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The top places to fall in love with United Kingdom

Capital of United Kingdom


4,617 properties in London

Welcome to London

Renowned for its fashion, art and theatre scenes, the majestic city of London needs little introduction. A visit here offers museums of every kind, shopping in ramshackle markets, cutting-edge boutiques and luxury department stores, along with an endless range of international cuisine to enjoy.

What travellers love about London

  • Shopping

    139,713 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    134,903 recommendations

  • Museums

    129,033 recommendations

  • Culture

    94,820 recommendations


272 properties in Manchester

Welcome to Manchester

With an industrial past and a modern outlook, the complex fabric of Manchester is interlaced with interesting museums, English pubs and shopping centres.

What travellers love about Manchester

  • Shopping

    29,705 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    18,900 recommendations

  • Restaurants

    18,840 recommendations

  • Football

    14,176 recommendations


875 properties in Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh

A city of heritage, heart and of course Hogmanay, Scotland’s capital is vibrant and edgy. Whether or not you come for one of its many festivals, Edinburgh is quite simply a feast for the senses.

What travellers love about Edinburgh

  • History

    37,720 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    35,755 recommendations

  • Castles

    34,139 recommendations

  • Culture

    28,517 recommendations


183 properties in Birmingham

Welcome to Birmingham

The UK's 2nd largest city, Birmingham is one of its top cultural centres. Well-known for the M6 Spaghetti Junction interchange, it is a surprisingly green city with lots of open spaces.

What travellers love about Birmingham

  • Shopping

    18,467 recommendations

  • Restaurants

    11,145 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    10,086 recommendations

  • Food

    9,259 recommendations

Best places to see in United Kingdom

St James' Park
Stadiums and arenas
Who said black and white was a thing of the past? The city’s football stadium is a star player in Newcastle’s line up. Follow the crowds of black and white football strips on match day as they stream from the city centre towards the stadium. If you’re not around to see the team play you can still take a peek behind the scenes, with stadium tours available daily.
Accommodation near St James' Park
Old Trafford
Stadiums and arenas
The “Theatre of Dreams” has been making fans dreams a reality here for years. Manchester United has become one of the most popular football clubs in the world, and their titles and trophies are held at an onsite museum. Whether you’re planning to see a match or simply take a stadium tour, a visit here is an absolute must (unless you’re a Manchester City fan!).
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The River Irwell
The lifeblood of the city, the history of the River Irwell is as deep as the water itself – and remains a traditional icon for the city. Marking the natural boundary between Manchester and Salford, its banks are dotted with waterside bars, restaurants and spots to picnic, fish, swim or just watch the world float by.
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Wollaton Hall and Park
Ever checked out a real-life Bat-lair? This stunning stately home was featured in Hollywood director Christopher Nolan’s series of Batman films, making an appearance as Batman’s (aka Bruce Wayne’s) mansion. There’s a stunningly filmic quality to the grand Renaissance façade, pristine lawns, and ample grounds peppered with resident deer and peacocks.
Accommodation near Wollaton Hall and Park
Sherwood Forest
Robin Hood – fact or fiction? This mediaeval folk hero is the stuff of legend. He's synonymous with Sherwood Forest, his iconic hideout. As you stroll through the ferns, picture the Merry Men lurking in the undergrowth, poised to ambush any passing ne’er-do-wells. To really get into the spirit, what better way of exploring Robin’s old haunt than on horseback?
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Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
If you like to get inside the head of the artist then prepare for a mind-bending experience. The BALTIC is the region’s home of quirk and eccentricity. Stimulate your senses, step onto the canvas or be part of the art. If the gallery’s exhibitions aren’t inspiring enough, check out the cityscape from the 6th floor roof terrace or drink in the views at Six restaurant.
Accommodation near Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

What travellers love about United Kingdom

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