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Prenestino Rome 78 chỗ ở

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Hotel Bright Tốt 7,2
Hotel Domidea Rất tốt 8 Great value for money, proximity to highway, very good Italian restaurant (FIL) side by side with the hotel.
Hotel Lodi Rất tốt 8,1 We loved staying at Hotel Lodi - staff is just perfect, warm welcoming and amazingly helpful. I can't even describe all the great emotions we still have, we are very satisfied with the choice we made. And their garden - what an amazing place!!!!! Hotel is close to the centre, but at the same time you feel so relaxed there (no rush)! Fantastic!!! + beds were comfortable; + wifi was working well. We give 10 from 10!
Hotel Antico Acquedotto Tốt 7,4 It was peaceful, very clean, the scenery from the windows was fine. Everything worked.
Residence Lodi Tốt 7,9
Bed & Breakfast Pigneto Tốt 7,2 The staff here will be one of the most helpful you have ever seem. Basically they will help you with every tourist spot you ask them as well as personal needs. I asked them where to buy a camera and they print a map from google to explain to us. They are so nice and patient. The price of this B&B is pretty low and its facilities are clean; their wifi is good too. Highest value for money!
Casale De Santis Rất tốt 8,3 It is a quiet hotel, free and secure parking, the centre of Rome is near (by bus - 20-30 min).
Amico Hotel Dễ chịu 6,7 super friendly and helpful stuff easy to get to the city center (with buses or trams, took about 20 mins)
B&B Romano Rất tốt 8,5
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