Làm gì ở Cape Town

Long Street

Khu vực nổi tiếng

Long Street is the C-Town’s hippest bo-ho hangout. It’s lined with bookstores, art galleries, boutiques, craft coffee, and ethnic eateries. The slew of youth hostels brings an international presence to the street and and adds to its electric, 24-hour buzz. To imbibe with true blue locals, head to Sgt. Pepper or the Neighbourhood after working hours. This is what it’s called the party capital.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Long Street
  • Long Street
Bo-Kaap Museum

Bảo tàng

The museum is the oldest house in the area of the Malay Quarter and displays contributions from early Muslim settlers.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Bo-Kaap Museum
Canal Walk

Khu mua sắm

Canal Walk - Shop the world Trading Hours: Everyday - 9am until 9pm

Chỗ nghỉ gần Canal Walk
  • Century Boulevard
  • Beach Road, Sea Point

Chỗ nghỉ và khách sạn ở Cape Town

Vineyard Hotel

9,2 Tuyệt hảo

Được điểm từ 1227 đánh giá

VND 2.616.794

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Colinton Road, Newlands , Newlands, Cape Town
The Westin Cape Town

8,7 Tuyệt vời

Được điểm từ 555 đánh giá

VND 3.658.838

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Lower Long Street, City Bowl, Cape Town
The Portswood Hotel

8,5 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 618 đánh giá

VND 2.722.712

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Portswood Road, Waterfront, Cape Town
The Table Bay Hotel

9 Tuyệt hảo

Được điểm từ 836 đánh giá

VND 5.090.287

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Quay 6, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront , Waterfront, Cape Town
Taj Cape Town

9,1 Tuyệt hảo

Được điểm từ 518 đánh giá

VND 4.283.442

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 1 Wale Street, City Bowl, Cape Town
Victoria & Alfred Hotel

8,7 Tuyệt vời

Được điểm từ 935 đánh giá

VND 4.049.800

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • V&A Waterfront Pierhead, Waterfront, Cape Town
Cape Royale Luxury Hotel

8,7 Tuyệt vời

Được điểm từ 840 đánh giá

VND 4.042.012

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 47 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town
The Commodore Hotel

8 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 342 đánh giá

VND 2.691.559

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Portswood Road, Cape Town
The Rockwell All Suite Hotel & Apartments

8,1 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 738 đánh giá

VND 1.682.225

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 32 Prestwich Street, Cnr Alfred Street, Green Point, De Waterkant, Cape Town
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Nổi bật nhất về Cape Town

The restaurants are so reliable and give excellent value for money. There is such a variety of cuisine and the quality of food and service is brilliant whether it be a simple take away or a luxury seafood dinner. My favourite special occasion restaurant is definitely Pigalle. Wonderful lobster and seafood, excellent service, beautiful surroundings, a band and you can dance if you wish to.

needed to clear my mind and unwind. watching the ocean, even just standing in the breeze - its so calming i cant explain it - my mind drifts but to a calm place and sets me at ease - major de-stresser

Parts of Cape Town are loaded with small vineyards producing excellent, affordable wine. Better wines than those of my home state, RI, and cheaper wines and tastings than Napa and Sonoma.

Use the sightseeing bus.....There is no better way to see the city. I suggest you do that when you arrive and it will give you a good idea of where you want to spend more time.

Before doing anything else do the red bus tour - it provides a good overview of just about everything (from the beaches to table mountain etc) so you can plan your stay better

I like walking on the beach & picking up shells but I did not always feel 100% comfortable as homeless people sleep on the beach at Sea Point.i

The beautiful beaches, the stunning views, the many coffee shops and restaurants.

All restaurants offer value for money in accordance with their rating

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