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The Top Places to Fall in Love With United Kingdom

Capital of United Kingdom


4,663 properties in London

Welcome to London

Known for its fashion, art and theater scenes, the majestic city of London needs little introduction. Featuring museums of every kind, shopping in ramshackle markets, cutting-edge boutiques and luxury department stores, there's also an endless range of international cuisine to enjoy.

What Travelers Love About London

  • Shopping

    139,713 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    134,903 recommendations

  • Museums

    129,033 recommendations

  • Culture

    94,820 recommendations


875 properties in Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh

A city of heritage, heart and of course Hogmanay, Scotland’s capital is vibrant and edgy. Whether or not you come for one of its many festivals, Edinburgh is quite simply a feast for the senses.

What Travelers Love About Edinburgh

  • History

    37,720 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    35,755 recommendations

  • Castles

    34,139 recommendations

  • Culture

    28,517 recommendations


273 properties in Manchester

Welcome to Manchester

With an industrial past and a modern outlook, the complex fabric of Manchester is interlaced with interesting museums, English pubs and shopping centers.

What Travelers Love About Manchester

  • Shopping

    29,705 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    18,900 recommendations

  • Restaurants

    18,840 recommendations

  • Soccer

    14,176 recommendations


26 properties in Heathrow

What Travelers Love About Heathrow

  • Convenient Public Transportation

    6,110 recommendations

  • Cleanliness

    3,610 recommendations

  • Friendly locals

    2,742 recommendations

  • Budget Friendly

    2,052 recommendations

Best places to see in United Kingdom

Galleries of Justice
“In the clink you go!” Nottingham’s old courthouse and gaol have seen their fair share of gruesome events down the centuries. In fact, this ghoulish museum has even won prizes for its hauntedness! Get the low-down on this house of crime and punishment with one of their guided tours. Take your pick from the Ghost Tour, Terror Tour, Prisoner Tale Tour and more.
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Capital FM Arena Nottingham
Stadiums or Arenas
Fancy going to a gig? What a capital idea! This sizeable venue has a busy roster of musicians and comedians to get your feet a-tappin’ and your head a-bangin’. It’s seen A-listers galore, from Elton John and Kylie Minogue to Metallica. Don’t hang about for tickets – when it comes to big-name concerts, overnight queues complete with tents are commonplace.
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York Minster
A Gothic masterpiece adorned with more than 100 stained glass windows. York Minster is the city’s crowning glory. Offering the ultimate vantage point in the city, the 275-step climb up the imposing Minster Tower is well it. If you’re there with a loved one, pucker up and kiss beneath the ‘Heart of Yorkshire’ window – legend has it, you’ll be together forever!
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Life Science Musuem
Meanwhile, back at the lab… Newcastle’s got something brewing. Jump into the action on the 4D Motion Ride, explore the universe at the planetarium and meet aspiring Einsteins in the Experiment Zone. The fun’s open to all ages, with interactive games available for even the littlest of scientists. Come along, get experimental and discover something new about Newcastle.
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Highfields Park
Fancy a lungful of fresh air? Mosey on down to Highfields Park to respire and perspire! This expansive park offers up all sorts of outdoor activities to get the blood pumping. Knock up on the tennis courts, have a kick-about on the lawns or indulge in a spot of croquet. Does a leisurely row upon the lake float your boat? No sweat, Highfields has you covered.
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The Shambles
Popular Areas
A winding walk along York’s oldest street is like stepping back in time – parts are so narrow that you can touch both sides of the street with outstretched arms! Once a hub of butchers’ shops, today The Shambles is lined with boutiques, pubs and tea-rooms that attract tourists and locals alike. For the perfect photo opportunity, take a more peaceful meander before 8am.
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What travelers love about United Kingdom

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