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  • Romantiko (4899)
  • Sightseeing (3218)
  • Kasaysayan (2804)
  • Kultura (2534)
  • Arkitektura (2392)
  • Sining (2038)
  • Shopping (1958)
  • Food (1958)
  • Paglalakad (1407)
  • Mga Monumento (1368)

Mataas ang rating na ibinigay ng 12 bisitang mula mula sa Pilipinas para sa romantiko sa Venice!

  • Sightseeing 3218 ang nagrekomenda
  • 104 sagot

Paano mo maiiwasan ang maraming tao kapag naglilibot ka sa Venice?

Renate, Australia

7 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

We initially looked around St Marks Square at night and it is less crowded and you can still see/take photos of the square. We then went back in the day to see the square again in the daylight. The water buses are always busy so be prepared. Try to travel light as getting to and from your hotel on a crowded water bus is not an adventure for the faint-hearted. Make sure you walk on the left of the pavement especially down the alleyways otherwise it confuses everyone!
  • Romantiko 4899 ang nagrekomenda
  • 33 sagot

Paano pinapatunayan ng Venice na mali ang mga taong nagsasabing "romance is dead?"

Cristina, United Kingdom

22 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Been in Venice 4 times and still can surprise me. Was my husband 1st time , he love it and already booked another one for next year but this time with our kids. It's extremely romantic, with the gondolas , ancient churches and streets and even in such busy city like Venice you can find a quiet spot and listen ...simply like that. Love Venice.
  • Kasaysayan 2804 ang nagrekomenda
  • 29 sagot

Anong mayroon sa Venice at buhay na buhay ang kasaysayan dito?

Georgia, Australia

23 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

It is just how you imagine it from the stories, pictures and movies. It's a humble city on the water where they hold onto their traditions and instead of tearing things down and building new they take the time to restore. It really does feel like you're stepping into an old world full of character and charm.
  • Kultura 2534 ang nagrekomenda
  • 22 sagot

Saan ba matatagpuan ang pinaka-authentic cultural experience sa Venice?

Anonymous, Hindi matukoy ang lokasyon

30 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Best places I visited: Academia, Palazzo Ca d'Or, Fortuny Museum, Frari Church, the three Palladio churches, Murano. I missed Torcello which I'm told has better Byzantine mosaics than you can see in Istanbul.
  • Paglalakad sa Lungsod 809 ang nagrekomenda
  • 21 sagot

Ano ang maipapayo mo para sa mga gustong magpalakad-lakad lang ang Venice?

Anonymous, Hindi matukoy ang lokasyon

28 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Get away from tourist attractions. The prettiest areas in Venice are the areas with local atmosphere. Download detailed digital map on your phone or tablet because as the hard copy maps are really not helpful.

Kamusta naman ang mga kainan sa Venice?

James, United Kingdom

23 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

The food, especially seafood is great. Eating out in Venice is very expensive but there are several restaurants that do a tourist menu for about 12-15 euros for 2 courses. Do your research beforehand and watch out for hidden cover and service charges.
  • Paglalakad 1407 ang nagrekomenda
  • 17 sagot

Bakit ang daming nagsasabing mas enjoy sa Venice kapag naglalakad?

Georgia, Australia

23 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

You discover more and getting lost in the little streets is part of the fun. You're never far from where you need to be and every street's a winner so get lost and fall in love with the unique homes, canals, boats, bridges, historical architecture and lovely people. There are flowers everywhere which add colour and a homey feel. Walking is also much cheaper than the water taxis & gondola rides are so expensive it's definitely a 'touristy' do it once to experience it
  • Atmosphere 446 ang nagrekomenda
  • 16 sagot

Ano bang mayroon sa Venice at ang daming tao ang nahuhumaling dito?

David, United Kingdom

24 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Venice has no roads, it is a huge pedestrian precinct. This means there is no traffic noise and things move at walking pace.
Venice has no city centre, no business district, no theatre area no shopping centre. Wherever you wander you will find a restaurant, a grocery store, a cafe or a cultural attraction.
There is charm and character throughout the city. It is a place where you have to take your time over things and only fools try to rush around.
Venice is a place you can keep revisiting because even if you try to visit the same places you saw on your last trip you will end up going down a different alleyway and discovering something new. I like that you get to a corner and the sign says left to Rialto Bridge and next to it is a sign that says right to Rialto Bridge. You can't get lost in Venice, or is it that you will get lost but it really doesn't matter- you'll get there in the end.
Go visit.

Ano talaga ang naramdaman mo nang nakita mo ang mga artwork sa Venice?

