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Washington Yhdysvallat, District of Columbia

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6 asiakasta Suomesta suositteli lämpimästi kohdetta Washington teemalle museot.

Haluatko kivoja ja ainutlaatuisia vinkkejä matkailjoilta, joille Washington on jo tuttu paikka?

Onko mahdollista kokea Washington ja sen nähtävyydet ilman väentungosta?

Edward, Iso-Britannia

23 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Go early. You want to be queueing for the Washington Monument at 7AM, tickets available at 8:30, if you get there any later than 8:30 they'll be gone for the day. You can book in advance, but often it has to be a long way in advance. Also things like Ford Theatre and Holocaust Memorial Museum arrive early and queue, and if you want photos of attractions go early. I got a photo outside the White House of just me at 7:45AM, by 10:00AM it was packed and you couldn't get a good whole body whole house photo without hoards of other people, so go early for memorial photos and tickets.

Saitko kohteen Washington museoista selville jotakin, mitä ei mainittu opaskirjoissa?

Catherine, Yhdysvallat

1 päivä sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Fyi: the East Gallery (modern art) of the National Gallery of Art is CLOSED for renovation until 2016. You can get in the building, but there's no art to see. They crammed maybe 20 pieces in a hallway in the West Gallery. Totally bummed. Hirshhorn under renovation as well- same deal, but def more art than Natl Gallery East.

Miksi tuntuu siltä kuin Washington saisi historian heräämään eloon?

Deborah, Yhdysvallat

14 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

The Newseum - News Museum - has a terrace overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue - the route of President Kennedy's funeral procession; piece of the Berlin Wall; World Trade Center exhibit w/photos, stories, and pieces of debris. The Lincoln Memorial where MLK spoke. To stand in places where I watched some of history taking place in front of my television is just an amazing feeling. To explore the monuments to the great men, great minds that formed this Union is - well, I can't really explain it!

Mistä taidemuseosta kannattaa aloittaa, kun käy kohteessa Washington ensimmäistä kertaa?

Sonja, Islanti

29 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Smithsonian everything, definitely. Corcoran Design and Art Gallery is also very interesting, check it out.

Mikä tekee kohteen Washington monumenteista niin merkittäviä?

Dulcia, Yhdysvallat

27 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Lincoln's words were moving. Glad I took this trip because it gave more meaning, of being a member of this country. Getting exposure to the monuments that represent so many struggles and dedication of so many lives was moving. I felt more of an appreciation for what this country has made possible and provided for me and so many. It helped strengthen my loyalty and set a great example of fighting for freedom in faith.

Minne kannattaa mennä, jos ei halua syödä samassa paikassa kuin kaikki muut turistit?

Sebastian, Yhdysvallat

14 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Founding Farmer is an absolute must. New favorite restaurant. A little pricey, but worth it for special occasions. I recommend using an app like TVFoodMaps which will you show you all of the restaurants in the area that were on food shows. A lot of unique, independent restaurants so try to stay away from the chains.

Miksi Washington on monien mielestä parhaimmillaan, kun siihen tutustuu jalkaisin?

Jennifer, Yhdysvallat

22 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Some of the best places are hidden, like the little gardens tucked in behind and between the museums. Good food is discovered when walking down side streets, like food trucks, little bakeries or delis, etc. You hear an incredible variety of languages everywhere, as though the entire world wants to come visit DC. The diversity of people on the street is fascinating and beautiful. On foot, you can read all of the plaques, monuments and statues that you would miss while on a bus, bike, or segway.

Miksi Washington sopii hyvästä ruoasta nauttiville?

Beth, Yhdysvallat

4 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Ollie's Trolley on 12th St. Delicious food and good prices.
West Wing Café New Jersey Ave. Deli sandwiches and so much more. Overfilled sandwiches for amazing prices. We were sad they were closed Sunday morning so we couldn't get food to take with us for the car ride home.
  • Hyvät julkiset liikenneyhteydet 62 merkintää
  • 4 vastausta

Edullisuus, nopeus vai hyvät ohjeet? Miksi kohteessa Washington oli helppo liikkua paikasta toiseen?

DLove, Yhdysvallat

28 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

The metro allows you to get around quickly. It takes a minute to navigate, but once you get it than can be the best and cheapest mode of transportation. Just get a day pass for $14 and you can ride all over town.

Miksi Washington on klassinen kaupunkimatkakohde?

Boudewijn, Belgia

28 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

the capital of the USA, must be seen ! Great buildings, historical importance, very instructive visitor centers...

Miksi Washington ja sen tunnelma herättävät niin paljon innostusta?

Daniel_from_Toronto, Kanada

9 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

I don't know whether Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is in the guidebook. But it is really worth a trip for 2 hours.

Mikä on paras tapa kokea Washington jalkaisin?

Donna, Yhdysvallat

24 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Get to know the subway but don't forget the bus system -- it runs frequently and reliably.

Mikä tekee fine diningistä erityistä kohteessa Washington?

Anonyymi, Tuntematon sijainti

26 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Fine dining in DC is literally at your finger tips. You can walk to most restaurants as they are conveniently located.

Missä nähtävyyksissä kannattaa ehdottomasti käydä, kun matkakohteena on Washington?

Anonyymi, Tuntematon sijainti

26 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

The best attractions are the museums, memorials and monuments. A great location to see the history of our nation unfold.
  • Tähtien katselu 31 merkintää

Kuinka löysit parhaan paikan tähtien katseluun, kun olit kohteessa Washington?

Benjamin, Yhdysvallat

21 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

  • Luonto 17 merkintää

Kuvaile luontoa kohteessa Washington.

Anonyymi, Tuntematon sijainti

18 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

cherry blossoms, water, green spaces, trees, shrubs, gardens
  • Gourmetruoka 53 merkintää

Onko Washington paikka, jossa voi syödä elämänsä ikimuistoisimman aterian? Kerro miksi.

Noreen, Yhdysvallat

5 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

I love to eat in DC. For lovely vegetarian meals I recommend the fresh noodles made by the "noodle man" (Chinatown Express in Chinatown), palak paneer at Teaism in Dupont Circle, and the Mitisam Cafe in the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian at the national mall.
  • Rentoutuminen 65 merkintää

Kerro kohteessa Washington viettämäsi loman rentouttavimmista hetkistä.

DAWN, Iso-Britannia

10 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Sipping a cold drink back in the appartment bar or chilling in the appartment.
  • Shoppailu 324 merkintää

Kuvaile, miten Washington voisi tehdä vaikutuksen ostosmahdollisuuksilla kaltaisiisi ihmisiin.

Ольга, Venäjä

6 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Macy's have very convenient location in the heart of Downtown. Also there a lot of shops next to Pentagon metro station - huge shopping mall with easy access from subway station. There is souvenir shop on the ground floor under escalators - nice ex-USSR folk works there but the prices are like twice higher that in the same shop in downtown. For souvenirs you better shop ther - 9th and E st. crossing.
  • Kulttuuri 528 merkintää

Miten saavuttaa kaikkein autenttisin kulttuurikokemus, kun matkakohteena on Washington?

Anonyymi, Tuntematon sijainti

20 päivää sitten Ilmoita sopimattomaksi

Get to know the different areas; Georgetown, DuPont Circle, downtown, etc. Everything is close.

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