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The Top Places to Fall in Love With Lithuania

Capital of Lithuania


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Welcome to Vilnius

Vilnius is a city of cobbled streets and Baroque splendour. Its fascinating back-story is one of turmoil and redemption, and it’s blossomed into an easy-going city strewn with cafés, street art and galleries. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find plenty of surprises!

What Travelers Love About Vilnius

  • Old Town

    24,981 recommendations

  • City Walks

    17,526 recommendations

  • Architecture

    14,244 recommendations

  • Food

    12,236 recommendations


223 properties in Druskininkai

What Travelers Love About Druskininkai

  • Health Spas

    4,470 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    4,455 recommendations

  • Nature

    4,331 recommendations

  • Tranquillity

    4,172 recommendations


589 properties in Palanga

What Travelers Love About Palanga

  • Oceanside

    4,684 recommendations

  • Beaches

    3,776 recommendations

  • Sandy Beaches

    3,746 recommendations

  • Nature

    3,691 recommendations


149 properties in Kaunas

What Travelers Love About Kaunas

  • Old Town

    4,269 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    2,170 recommendations

  • City Walks

    2,035 recommendations

  • Food

    1,948 recommendations

Best places to see in Lithuania

The Gates of Dawn
Ave Maria! This 16th-century gateway is attached to a chapel that occupies a special place in Lithuanian hearts. Its painting of Our Lady of Vilnius has been a lucky talisman to the townsfolk for centuries, healing ailments and warding off evils. Stroll along the courtyard, step through the baby-blue archway and pay your respects.
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Museum of Genocide Victims
Lithuania has a long history of changing hands. In the twentieth century alone, it lurched between German, Soviet and independent Lithuanian rule six times. This moving museum honours the victims of this violent fluctuation, and its location in the old headquarters of both the KGB and the Gestapo adds an extra poignancy. Take a deep breath and face up to the weight of history.
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St Anne's Church
“Magnifique”! During the French invasion of 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte said that he wanted to take St. Anne’s Church home on the palm of his hand. You can see where he was coming from – the church does have a pocket-sized beauty to it, like a grand Gothic cathedral in miniature. Take a tour of this red-brick city icon or gaze across from the picnic spot in Bernardine Park.
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Vilnius TV Tower
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Beam me up! This telecommunications tower soars above the city skyline like a giant syringe. For a romantic dinner at altitude, whizz 200 metres up to the revolving restaurant. As night falls, you see the city transform into a twinkling ocean of lights below. In December, the tower is draped with the longest Christmas lights around, creating a colossal Christmas-tree shape.
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Gediminas' Tower
Vilnius vistas. This stubby octagonal tower stands on green-tufted Gediminas Hill, overlooking the cityscape below. It’s all that remains from the 14th-century Upper Castle that once dominated the skyline. Chug up the funicular, then clamber up the spiral staircase. On your way, scale models and dioramas tell the tower’s story. From the roof, the panoramas stretch for miles.
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Bernardine Park
Pleasant pathways and luscious lawns. Bernardine Park is a fresh hit of greenery right in the heart of the city. Once the site of a sacred pagan forest, it became a monastery garden in the 14th century. These days, it’s a free-for-all for locals of all creeds and ages. Nippers frolic in playgrounds as coffee-sipping mums watch on, and grizzled old-timers engage in intense chess battles.
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What travelers love about Lithuania

Old Town
Recommended by 32,580 travelers
City Walks
Recommended by 23,273 travelers
Recommended by 19,247 travelers

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