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1Мексико Сити

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Mexico City is an overwhelming place. Gigantic and teeming with life, its edgy energy intoxicates like a heady mezcal. Lost-civilisation gems, colonial constructions and magnificent murals jostle for attention, while succulent street food will flabbergast your taste buds. Embrace the chaos!

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  • Музеи

    18 296 препоръки

  • Култура

    15 868 препоръки

  • История

    14 830 препоръки

  • Храна

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410 места за настаняване в Канкун

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  • Плажове

    11 547 препоръки

  • Плажове

    7 840 препоръки

  • Релакс

    6 956 препоръки

  • Нощен живот

    6 087 препоръки

3Плая дел Кармен

1 267 места за настаняване в Плая дел Кармен

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  • Плажове

    10 300 препоръки

  • Нощен живот

    7 112 препоръки

  • Храна

    5 330 препоръки

  • Шопинг

    5 271 препоръки


207 места за настаняване в Guadalajara

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  • Храна

    4 278 препоръки

  • Култура

    3 626 препоръки

  • Шопинг

    3 301 препоръки

  • Архитектура

    3 142 препоръки

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Church of St. Michael the Archangel
"La Parroquia" (the Parish church) towers over the center of the city, providing a landmark for both identification and navigation. The Church of St. Michael the Archangel is definitely the destination - specific view of San Miguel. While the church itself was built in the seventeenth century, the neogothic facade was added much later. It's rumoured that the architect had never seen a gothic church, and had to take his ideas from picture postcards of European gothic cathedrals.
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