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Vispopulārākās vietas Amerikas Savienotajās Valstīs, kurās iemīlēties


1 443 naktsmītnes galamērķī Losandželosa

Jūs sveicina Losandželosa

Los Angeles – a city where creativity is capital, money speaks, and famous people come to nest. Known for its car culture, unhinged ambition, and a sun that won’t stop shining, L.A. is a place of desire and decadence fuelled by grit, glamour and red carpet reveries.

Ko ceļotāji ir iemīļojuši galamērķī Losandželosa?

  • Pludmales

    Ieteikts 17 440 reizes

  • Universal Studios

    Ieteikts 17 293 reizes

  • Apskates vietas

    Ieteikts 15 638 reizes

  • Iepirkšanās

    Ieteikts 15 284 reizes


2 175 naktsmītnes galamērķī Orlando

Jūs sveicina Orlando

Orlando and Disney may go together like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but there’s more to “The City Beautiful” than cartoons and roller coasters. From sprawling shopping strips to natural-spring pools, this metropolis is overflowing with thrills, spills and sunshine.

Ko ceļotāji ir iemīļojuši galamērķī Orlando?

  • Atrakciju parki

    Ieteikts 40 824 reizes

  • Universal Studios

    Ieteikts 29 030 reizes

  • Iepirkšanās

    Ieteikts 28 558 reizes

  • Disnejlenda

    Ieteikts 26 781 reizi


336 naktsmītnes galamērķī Vašingtona

Jūs sveicina Vašingtona

Appearances can be deceptive. America’s capital city is known as a repository of A-list monuments, where pen-pushing civil servants rule the roost. Yet, look beyond the straight-laced exterior and you’ll find a city with magnificent museums, quirky bars and a real community spirit.

Ko ceļotāji ir iemīļojuši galamērķī Vašingtona?

  • Muzeji

    Ieteikts 22 364 reizes

  • Pieminekļi

    Ieteikts 16 521 reizi

  • Vēsture

    Ieteikts 14 391 reizi

  • Apskates vietas

    Ieteikts 13 865 reizes


604 naktsmītnes galamērķī Maiamibīča

Jūs sveicina Maiamibīča

Miami Beach is America’s playground. It’s all about fun in the sun – whether sipping beachside cocktails, cruising on a jet-ski or bouncing to bass and beats. Add in a pinch of gleaming Art Deco architecture and a dollop of Latin “joie de vivre”, and you’ve got a heady hedonistic blend. Enjoy!

Ko ceļotāji ir iemīļojuši galamērķī Maiamibīča?

  • Pludmales

    Ieteikts 37 437 reizes

  • Naktsdzīve

    Ieteikts 21 497 reizes

  • Iepirkšanās

    Ieteikts 21 352 reizes

  • Pastaiga pa pludmali

    Ieteikts 20 949 reizes

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Disney California Adventure
Interesantas vietas
A different line-up of attractions from those of Disneyland, including some family-friendly rides as well as an emphasis on adult-oriented thrill rides.
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Anaheim Convention Center
Sanāksmju centri
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Universal Studios Hollywood
Interesantas vietas
Universal Picture's theme park.
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Dodger Stadium
Stadioni vai arēnas
Home of Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Dodgers
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Staples Center
Stadioni vai arēnas
A multipurpose sports arena
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Los Angeles County Museum Of Art / LACMA
More then 120,000 works in this permanent collection. The premier visual art museum in the western US.
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Ko ceļotāji ir iemīļojuši Amerikas Savienotajās Valstīs?

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