Georgia, Australia

23 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

There is art for everyone here. From street art at the markets, humble galleries with beautiful water colour/oil paintings to purchase, to modern art viewing in the museums. A great mix of historical to new.
  • Mag-shopping ng damit 153 ang nagrekomenda
  • 11 sagot

May iba pa bang shopping options sa Venice maliban sa mga sikat na shops?

Sonia, Australia

12 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

San Marco basilica is amazing, definetly take the opportunity to go inside. Walking through the streets is fun as you end up getting lost & finding another part of Venice. It's also fun watching (& riding) on the gondolas, it is very relaxing.
  • Mga Sinaunang Landmark 306 ang nagrekomenda
  • 11 sagot

Ilarawan ang pinakamagandang ancient landmark sa Venice.

Daniel, Australia

3 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Piazza San is always buzzing and a sunset gondola ride including a serenade.
  • Pagrerelaks 818 ang nagrekomenda
  • 10 sagot

Ikuwento sa amin ang bakasyon mo sa Venice.

Stephen, U.S.A.

4 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Wondering the back streets and getting lost.
Grabbing a bite to eat at a local cafe and walking around.
  • Pamamangka 356 ang nagrekomenda
  • 10 sagot

Anong klase ng pamamangka ang pinakaakma sa Venice?

Oliver, Ireland

20 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Great way to see the city at its best. Water taxi is expensive however and the Vaporettta is very busy. Seek out private operators for the best value.
  • Shopping 1958 ang nagrekomenda
  • 8 sagot

Ilarawan kung ano ang nagugustuhan ng mga kagaya mo sa pagsya-shopping sa Venice.

Annette, U.S.A.

22 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

There are shops and shops and shops and shops. Watch your prices as the same handbag can vary as much as 20 euro between stores. Only get genuine murano glass (buy from a store that is certified), since the knockoffs from China are good, watch that the handbags and shoes are made in Italy before you purchase. You can get good gelato for 1 - 1,5 euro per scoop and the consistently best tasting ones were the fruit flavors. Watch the prices when you eat: there is one set of prices for sitting down (price may or may not include an additional cover charge), another one for take out and frequently another set for eating at a "bar" while standing.
  • Photography 374 ang nagrekomenda
  • 8 sagot

Para sa iyo, anong larawan ang kumakatawan sa Venice?

Vickie, U.S.A.

23 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Anywhere and everywhere but if you take a ride tgru the Grand Canal you will see so much wonderful opportunities for great shots!
  • People watching 256 ang nagrekomenda
  • 8 sagot

Anong mayroon sa mga tao sa Venice at ang sarap lang nilang tingnan.

Nadia, Singapore

29 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Everyone is there for a different reason and also for the same reason. Whether you're there solo, as a couple or with a group, you're all here to experience the unique adventure that is Venice
  • Seafood 353 ang nagrekomenda
  • 7 sagot

Aling seafood ang natikman mo sa Venice na hanggang ngayon ay hinahanap-hanap mo pa rin?

Georgia, Australia

23 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

I'm not usually a big fan of mussels or clams but I loved them in Venice - very generous servings and the tasty sauces are to die for!
  • Excursions 47 ang nagrekomenda
  • 7 sagot

Anong mga tanawin ang pinakanagustuhan mo nang pumunta ka sa Venice?

Anonymous, Hindi matukoy ang lokasyon

2 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Venice just isn't our type of town - it is definitely neat to look at and walk through, but all of the things you'd think to do in Venice as the typical experience are budget busting. Honestly, we were there traveling in and out of the port so it wasn't a "destination" for us in our travels, it was just a way point. If you get off of the beaten path, some prices are cheaper (especially food wise) but the shops all sell similar items at similar prices. All of them claim they sell "Murano glass" but only a few actually have it. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend, I'd recommend finding other towns that aren't so full of tourists and tourist shops if you're planning a trip to Italy.
  • Mga Fine Art Museum 266 ang nagrekomenda
  • 7 sagot

Anong fine arts museum sa Venice ang dapat unang puntahan ng mga bisita?

Henry, U.S.A.

3 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

Peggy Guggenheim, unless you have not already been to museums in other parts of Italy. If that is the case, go to the Academy first.
  • Magandang Tanawin 820 ang nagrekomenda
  • 6 sagot

Anong naging epekto sa iyo ng mga tanawin sa Venice?

Julia Anne
Julia Anne, Ireland

15 araw ang nakalipas Iulat

I have been to Venice many times because of the beauty of the city

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