atmosphere in San Francisco something people rave about?

Matthew, United States of America

15 days ago Report

Its hard to explain, its just something you have to experience. Just be careful, because youre going to fall in love with the city

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in San Francisco?

Brian, Canada

20 days ago Report

We attended the 3-day Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park. Always a good bet.

What is it in San Francisco that makes history come to life?

Kassandra, United States of America

12 days ago Report

I think the thing that makes the history come to life is the fact that so much of it is still right there in front of you to see. From the trollies to Alcatraz, from the architecture of the Victorians, Edwardians and Queen Anne homes to the many districts and how they got their names.

What did you discover about the museums in San Francisco that wasn't in the guidebooks?

Juin-lun, United Kingdom

10 days ago Report

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is closed for refurbishment for the next few years (This was written in 2014) finding decent art collection can be difficult and each art installation which has borrowed art from San Francisco MoMa would cost a minimum of $10 entry. As the art has been spread over more than three locations, be prepared if you like art to be paying upwards of $50 including transportation to each venue!

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