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The Top Places to Fall in Love With Portugal

Capital of Portugal


3,429 properties in Lisbon

Welcome to Lisbon

Built on seven hills facing the Tagus River, charming Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. It showcases unique tram rides, intimate Fado performances, great dining venues and much more.

What Travelers Love About Lisbon

  • City walks

    49,984 recommendations

  • Old Town

    49,410 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    47,015 recommendations

  • Food

    45,589 recommendations


1,481 properties in Porto

Welcome to Porto

Whether it’s wandering down a cute alleyway, past an impressive church or through the predominantly granite Avenida dos Aliados downtown, the hilly cityscape of Porto is impressively diverse. Overlooking the Douro River estuary, this merchant city features colorful homes; industrial bridges and the affluent river bank of Foz do Douro.

What Travelers Love About Porto

  • Old Town

    36,811 recommendations

  • City walks

    33,801 recommendations

  • Wine

    28,948 recommendations

  • Food

    28,873 recommendations


867 properties in Albufeira

Welcome to Albufeira

One of the best Algarve resorts, Albufeira has wonderful beaches, turquoise waters and the dramatic, rocky coastline that makes this part of Portugal so special.

What Travelers Love About Albufeira

  • Beaches

    16,135 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    9,886 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    8,356 recommendations

  • Nightlife

    8,339 recommendations


510 properties in Funchal

Welcome to Funchal

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, charming Funchal is the capital of Madeira Island. It's an important base for tourists from all over the world that come to the Madeira hotels, B&B’s and resorts to enjoy their cliffs and beaches, as well as the island's slopes and colorful towns.

What Travelers Love About Funchal

  • Scenery

    7,563 recommendations

  • Nature

    6,856 recommendations

  • Food

    5,478 recommendations

  • Hiking

    5,169 recommendations

Best places to see in Portugal

Jeronimos Monastery
In 1497, Vasco da Gama spiced up Portugal forever. His voyage to India secured the spice trade routes, filling Manuel I’s royal coffers with untold riches. This spicy wealth bankrolled Jeronimos Monastery, the lavish paragon of Manueline architecture. Part Gothic and part Renaissance, it dazzles with stunning stonework whose seafaring scenes salute Portugal’s great explorers.
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Palacio da Bolsa
It’s strictly historic of Palacio da Bolsa. This neoclassical palace was designed as part of the São Francisco Church, but was rebuilt as the headquarters for the Porto Commerce Association. Today, it’s used to house permanent art collections. Make sure to pass by the Arab Room, a gleaming gold chamber that dazzles with its decoration.
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Sao Rafael Beach
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A hidden gem. This little beach is tucked away behind cliff crags. These ancient, pock-marked strata of limestone create funky formations that encircle the sand. The cliffs are in a state of constant erosion from the lapping waves, which carve ever more indentations and holes. Pack up your towel and sneak down to Sao Rafael, but keep it to yourself or word will get out!
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Music House
Porto’s newest city symbol moves to its own beat. From the outside, the unique architectural lines of this all-white concert hall conjure descriptors like “futuristic” and “minimalist”. Each night, a range of music attracts attendees as diverse as jazz cats, classical connoisseurs, and disco divas. When after-dancing hunger hits, just head up to the top-floor.
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Fisherman's Beach
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Not long ago, Fisherman’s Beach lived up to its name. Every day at dawn, humble fishing vessels would glide gently onto the sand and rugged fisherman would unload their catch. Today, it’s swapped fishing nets for volleyball nets, and bait for bikinis. Flop onto the sand among the tourist hordes as they fry in the sun. Then tuck into a slap-up seafood dinner on the beachfront.
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Commerce Square
The dignitary’s gateway to Lisbon. For centuries, visiting kings and ambassadors approached this prosperous city by boat, alighting on a set of stone steps in Praça do Comércio. While the palace that once stood here has been replaced by elegant arcades, the steps remain. As you stand on the jetty, picture the travellers of old and the unparalleled opulence that greeted them.
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What travelers love about Portugal

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Old Town
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