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The Top Places to Fall in Love With Austria

Capital of Austria


1,466 properties in Vienna

Welcome to Vienna

Previously the center of the Hapsburg Empire, Vienna is the current center of Austria’s culture, economics, and politics. Visitors may think they are in a museum as they walk through the historic first district, but Vienna also has a youthful and dynamic side with lots to offer.

What Travelers Love About Vienna

  • Museums

    67,039 recommendations

  • Culture

    59,150 recommendations

  • Architecture

    59,085 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    55,138 recommendations


226 properties in Salzburg

Welcome to Salzburg

Made famous for its “hills alive with the sound of music”, Salzburg is a very pretty town filled with romantic buildings and squares. If you are not yet aware that Mozart was born here, then you will be as soon as you land at Salzburg W.A. Mozart International Airport.

What Travelers Love About Salzburg

  • Old Town

    20,866 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    16,099 recommendations

  • History

    14,169 recommendations

  • Culture

    14,090 recommendations


181 properties in Innsbruck

Welcome to Innsbruck

Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Alps, Innsbruck is not only a world-class European ski resort, it was also the seat of Maximilian I’s Holy Roman Empire.

What Travelers Love About Innsbruck

  • Old Town

    11,105 recommendations

  • Mountains

    9,342 recommendations

  • Scenery

    8,689 recommendations

  • Shopping

    4,513 recommendations


128 properties in Graz

Welcome to Graz

Surrounded by lush forests and the Austrian Alps, the picturesque and cosmopolitan city of Graz offers pretty Renaissance courtyards, diverse architecture, a charming and historic old town, along with the winding Mur River which runs through the heart of the city.

What Travelers Love About Graz

  • Old Town

    7,355 recommendations

  • City Trips

    4,939 recommendations

  • Culture

    4,183 recommendations

  • City Walks

    3,423 recommendations

Best places to see in Austria

Haus der Natur Salzburg
Remember when dinosaurs walked the planet? Neither do we, but the exhibitions at this museum will bring the lives of these giant creatures into vivid focus. This museum has several football fields worth of space, and holds a reptile zoo, aquarium, space exhibitions and numerous dioramas. Many of the exhibitions encourage tactile interaction, making it great for children.
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Vienna State Opera
Enjoy everything from Strauss to Puccini in a refined atmosphere. Within the circular Ringstrasse Boulevard, the Vienna State Opera features year-round opera and classical performances. Ball season (January and February) attracts visitors from around the globe to waltz in extravagant halls. Check their website to read about seasonal events.
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Maria Theresien Street
Shopping Areas
All walks of Innsbruck life converge on Maria Theresien Street. The town’s main thoroughfare is one of Tyrol’s most sumptuous streets – and a natural meeting point for the city’s residents. Teens congregate to gossip and giggle at the steps of the Annasäule column, shopaholics eye up window displays, and be-suited office workers chat over post-work pints.
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Take a break with a hot pretzel and the Prater’s gigantic Ferris Wheel, the main event in this expansive park. The Prater started as imperial hunting grounds and over time evolved into a park of year-round beauty. The Wurstelprater Amusement Park area inside has fun for families and thrill-seekers. The tree-lined alleys are particularly beautiful in the warmer months.
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Mozart's Residence
Imagine Michael Haydn, Schikaneder and Mozart gathered under one roof. This was a typical evening at this house in the 1780’s, when a trio of Austria’s most famous composers came together to perform – for formal dances, orchestras and playing for each other’s pleasure. Today, it’s the site of regular concerts and lectures, as well as exhibitions that shed light on the works composed here.
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Imperial Palace
Archduke Siegmund the Rich. With a name like that, you know his pad won’t be particularly shabby. So it proves at the Baroque Imperial Palace. Every hall and antechamber oozes lavishness, with all the overblown gold trim, portraiture and cherubic statuary that you’d expect from the home of a Habsburg. Take the guided tour for an insight into this life of luxury.
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What travelers love about Austria

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