Welcome to London

The oldest part of London is where you'll find the stunning St Paul's Cathedral. The city was originally named Londinium by the Romans that settled here, 1,000 years before the Tower of London was built. Tell me more

What travellers love about London

  • City trips

    69,786 recommendations

  • Shopping

    135,552 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    130,226 recommendations

  • Museums

    124,971 recommendations

Welcome to Barcelona

La Diada de Sant Jordi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Barcelona. Held on April 23rd, it's a celebration of love and literacy, with books and roses being exchanged to mark the occasion. Tell me more

What travellers love about Barcelona

  • City trips

    63,626 recommendations

  • Architecture

    100,076 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    78,488 recommendations

  • Culture

    73,154 recommendations

Welcome to Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain since the 17th century, takes its name from the word “magerit”, which is Arabic for “place of many streams”. Tell me more

What travellers love about Madrid

  • City trips

    30,884 recommendations

  • Museums

    81,815 recommendations

  • Culture

    62,143 recommendations

  • Shopping

    53,940 recommendations

Welcome to Brussels

Having been established as a city in the 13th century, Brussels is now famous for its beer, its chocolate and its role as the political capital of Europe. It's also where the famous comic book character, Tintin, was first created in 1907. Tell me more

What travellers love about Brussels

  • City trips

    12,090 recommendations

  • Chocolate

    26,141 recommendations

  • Beer

    24,448 recommendations

  • Architecture

    21,713 recommendations

Welcome to Leipzig

Surrounded by water, Leipzig has a number of rivers and canals that allow tourists to see parts of the city by boat. This also means Leipzig boasts more bridges than Venice - with an impressive 57 more than the famous floating city. Tell me more

What travellers love about Leipzig

  • City trips

    10,441 recommendations

  • Old Town

    11,389 recommendations

  • Culture

    9,563 recommendations

  • Zoos

    8,878 recommendations

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