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Astoria Plaza Hyvä 7,5 huge space, complete amenities, location, convenience. will keep coming back whenever i can, longer if i have the budget.this is my 4th time in the last year and a half. i love it.i actually live less than 5kms away.been to several hotels in the past 2 yrs and this is one of the best for me. keep it up!
Discovery Suites Erittäin hyvä 8,4 The staff was extremely attentive and very friendly. This is one of the best hotels I have visited in a long time.
Richmonde Hotel Ortigas Hyvä 7,4 Staff are very welcoming:)Near to the shopping malls.
Oakwood Premier Joy - Nostalg Center Manila Erinomainen 8,9 Almost every thing. I've stayed in five different places so far in Manila and this is by far best place. The kitchen is complete and the amentinites quality is great. The staff is extremely helpful.
The Legend Villas Hyvä 7,4 free breakfast serve and the food is very Filipino and sooooo yummy
BSA Twin Towers Hyvä 7,7 Very good place, safe district. amazing view (we stayed in 44 floor), few steps to mega mall, price from airport by taxi~ 300 pesos. if your flight is late, you can ask for storage of your luggage at reception for free - whats a big advantage.
The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel Hyvä 7,2 There breakfast buffet is just wonderful!!! The hotel very clean .Staff is very friendly .
ACE Hotel and Suites Erittäin hyvä 8 Nice breakfast and a nice swimming pool with many options (warm, cold, bubbles, ...)
Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Erittäin hyvä 8,3
Privato Hotel Hyvä 7,4