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The Top Places to Fall in Love With Estonia

Capital of Estonia


630 properties in Tallinn

Welcome to Tallinn

Wander along the narrow cobbled streets of the medieval city of Tallinn and marvel at the fashion forward culture existing comfortably alongside tradition.

What Travelers Love About Tallinn

  • Old Town

    34,863 recommendations

  • Architecture

    15,952 recommendations

  • Food

    14,653 recommendations

  • City Walks

    12,889 recommendations


466 properties in Pärnu

What Travelers Love About Pärnu

  • Beaches

    4,808 recommendations

  • Oceanside

    4,501 recommendations

  • Sandy Beaches

    3,896 recommendations

  • Health Spas

    3,362 recommendations


115 properties in Tartu

What Travelers Love About Tartu

  • Old Town

    3,312 recommendations

  • City Walks

    2,774 recommendations

  • Culture

    1,875 recommendations

  • History

    1,795 recommendations


35 properties in Narva-Jõesuu

What Travelers Love About Narva-Jõesuu

  • Nature

    1,943 recommendations

  • Clean Air

    1,929 recommendations

  • Tranquillity

    1,891 recommendations

  • Health Spas

    1,788 recommendations

Best places to see in Estonia

Tallinn Zoo
Popular Areas
Doctor Doolittle, eat your heart out. The most popular zoo in the Baltic States has an ark’s worth of animals – tropical birds, inquisitive sand cats, a mild-mannered pride of lions, a cartload of chimpanzees, and a company of squawking parrots! Spend a day seeing the 350-plus species of animals, and stop for šašlõkk (grilled meat) at the eateries by the exit.
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Kadriorg Park
This park is the picture of relaxation. Maple trees shade old men playing chess, dogs chase imaginary sticks through beds of pansies, and friends chatter on benches in the Japanese Garden. It also houses a cache of cultural places, like the Presidential Palace and the resplendent Kadriorg Art Museum, which holds a fine collection of Russian, Dutch and Italian paintings.
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Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour
This maritime museum can’t be missed – literally. This giant concrete sarcophagus is slap-bang in the centre of the harbour, and holds a diverse range of exhibitions. Climb through the hatch of a real 1930s submarine to learn about life under the waves, catch the flight simulator for the British seaplane Short 184, or board the icebreaker steamship known as Suur Tõll.
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Town Hall Square
Popular Areas
Every Tallinner knows this square like the back of their hand. It was a marketplace in medieval times, when vendors would sell their goods in the shadow of the Gothic Town Hall. It fulfils the same purpose today – with the addition of cafes, restaurants and terraces that spill into the square. Eat like a Middle-Ager at Ill Draakon, where the star dish is traditional elk soup .
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Song Festival Grounds
Popular Areas
A revolution in song. Back in 1869, this square hosted the first Estonian Song Festival – a 5-yearly choral extravaganza that’s still going strong. In the 1980s, thousands gathered here to usher in an independent Estonia by singing traditional songs that were banned under Soviet rule. These days, the Song Festival Grounds also draw big-name pop acts from Elton John to Green Day.
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Pääsküla Bog
It’s morning in Pääsküla Bog. The sun rises over the spindly birch trees, the scent of fresh pine sap drifts through the air, and the day begins. Refresh yourself with a stroll in untouched nature. There’s a 4-km walking trail that rambles through forest glades and across hills. When you come to it, scale the 10-metre high observation tower to survey the pristine scenery.
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What travelers love about Estonia

Old Town
Recommended by 42,661 travelers
City Walks
Recommended by 18,903 travelers
Recommended by 18,768 travelers

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