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The top places to fall in love with Slovakia

Capital of Slovakia


269 properties in Bratislava

Welcome to Bratislava

Charming and compact Bratislava is the world’s only capital city bordering 2 countries – Austria and Hungary, all watered by the beautiful River Danube. South is the modern city and a peaceful forest, but the real Bratislava attractions are over Novy most (New Bridge), an impressive structure with an UFO-like pylon. The castle on a rock overlooking the Old Town offers the best views of it. The rock itself contains a Jewish cemetery and a literally underground club.

What travellers love about Bratislava

  • Old Town

    16,501 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    8,301 recommendations

  • Castles

    7,824 recommendations

  • Food

    7,810 recommendations

2Vysoké Tatry

97 properties in Vysoké Tatry

What travellers love about Vysoké Tatry

  • Mountains

    2,697 recommendations

  • Nature

    2,519 recommendations

  • Hiking

    2,426 recommendations

  • Mountain Walks

    2,201 recommendations


91 properties in Košice

What travellers love about Košice

  • Old Town

    3,100 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    1,899 recommendations

  • Architecture

    1,809 recommendations

  • History

    1,647 recommendations

4Tatranská Lomnica

102 properties in Tatranská Lomnica

What travellers love about Tatranská Lomnica

  • Mountains

    2,678 recommendations

  • Nature

    2,359 recommendations

  • Hiking

    2,104 recommendations

  • Mountain Walks

    2,095 recommendations

Best places to see in Slovakia

Slovak National Theatre
Fancy a night at the opera, darling? Dust down your best frock and totter down to this theatre! It’s a Neo-Renaissance beauty with a Viennese flair, where Bratislava’s well-to-do culture vultures flock for high-brow fun. From Tosca to Turandot, it’s got your opera needs covered. The best part? There’s no need to break the bank – even the best seats go for under EUR 50. Bravo!
Accommodation near Slovak National Theatre
The Primate's Palace
This 18th-century palace has an important place in European history. It was here, in its grand Hall of Mirrors, that representatives of France, Hungary and Austria signed the Treaty of Pressburg. This momentous event brought an end to a thousand years of rule by the Holy Roman Empire. Take the guided tour then toast freedom in one of the many surrounding wine bars.
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Bratislava Castle
This castle is a classic case of archaeological mutton dressed as lamb. Originally built in the 9th century, it had its hey-day between the 16th and 19th centuries, when it was used for coronations for the Austro-Hungarian Emperors. It was later destroyed by Napoleonic forces, rebuilt after World War II and recently got a spanking new paint job.
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St. Martin's Cathedral
Don’t judge this book by its cover. From the outside, this cathedral is spectacularly unspectacular, with simple geometry and a minimalistic shell. Yet, step inside and it’s a different story. Gothic arches soar overhead, kaleidoscopic windows splash coloured light onto the floor, strange creatures are carved into the wooden stalls, and creepy crypts contain ancient catacombs.
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St. Michael's Gate
A tower with a gate underneath, or a gate with a tower on top? Either way, this structure is the only one of the four mediaeval gateways into the city that survives today. St. Michael’s is a Baroque beauty – above the walkway, the whitewashed base is lined with windows like buttons on a jacket. Above it, a long, green copper tip stretches skywards.
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UFO Observation Deck
Beam me up! This flying-saucer-shaped observation deck seems to hover above the River Danube. It was built in the late 1960s, when forward-thinking architects were keen to give Bratislava a futuristic facelift. Whizz up the lift to the deck for blustery panoramas, or splash out on a slap-up meal in the restaurant. It’s one of the city’s hottest dining spots.
Accommodation near UFO Observation Deck

What travellers love about Slovakia

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Old Town
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