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In the decades since the ’89 Revolution, Bucharest has reinvented itself as a confident and cosmopolitan capital. With infectiously chatty locals, scores of world-class museums, cafés in overgrown gardens – plus the literally un-missable People's Palace – prepare to leave your heart behind.

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Tempat terbaik untuk dilawati di Romania

Cismigiu Gardens
The Cismigiu Gardens are a public park near the center of Bucharest, Romania. They are the oldest and, at 17 hectares, the largest park in the city's central area. The main entrance is on the Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, in front of the City Hall. The park was built in 1847.
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Bucharest Arch of Triumph
Monumen atau Tugu
Raised in 1922 to commemorate Romania's Great War dead, the original construction was of wood, replaced by the present, Petru Antonescu designed, concrete structure in 1935.
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Romanian Athenaeum
Monumen atau Tugu
The Romanian Athenaeum is a concert hall in the center of Bucharest, Romania and a landmark of the Romanian capital city. Opened in 1888, the ornate, domed, circular building is the city's main concert hall and home of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic and of the George Enescu annual international music festival.The building was designed by the French architect Albert Galleron, built on a property that had belonged to the Văcărescu family.
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