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746 ubytovaní v destinácii Brusel

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A diet of waffles, frites, beer and Godiva chocolates: sounds rich – and not just for your arteries. Known for its comics, peeing statues, NATO headquarters, blonde and brown pints, steaming mussels, and Art Nouveau, the “capital” of the European Union has a little bit for a lot of people.

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  • Čokoláda

    28 103 odporúčaní

  • Pivo

    26 348 odporúčaní

  • Architektúra

    23 658 odporúčaní

  • Pamiatky

    20 521 odporúčaní


194 ubytovaní v destinácii Antverpy

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Belgium’s second largest city is the first in line for glittering rings, haute couture catwalks, and contemporary art. From its cobbled medieval centre to its ultra-modern harbour, Antwerp is a handsome mix of architecture, culture, and fabulous Flemish food.

Čo sa cestovateľom páči na destinácii Antverpy

  • Nákupy

    15 048 odporúčaní

  • Jedlo

    8 913 odporúčaní

  • Historické centrum

    8 052 odporúčaní

  • Kultúra

    8 028 odporúčaní


331 ubytovaní v destinácii Bruggy

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When it comes to Bruges’ little indulgences, there’s no need to waffle. Take your pick of soft-centred seashells at Katelijnestraat’s chocolatiers, try the light-as-air pancakes at Café au Lait, then let a beer and the evening sun warm you at the terraced taverns on Eiermarkt.

Čo sa cestovateľom páči na destinácii Bruggy

  • Architektúra

    26 254 odporúčaní

  • Čokoláda

    21 030 odporúčaní

  • Pivo

    20 506 odporúčaní

  • História

    20 360 odporúčaní


179 ubytovaní v destinácii Gent

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Ghent is a medieval wonderland of cobblestone streets and Baroque architecture. This city of students is humming with youthful vigour and creativity. An exuberant entrepreneurial spirit has contributed to a booming organic city farming scene and amazing street art

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  • Historické centrum

    12 009 odporúčaní

  • Architektúra

    9 116 odporúčaní

  • Jedlo

    6 584 odporúčaní

  • Nákupy

    5 377 odporúčaní

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Thermes de Spa
Zaujímavé miesta
This new majestic complex, with a view on “Les Fagnes” and hanging over the city, on a junction between tradition and modernism, will take you aboard for a wonderful and relaxing trip through the water.
Thermes de Spa – ubytovanie v okolí
Since the foundation of the park in 2000, the figures of the popular Belgian and Dutch figures of Studio 100 can be found.
Plopsaland – ubytovanie v okolí
Grand Place
Zaujímavé miesta
Grand Place Brussels - the main square
Grand Place – ubytovanie v okolí
Manneken Pis
Zaujímavé miesta
This statue of the little guy who is peeing is one of the biggest touristical attractions of Brussels.
Manneken Pis – ubytovanie v okolí
Mini Europe
Mini-Europe is the only park where you can have a whistlestop tour around Europe in a few short hours
Mini Europe – ubytovanie v okolí

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