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Keep a London Eye on the most well-known landmarks in the city. From Big Ben to Tower Bridge, first-time visitors will feel they’ve already been here before. Maybe it’s déjà vu?
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How can you enjoy the sights in London while avoiding the crowds?

“Walk for ten minutes in pretty much any direction, and you'll see a stand advertising tickets for tour buses. The tickets will set you back on average £30 per person, but they're valid for 24 hours and the majority are "hop-on-hop-off- services. The routes are designed to go by every single tourist attraction (Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge etc.) so you hop on the bus wherever you want, hop off it when you reach an attraction you'd like to see, and hop back on the next bus to come past (hence the "hop-on-hop-off") Some of the buses have audio guides and tell you the history of London. They're great.”

“To avoid the crowds go in the off seasons. Avoid summers and the long crowds. Take an extra bag/suitcase for shopping at Harrods and at Camden Town. If an antique buff plan your trip around the antique market at Kempton Park Race Track (outside of London at Kempton Park). It's only 2 Tuesday's per month so search for it and make sure you are going to be there when it is open. It's one of the great ones. Only problem is you will so so much fabulous furniture you want to take home with you. There is a moving company that will wrap it and ship it to America for you located on the premises! Only ship if you are buying lots of items as it's very expensive to ship just a couple of items! It opens at 6:30 am and closes at 1 pm and it takes an hour to get there and at least 3 hours to go through all the stalls so go early!!! After you are finished at the antique fair at Kempton Park Racetrack call a cab to pick you up and drive you over to Hampton Court Palace to visit King Henry the VIII's fabulous Palace. So beautiful! Don't worry if you are hungry they have lovely places to dine for lunch at the Palace. Cab fare is only around 14GB with tip and it's only 10 minutes without traffic. Then take the train back into London when you are done. Don't miss Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, Go to Kensington Palace before you see Windsor Castle as both are beautiful but Windsor outshines Kensington and you need to see it last as it outshines all castles in the world. Don't miss the Tower Bridge Exhibition!!! Can you do it??? Can you walk on the glass floor? NO FEAR... just do it!!! Such a thrill! Camden Town a must! Baker Street - Rock & Roll History w/ Beatlemania store, Tower of London must be on your list to see. Don't forget Big Ben, West Minister Abbey & catch a fabulous PLAY in London!. If you still have time after all the MUST SEE's above then there are still tons of other things to see and do in London.... St. Paul's, Royal Albert Hall (see if there is a great concert going on... we had box seats for Bare Naked Ladies there 10 years ago!!! AWESOME!!!) Victoria & Albert Museum or any of the numerous museums in London. They are remarkable! So much to do & see in London. Don't forget Book Shopping on Charing Cross or take a day trip outside London to Brighton & Lewes for book shopping too! Notting Hill & Portobello Road also a fun walk through the city and if it's your first time in London you must make time for *Afternoon Tea*. The real, formal, afternoon tea! Treat yourself... you are in London!!! I highly recommend the LONDON PASS if you are there for several days! It says a lot on entry fees and tube/train fees and allows you to visit so many wonderful places. We were there for 6 nights/7 days and just what the tube would have cost us would have been a lot and we certainly saved with the London Pass! No hassle with having to buy tickets at each venue and some attractions have special lines for the London Pass. We also got discounts when eating at Hampton Court Palace so make sure it is showing when purchasing at shops or in the stores at the attractions you are visiting! My favorite restaurants... *Memories of India* (been eating there since 1998 - Gloucester Road - Kensington area!) In Camden Town - *Hache* Best Cheeseburger in the World!!! Also Fabulous Veggie Burgers!!! Any *Pizza Express*... Been eating there since 1990's!!! *Strada* - great pasta dishes. Nice one near Tower Bridge. Earl's Court Area - *Addie's* - Thai Food. Make a Reservation - they will be full! Have a FABULOUS trip to LONDON!!!”

“Pre book tickets for all of the main attractions. More you see the more you save. Book fast track and priority tickets where possible as we had to queue for 90 minutes at Sea Life just to collect our pre booked tickets! Save your Tesco Clubcard vouchers and change for the days out vouchers to make big savings. Always reserve a table at restaurants otherwise you won't get a table. Allow plenty of time for travelling on tube. Kids are free and purchase a day travel card for adults. Arrive at attractions early to avoid queues and make the most of the free attractions”

“If you don't want to spend the money on the sightseeing bus tours, you can get the number 11 bus (closed top double decker bus though - not open top) and it does the same route as the sightseeing buses.”

“Buy a travel card only £8.90 for unlimited travel on the under ground trains and buses. Traveling by the under ground save you time by missing all the traffic which means more time to see more attrctions”

“Walk everywhere, either early in the morning or later at night, when most of the tourists have gone home. Explore the side streets and just wander without an itinerary, you will discover some real gems!”

“The issue with crowds has more to do with using the underground (the tube) than anything else. Sometimes, there are endless queues to get into a station, let alone on a train. Make sure to keep your tube map handy so as to figure out alternate routes to where you'd like to go to and if need be, catch different lines and change over from another station.”

“Plan your route in advance and set off as early as you can in the morning. The major attractions are quite busy from lunchtime until 4 pm ie peak times. If you can travel in the morning or late afternoons it can be quieter. Also some lines on the tube such as the District or Circle line don't appear to be as busy as the Piccadilly and Victoria line.”

“get the hop on hop off bus- you will avoid the rat race of the underground and give you a great sense of where everything is in London. The buses only run until 5.30 / 6 so you will need to take the underground a few times. Hence, if staying for more than a day or two the oyster card is a must for discounted tickets on the tube.”

“Do your research - go to some of the less well-known but fascinating venues e.g. Banqueting House, Sir John Soane Museum, Museum of Childhood, Geffrye Museum; choose your time - go early or late; if you really want to get out of the town centre, go to Kew Gardens.”

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