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Libanon – näihin paikkoihin rakastut takuuvarmasti

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Beirut – 149 majoituspaikkaa

Beirut – mistä matkailijat tykkäävät?

  • Ruoka

    4 877 suositusta

  • Yöelämä

    4 465 suositusta

  • Ystävälliset ihmiset

    3 766 suositusta

  • Shoppailu

    2 955 suositusta


Jbeil – 25 majoituspaikkaa

Jbeil – mistä matkailijat tykkäävät?

  • Historia

    428 suositusta

  • Ranta

    377 suositusta

  • Ruoka

    373 suositusta

  • Rentoutuminen

    363 suositusta


Jounieh – 45 majoituspaikkaa

Jounieh – mistä matkailijat tykkäävät?

  • Yöelämä

    497 suositusta

  • Ranta

    411 suositusta

  • Rentoutuminen

    411 suositusta

  • Ruoka

    365 suositusta


Kfardebian – 13 majoituspaikkaa

Kfardebian – mistä matkailijat tykkäävät?

  • Laskettelu

    169 suositusta

  • Rentoutuminen

    140 suositusta

  • Luonto

    113 suositusta

  • Vuoristot

    113 suositusta

Libanon – kokemisen arvoiset paikat

Faraya-Mzaar Ski Slopes
also known as Ouyoune el Simane, this is the most prominent ski area in Lebanon. The area has around 40 downhill slopes(trails) and 16 main lifts, 13 of them chairlifts, and heights of 1310m at Faraya, 1850m (Ouyoune el Simane) to 2465m on the peak above Mzaar. From the top at Mzaar, there are views over the Bekaa Valley and Mount Hermon, and Beirut (at 40 km) and sometimes the shores of Cyprus can be seen when visibility is good.
Majoituspaikkoja lähialueella – Faraya-Mzaar Ski Slopes
Byblos, also known by its Arabic name of Jbeil, is an ancient phoenician city located about 35 Kilometers (23 miles) north of the capital Beirut in modern day Lebanon. The city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Byblos is a true microcosm of the civilizations that have populated Lebanon over the centuries. Believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, the modern port city of Byblos is built upon multiple layers of ruins, dating back to as early as the Stone Age and extending to the more recent Ottoman days. A visit to Byblos is a chance to walk through the annals of Lebanese history and experience firsthand the diverse cultures that have made this area a mosaic of civilizations. Byblos is not simply a picturesque seaside town, but has a history that has been closely tied to the Mediterranean for millennia Byblos is also directly associated with the history and diffusion of the Phoenician alphabet.
Majoituspaikkoja lähialueella – Byblos
Tyre Archeological Site
With over 5,000 years of history, Sour (Tyre) is a historian and archaeologist's delight. Although there are remnants of Egyptian, Assyrian, Phoenician, Greek, Byzantine, Arab, and Ottoman civilizations in the city, it is the Roman ruins that are most prominent in Sour (Tyre) today. Highlights include the largest Roman hippodrome in the world, an enormous triumphal arch, and an extensive Roman necropolis.
Majoituspaikkoja lähialueella – Tyre Archeological Site

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