Verið velkomin – Sölden

If it’s good enough for Bond… Solden’s spectacular slopes are so good, they’re the setting for some of Spectre’s most intense action scenes. Nánar

Sölden – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Skíði

    6.252 meðmæli

  • Vetraríþróttir

    3.903 meðmæli

  • Fjöll

    3.638 meðmæli

  • Landslag

    2.616 meðmæli

Verið velkomin – Zermatt

For spectacular scenery, old-world charm and an immensely famous mountain to traverse (the Matterhorn, of course!), Zermatt is the place to ski. Nánar

Zermatt – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Skíði

    8.210 meðmæli

  • Fjöll

    9.030 meðmæli

  • Landslag

    8.420 meðmæli

  • Gönguferðir

    7.019 meðmæli

Verið velkomin – Bansko

Bulgaria’s most-loved ski resort boasts an uninterrupted 16 km run – perfect for skiers who want to feel the burn! Nánar

Bansko – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Skíði

    6.054 meðmæli

  • Fjöll

    4.733 meðmæli

  • Náttúra

    4.251 meðmæli

  • Slökun

    4.236 meðmæli

Verið velkomin – Ischgl

Although the area is known for its superb slopes, it's the entertainment that turns it into a total winter hot spot. The Top Of The Mountain shows are a particular highlight, with plenty of A listers and celebrities making an appearance - both on stage and in the crowd. Nánar

Ischgl – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Skíði

    3.298 meðmæli

  • Vetraríþróttir

    2.000 meðmæli

  • Fjöll

    1.708 meðmæli

  • Næturlíf

    1.635 meðmæli

Verið velkomin – Winterberg

Winterberg’s six ski areas combine to form one of the largest ski networks in central Germany. First timers should try Rothaargebirge for its expanse of pleasingly tame pistes. Nánar

Winterberg – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Skíði

    2.958 meðmæli

  • Vetraríþróttir

    3.914 meðmæli

  • Gönguferðir

    3.563 meðmæli

  • Landslag

    2.941 meðmæli

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