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Hotel Stephan Tốt 7,7 close to Repperbahn, friendly staff, safe place, smoking room
Hotel Lafayette Dễ chịu 6,6 The hotel is located in the red light district area, it's nice because it's touristy and if you're not interested in red light clubs there are normal clubs with good music and no strippers or dancers. It is right next to the underground, just a couple stops away from all the places we were interested in. Our room was clean and comfortable (my boyfriend found the bed was too soft but I liked it just fine). On our first day we asked for general information about the underground and the receptionist gave us a map and was nice enough to explain the city's attractions, which kind of ticket to buy and where to go, also telling us fun facts only a local could know about the places we were going to visit. I absolutely recommend it!
Auto-Parkhotel Tốt 7,5 The staff was very friendly and responsive Very near to the repeerbahn railway station
My Place Tuyệt vời 8,7 Excellent room. Cosy atmosphere. Professional staff.
Hotel Stadt Altona Dễ chịu 6,8 Not far from the subway, there are a cheap shop with products - a 5-minute walk away. Nearby there is a noisy and brightly lit streets, but it does not prevent rest.
Hostel Kiezbude Tốt 7,7 Unique athmosphere. Good bar where you can meet people
Wira Hostel Chấp nhận được 5,6 Everything is on high level! The staff, is very friendly and helpful, especially Dragan!)
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