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Hotel Islane Tốt 7,1 Staff is very friendly and service is instant and very good
Swiss International Hôtel Imperial Holiday Tàm tạm 5,4
Ryad Mogador Kasbah Dễ chịu 6,9 The hotel was beautiful and clean, personel very helpful
Ryad Mogador Marrakech Tàm tạm 5,5 Good wifi in reception. Really good breakfast! Clean and fresh. The rooms are modern and clean. Have everything you need! Recommend it.
Hotel Les Trois Palmiers Tốt 7,8 Good swimming pool, cheap and good restaurant, clean, refregerator at the room
Hotel Meriem Dễ chịu 6,7
Diwane Hotel & Spa Marrakech Tốt 7 - the staff was friendly - the pool area is nice and clean and the poolboy takes good care that everybody gets a towel and try that everybody gets a place even if its full already he try to find a solution - the breakfast pancakes mentioned above were good indeed !! But i would recommend to just book it with breakfast as there a bunch of good arabic restaurants outside for dinner and lunch ;-) - Wi Fi in the lobby was not always working but if it was working it was ok and enough, take it the moroccan way if not and take it easy - i had a room in the fifth floor inkl a balcony with view down and to the pool area which was really nice - the room was clean incl the bed and the bathroom facilities so if you dont mind that things like table and furniture are a lil worne and not super new but still clean than this is a great place to stay
Hotel Tachfine Dễ chịu 6,5 equipement pas mal. la decoration de chambre est magnifique.
Residence Hotel Assounfou Dễ chịu 6,9 In front of Gueliz market, quiet and not far from Medina. Clean and cheap.
Hotel Oudaya Dễ chịu 6,7 The hotel is very big with a nice swimming pool. Good and clean room with a/c. We didn't try the restaurant.
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