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Tại và xung quanh quận Khu phố Tàu - Ý (Chinatown - Little Italy)

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Các khách sạn được ưa chuộng nhất ở Khu phố Tàu - Ý (Chinatown - Little Italy)

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Hotel Azure Tốt 7 Good facilities, though its in Chinatown, easy access to Metro.
Sun Bright Hotel Thất vọng 4,5 The position is really perfect. It is near the Subway Station Grant St of B&D, near China town and little italy. And that district is very safe.
Soho Lofts Tốt 7,4 - Amazing location especially during the Gennaro festival in Little Italy. You can easily access any location of New York from there. The subway is really close. - The area is full of restaurants, shops, etc. - Great price/quality. - We received the Duplex instead of the regular apartment we rented. That was a great surprise. The Duplex has an amazing terrace/rooftop with a view on North and South Manhattan! - The duplex has two real bathroom and two real bedroom with good beds. Furniture are nice and new. - You enter the apartment directly from the elevator, that's a real experience. - We were able to leave our luggage at the office for our last day in NY after the check out.