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The Top Places to Fall in Love With France


269 properties in Strasbourg

Welcome to Strasbourg

Situated on the banks of the River Rhine, Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region of France. The medieval city center, Grande Île, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and houses the glorious sandstone Strasbourg Cathedral and picturesque timber-framed buildings.

What Travelers Love About Strasbourg

  • Old Town

    21,176 recommendations

  • Cathedrals

    18,334 recommendations

  • Architecture

    16,194 recommendations

  • Food

    10,402 recommendations

Capital of France


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Welcome to Paris

A symbol of love and the most visited city in the world, beautiful Paris has it all! The romantic cafés of Montparnasse, lively bistros of the Latin Quarter and high-fashion luxury stores of Champs-Élysées are just waiting to be discovered.

What Travelers Love About Paris

  • Museums

    113,141 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    92,826 recommendations

  • Culture

    87,395 recommendations

  • Monuments

    83,778 recommendations


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Welcome to Nice

Since Queen Victoria made this her favorite vacation destination in the 19th century, everyone has been heading south to discover what is so nice. Nice doesn't disappoint.

What Travelers Love About Nice

  • Beaches

    16,462 recommendations

  • Old Town

    16,341 recommendations

  • Promenades

    14,665 recommendations

  • Restaurants

    11,462 recommendations


591 properties in Lyon

Welcome to Lyon

Lyon is a gastronomic center with a pretty architectural facade ranging from antiquity to modern day. Place Bellecour is centrally located between the Saône and Rhône Rivers in the 2nd arrondissement and opens out into major shopping streets.

What Travelers Love About Lyon

  • Old Town

    20,502 recommendations

  • Gourmet Food

    16,275 recommendations

  • Food

    12,513 recommendations

  • City Walks

    12,219 recommendations

Best places to see in France

The Pompidou Centre (National Museum of Modern Art)
This space-age building is definitely a pomp-a-do, not a pomp-a-don't. Former French President, Georges Pompidou, had this controversial building built in the 1960s. Love it or hate it, it's France's premier modern art gallery. Dali, Munch, Lucian Freud and Roy Lichtenstein have all adorned the walls (and spaces) in the past five years alone.
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Musée d'Orsay
In the halcyon days of the early 19th century, the Impressionists painted moments of beauty that were forever frozen in time. Get swept away by the romantic beauty of Impressionism at this museum, one of the world’s greatest odes to modern art. Van Gogh's "Starry Night Over the Rhone" is part of the dazzling collection on display in this former train station.
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Cimiez Monastery
This monastery-come-art-museum houses a skulk of Franciscan friars. Christian frescoes and masterworks by Matisse and Duffy in bold, joyous colours adorn the galleries, which also include three paintings by Louis Brea - the Crucifixion, Pieta and Deposition. The friars turn an ordered and harmonious hand to the landscaped gardens, which have achieved a fame of their own.
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Port of Nice
Yacht-lot for the rich and famous. This is where tourist boats dock and Europe’s movers-and-shakers drop anchor for the weekend. Yet it’s also surprisingly low-key at times—its atmosphere swings wildly between ‘frenzied’ and ‘unhurried’. Admire the faded beauty of its Venetian-style houses, or enjoy fine dining and a lively bar scene around the docks.
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Musée des Augustins
This old Augustinian convent is a sanctuary for salvaged sculpture. The Romanesque collection contains the 12th-century remnants of the Daurade monastery. Among its capital carvings, you’ll witness one of the very first Judgment Day depictions. Visit the Gothic hall for the immaculately restored Our Lady of Grace, which radiates a rare, delicate beauty.
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The Orangerie Park
It’s the height of summer in 1804. Workers at the Orangerie Pavillion scurry around in anticipation of Joséphine’s arrival. Napoleon’s wife arrives in gilded carriage and leaves onlookers awestruck. Times may have changed, but this park keeps its aristocratic bearing. Circle the lake in a little boat or dine at the Jardin de l'Orangerie restaurant for a taste of modern-day nobility.
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What travelers love about France

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Old Town
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